Blue hunter tidbits

Here are a couple of minor Cataclysm hunter updates from the blues…

Trap Launcher
Trap Launcher is replacing Freezing Arrow. The functionality is so similar that there is little reason to have both.

Makes sense.

It’s going to be awesome to be able to drop Explosive Traps without having to trap dance, but what I’m really looking forward to is how this is going to affect PvP. Having the ability to launch Frost and Explosive Traps is going to be huge in BGs and arena.

Spells training level
The levels at which you get certain spells are changing, in some cases dramatically. At the moment our design is that Trap Launcher is introduced at lower levels than 80-85.

This probably goes without saying, but I also expect to see us getting Steady Shot much sooner than level 50. Hunters will no doubt need access to this shot early on due to its focus regen buff.

While they’re at it, I have another suggestion… How about making Scatter Shot a baseline ability trainable at level 20..? 😀

Sounds good to me.

4 thoughts on “Blue hunter tidbits”

  1. @Rades
    I used it while leveling when an elite was about to kill my pet, and I needed to kite the mob (even though I didn’t know what kiting was at the time). A few ticks of Mend pet, and then retaunt. I thought it was rather valuable to learn as a newb.

    • This is true. It could be useful in certain situations, just so long as hunters aren’t sandwiching it between Arcane and Multi while they’re dungeoning. >_<

  2. I would love, LOVE to see us get Misdirect and Call Stabled Beast (or whatever the name is) much earlier on. And they shouldn’t give us Distracting Shot before 80. I see so many baby hunters using it because they HAVE it, so they assume they should be using it.

    • Totally agree about MD and Call Stabled Pet. MD to help learning in lower level dungeons and CSP because for new hunters surely the time you’re most likely to spot a pet and think “OMG must tame” is during the levelling process.


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