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Garwulf Hunter UI

So far I’ve not had any major issues at all with my UI since 3.3.5 launched. A few of you have mentioned some errors here and there, so here are a few bits of information…

My advice is to check and see if you have the most recent updates for all of the addons in the compilation. In fact, for any of you downloading it for the first time, be sure you update all of the addons before logging in. Also, make sure you have Load out of date AddOns checked in your AddOns list. You can access that by clicking the AddOns button on your character selection screen.

The only thing that’s been a little wonky since 3.3.5 is Chatter. For the most part it’s been fine, but once in awhile the chat window will reset its position. It’s easily fixed by just unlocking the window and moving it, and it will remain there until you log off. This is a known issue and I imagine the developer of Chatter is working towards a solution. There may be a few other things considering the chat system has received a major overhaul, but I’ve yet to notice anything else.

Anyway, just giving those of you with the compilation a heads up. 🙂

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  1. Hey Gar, could you go over your current key bindings? I didn’t have much of a problem with BM but MM has several more shots that I feel I need to press quickly and I’d like to hear what a professional hunter like yourself uses for their attacks and I didn’t see them in your UI screenshot.


    • My keybinds are a bit wonky and probably wouldn’t be viewed as a real good template to work from. However, I do intend on explaining them at some point, as well as the method to my madness.

      If you want to see the keybinds of a real professional hunter, then check out Kripparian’s video on YouTube. It’s called Hunter macros and Keybinds I believe.

    • I say whatever works. There are a lot of great players who just use the stock UI w/ maybe a few addons, then again… I know some PvPers who don’t use any addons.

      If I can have some control over the look and layout of something, there’s no doubt I’m going to mess with it. That, and I’ve actually grown really accustomed to using an interface like this.

      In fact, I’m still messing with this thing. It’s non-stop. ;-P

      I’ll probably post an update to it mid-July.

  2. Thanks Garwulf, I’ve come back and forth for a while to see if I was only one having the chatter addon problem. I’m sure a fix/update will come soon. Only other addon that’s been a problem for me is NeedToKnow. I’ve updated it, removed the settings for that addon only, everything possible and the orange middle bar always is present. Is this a setting I can adjust or should I make the setup from scratch? Thanks for all your help.

      • Thanks for the video link, short and to the point. I redid all the bars and still for some reason that middle bar doesn’t hide, just sticks out there like a soar thumb. Not too annoying, yet, so the let the games commence.

      • I apologize for a second reply but just noticed something interesting about the issue I’m having with NeedToKnow addon. That one little orange bar I said wouldn’t hide after locking the settings. Well, it does hide but only when I’m using a flight point. Strange but interesting.

        • I’ve noticed some goofy stuff since 3.3.5 myself. The most annoying problem is that my Logitech G19 is acting up on occasion. Grrr… :-\

          Between any bug fix patches that may be applied, along with addon updates, this stuff should get resolved soon.

          I hope. 😉


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