Saturday night silliness

Last night I had a wild hair and decided to share some personal photos, along with some self deprecating humor and anti-WoW themed ramblings. Those of you that caught those posts, consider yourselves lucky. 😉 For, at about eight o’clock this morning I was lying in bed thinking… “I was pretty ripped when I posted that stuff… maybe I’d better yank those down for further review…”, which is exactly what I did. I’d had more than the occasional beer last night, then had a crazy notion around midnight… Hey… blogging sounds like a good idea..! 🙄

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So, What’s Your Story?

Level 21 Night Elf Hunter

With the World of Warcraft 5 Year Anniversary now underway, it prompted me to reflect back upon when I first started exploring the World of Azeroth as a level 1 Hunter. It was sometime in February of 2006 when I emerged at the starting zone in Teldrassil… and well, the rest is history. Here I am 3 years and 9 months later, not only still actively playing the same character, but maintaining a website devoted to the game and my beloved class. I guess you could say I was a little drawn in at first and never really lost interest. 😉

My wife gave me WoW as a Christmas gift in 2005, but I waited a few months before installing it. I honestly wasn’t all that interested in it to tell you the truth. I put it on my Christmas list mainly because I had heard that it was a good game at the time for benchmarking PC performance. Up until that point, the only computer game I had been playing was Diablo II LOD. Although I enjoyed the hell out of it, I’d been playing it for 5 years or so, and was starting to take notice of some other games I’d seen reviews of online. One of them was WoW.

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The Home Office

AKA “my corner of the bedroom”. My wife and I own a quaint little home near the historic downtown area of the city in which we live in. I won’t get get too specific, as to ward off any would-be stalkers on the internets, but it’s in California. Anyway, our home is fairly small which is pretty typical of homes …

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A Much Needed Break

Although my unfortunate computer troubles last week caused me a lot of grief from a business standpoint, it did provide me with a nice respite from WoW. I had been feeling pretty “bleh” about a lot of things in-game prior to last week, so this 8 day reset came at a nice time. Even though it didn’t seem like much …

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