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My primary goal here at HuntsmansLodge has always been to help others. I began the site with the intention of sharing all of the hunter knowledge I had stored between my pointy elven ears, so that others wouldn’t have to spend countless hours outside the game researching just to be decent at it.

Well, nearly two years have passed since the doors of HuntsmansLodge first opened and not much has changed. I’m still trying to write helpful articles, respond to comments and questions with the utmost of care, and I still take a sincere interest in the betterment of other hunters.

I’m pleased to announce a new series of guides that I plan to roll out over the coming weeks, entitled, “GarsNotes”. The scope of the guides will be to focus on some of the core mechanics of the hunter class, but without all of the theorycraft and various bloat. I’ll leave the maths and trivial debates up to the OCD theorycrafters. GarsNotes will tell you everything you need to know and nothing you don’t. They’re a cut to the chase series of guides as it were.

After having wandered around in the dark playing DK and duRid, kidding myself that there are other classes worth playing apart from hunters, I realized that it can be a chore trying to find current, useful and relevant information for noobs. With that in mind, I’m going to try and create a series of guides that any noob hunter can use as a blueprint for success. Not only that, but players will be able to get up to speed in record time without having to sift through page upon page, forum after forum, and site after site trying to find the valuable information.

I’m not so much into helping the top DPSers raise there numbers on Recount as I am in helping those struggling to learn the class. The top guns out there have plenty of sites they can refer to in order to boost their DeePS by .0187%. I’d rather help the guy in spell power gear who is struggling to beat the tank. 😉

For my first entry in this series I’ve decided to focus on the most basic of the basics… Stats. I’ve created a guide to hunter stats, outlining which stats you need and why, along with some other bits of useful info. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Lastly, special thanks to Wayne T. for providing such conscientious feedback, and to Blaquespell for writing such kick-ass Pally guides. Blaq’s introductory guides have really prompted me to re-evaluate ad re-focus. After all… we were all noobs once. Heck, the jury’s still out on me. 😉


Click on the link above to read the first volume in the series of GarsNotes. I hope the info contained within will help some of you to understand the complexities and intricacies involved with the finest class in all of Azeroth. 😉

8 thoughts on “GarsNotes”

  1. That is a great idea. When I first started my hunter I had a very hard time finding information that was either not 4 years old or was not geared towards, well, well geared raid/pvp hunters. I ran across your site and it has been my constant source for info in learning this class. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks Turll! 😀

      I’ll try my best. My vacation will put things on hold for a bit, but I hope to get back on it once I return.

      Thanks for the compliments, and I do intend on keeping things current and up to date. I most likely won’t edit the old guides, but instead retire them and create new ones instead. I’ll be keeping pace with the goings on in Cataclysm, so hopefully you’ll still be finding good stuff here for months and months to come. 🙂

  2. Gar, shoot me a topic and I’ll help crank out something of a guide for it. Marksman related is preferred of course. I can always rehash an add on to the SS guide, and if you want more individuals ability based guides by all means shoot me an email. I sometimes have trouble finding something to write an article about, though lately I’ve had some inspiration. If you shoot me an idea I could come up with something. In any case man, check your email!:)

    I’ll be back on in about a week, only 5 days left of seeing the family. It’s going by quickly.

    • Very well Drack… how about a 3K word dissertation on the usefulness of Beast Lore.

      I think that would go over famously. Players are always scouring the internets for information about that oft misunderstood and underused talent.

      Have it on my desk Monday morning.

  3. Great idea! Although the name gives me flashbacks of defying my high school teachers and reading the CliffsNotes of required reading books instead of the actual books.

    • CliffsNotes were a godsend, no..?

      I sure as heck didn’t want to read Les Miserables when I was 17. 😆

      Glad you like the idea for the guides btw. 🙂

  4. Love it! I’ll be sure to use this while levelling up, although when Cata comes out you may need to revise them somewhat.

    I also think it’d be nice if in each guide you updated some things at the end for each new patch.

    Good work and I enjoy seeing more of these easy-to-use guides! I for one am glad that this site is around and I’m sure many others are! We appreciate it Garwulf!

    • What I’ll probably do is just retire the guides as WotLK editions. I’m sure there will still be a few (very few…) folks who will either refrain from upgrading to Cataclysm or will create 80 twinks. Moving forward, anything that’s page-based on the site will be current. if it’s found in the post archives, it may or may not be current. It’s just too much work to go back through the post archives and update everything.

      That said, if anything’s a popular read, then I’ll try to link the updated guide in the old article.

      Don’t worry though… I’ll be updating everything for Cataclysm.


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