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You may remember some months back I posted about helping a guildie obtain Loque’nahak for their hunter alt. What took me umpteen hours to accomplish, I helped them do in about 15 minutes.

This very same hunter had also been talking about wanting to tame Skoll for the past couple of months.

Anyway… one evening after our raid was done, I flew into the Storm Peaks to collect my sack of snowballs from the big blue chick in Brunnhildar. Being the pet obsessed hunter that I am, I can’t help but travel past Skoll’s spawn points anytime I’m in the Storm Peaks. I’m not even looking to tame him, it’s just that seeing a Spirit Beast out in the wild excites me. Yeah, I’m kinda weird… I know.

Well, as fate would have it, just as I’m passing over the frozen lake towards the Snowdrift Plains… who do I see… Bam!

This guy…

Skoll the Spirit Beast

and here’s another, just ‘cus he’s so bitchin’ looking…

Skoll with my Griimtotem Spirit Guide

Is it me, or does Skoll look like he’s fancyin’ him some ghost wolf right there? Anyway, uh… nevermind…

Alright, so after spotting Skoll, my first instinct was to alert any hunters in my guild that he was out and available. Immediately, I got a response from the Druid whom I’d helped tame Loque a few months back for their hunter alt. The same hunter who stopped to mine ore on the flight over to Sholazar Basin while I stood watch over Loque. 🙄

Guild chat

I half expected him to say, “As soon as I’m done with my dailies I’ll log onto my hunter and be right over…”, but no, he was over to Storm Peaks in a jiffy. 😉

As soon as he arrived, he quickly exhibited is alt-ness by pausing for a several seconds, then dropping a Frost Trap (had to make sure it was the right one) in order to slow Skoll during the tame. Oh man… that was good stuff.


I slid in to put him on ice, but just as I laid the trap, he backed away from Skoll, as if to get range in order to get a few seconds of uninterrupted taming in. Of course, he restarted the timer on Tame Beast and ended up taking even more of a beating.  Skoll continued to pound on him, and just about a second or two before he dropped my guilde, the glorious blue flash appeared above him and he shrunk.

It wasn’t pretty, but hey… my guildie got his wolfy. 🙂

And by the way… my teasing is all in good fun. His Druid is his main, and a far better one than I am on mine, or likely will ever be.

Anyhow, I’m thinkin’ I’ve got some good rare spawn taming karma banked up for Cataclysm. I hope there are some new exciting rare beasties awaiting me come expansion time. 🙂

14 thoughts on “More good karma”

  1. Have all 4 spirit beasts as well as Aotona on both my lvl 80 hunters.
    Server – Tanaris

    Ally – Dwarf Hunter – “Bundy”
    Horde – Blood Elf Hunter – “Faerian”

    Although I still have them all, I still find myself circling and looking for them … guess it’s all about the thrill of the hunt … in this case ” TAME ” … anytime I find one and there is a hunter in the area being I have them all … I always give a shout out or am willing to help another hunter tame one.

    P.S. Good luck Hunting!

  2. Tamed Gondria two days ago. YAY!! I have been looking for Arcturis for like three weeks, it seems every time he spawns someone decides to kill him… Well i got on at 4:10am realm time and there he was, so after long hours of camping I now have my second spirit beast.. Now if I can get as lucky as you i will have the other two in no time.

    • Just got skoll finally at gas cap 10.22 am real time 9.22 am realm time….2 spirit beast in 4 hours….must be my lucky day…

  3. What do you mean “Yeah, I’m kinda weird…”? Every time I go to Sholazar Basin, I go a complete circuit to check on Loque, Krush, and Aotona (yet I have them). Every time I’m at Storm Peaks, I check for Skoll, (and Dirkee and Vyragosa) (yet I have him and the achieves too.). 🙂

    • HaHa. You too eh… I was hooked ever since I saw my first Silver Dragon.

      It was officially over when I realized I could tame them, and that some of them were actually special in some way – even after taming.

      Ah… it’s good to be a hunter…

      Good to hear from you again Jroaeyl. 🙂

  4. Just tamed Loque! Had to dump my wolf for him so now my stable slots are officially filled with pets I refuse to get rid of. Got good ol’ Blackheart, skoll, the croco-hydra, my pvp silithid, and loque

    • Oooh… Croco Hydra. Lucky you. 🙂

      I wish now that I had bothered to tame one of those, along with the Sapphire Hive Queen. I didn’t know then that Blizzard was going to be hotfix happy with such pets.

      I’m surprised Blizzard hasn’t made the ghostly Jormungars untamable.

  5. Gar, Blizzard is actually giving incentive to have more than one pet tamed at a time for me. Since I will be allowed to have three active pets, I will finally have more than one pet. Right now I only have the wasp *Drack makes Gar sad in the pants* and i don’t have a need to switch. He’s good for pve, and good for pvp. He versatile, he looks awesome, and quite frankly there are very few hunters who have my pet.:)

    • The expanded stable is going to be awesome for guys like me… collectors if you will. 😉

      I love the act of seeking out a pet, finally happening upon it, then adding it to my collection.

      You do still have your cat though, right?

  6. I had that same exact thing happen to me twice! The first time one of my guildies managed to tame him. He was very excited to have the beautiful Wolf. The second time happened yesterday. Though the guildie who wanted to tame him took a little too long to swap and by the time he got to the spawn point Skoll had either been killed or tamed by someone else.

    I’m sure I’ll continue to fly by Skoll’s spawn points and hopefully help out more guildies 😀

    • I almost helped out a BE hunter one evening. That’s how cool I am. 😉

      I spotted Skoll meandering around the gas cap above Brunnhildar, so I flew back over to the cave in Snowdrift where I’d seen a BE Hunter sat camped. I was planning on cohersing them to follow via emotes, but before I could get there, my random daily queue popped.

      I checked again after I’d gotten out, but the BE was gone, as was Skoll.

      I’m like a Spirit Beast matchmaker I suppose. 🙂


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