It was bound to happen

…sooner or later.

Last week I saw for the first time ever… another hunter with King Krush. Apart from mine, as a hunter pet, he only existed in screenshots as far as I was concerned.

King Krush

In the 16 months since I solo-tamed the big green Devilsaur, I have never seen him even in my battlegroup, let alone on my server. My jaw about hit the keyboard as I was trekking through Dalaran that day.

Is that… well, I’ll be… I never thought I’d see the day. Another hunter with King Krush… (I bet he had a Priest throw Fear Ward on him, and probably had a Shaman throw Heroism up… cheating bastard…) 😉

I gave the hunter a cheer emote, then went about my business. I had to admit… I was a little saddened. This Dwarf was stealing some of my thunder. 😕

On the other hand, here was a hunter after my own heart. Any hunter who would go through the trouble of obtaining the Krush is alright in my book. 🙂

3 thoughts on “It was bound to happen”

  1. hehe i actually got abandoned crush just to tame the beast out of ubrs, was a hard choice, but i love challenges and the beast was by far a challenge.

  2. Arrgh Krush!! I’ve been looking for him for months now…I really want to proudly fly my BM flag with him, since my spec will be readily apparent (unlike my current Wolf pet). Also, I’ve been dying to try the Devilsaur again since they fixed their stompy-stompy-ness. 😀


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