Hunter Keybinds and Macros – Pt. 1

I still need to seek out a few new macros and add some new abilities to my keybinds, but I figured I’d post the setup I currently use. I have a zillion keybinds it seems, yet I still need to find room for a few more. 😐 In my opinion, Hunters have it pretty rough in that department. In PvP anyway, we have dozens upon dozens of skills and abilities we need to use at a moment’s notice. I don’t see how anyone could play a successful Hunter as a clicker.

I still have yet to find a place for Freezing Arrow and Master’s Call. It’s time for me to get serious and abandon the leveling setup in favor of one that’s more conducive to ass-kickery. 😉

Let me bore you with a few background details first off…

I “upgraded” to a mac from a Windows PC (LOL) this past summer and I play on one of those nifty aluminum imac keyboards. It takes some getting used to, but it feels very nice once you adapt to it. Prior to getting my new imac, I was on a custom built PC using a Logitech G15 keyboard. For those unfamiliar with the G15, it has 18 additional keys which you can assign macros to. The keyboard is absolutely incredible and offers somewhat of an advantage over other keyboards. If you play on a Windows machine, I highly recommend looking into one.

Initially I used the G15 on my mac, but then I later dumped the Windows partition therefore dropping the G15 support. I grew tired of rebooting back and forth between OSs and also having this beautiful and elegant new keyboard just gathering dust (the almunium imac keyboards are very sexy). The hard part of switching back to a regular keyboard (aside from the vastly different feel), was re-assigning all 18 G15 macros and keybinds. I still have some work to do with my UI, macros, and keybinds, but here’s what I’m using currently:

This is my Primary Action Bar

  • ` (the key on the left of 1) – I’ve been using this key as my autoattack key for ages. I need to change it to something else more useful, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. To-do list item #1.
  • 1 – Wing Clip / Raptor Strike Macro – I use this a ton. It clips and Raptor Strikes the target in one swipe.
  • 2 – Mongoose Bite / Raptor Strike macro – I switch to this macro if the target is already clipped and I am unable to get range.
  • 3 – Hunter’s Mark – I desperately need to change this to something more useful. I’ve had HM here since I started playing WoW. To-do list item #2.
  • 4 – Concussive Shot
  • 5 – Arcane Shot
  • 6 – Serpent Sting
  • 7 – Multi-Shot
  • 8 – Steady Shot
  • 9 – Aimed Shot / Kill Shot Macro – It casts Aimed unless Kill Shot is available.
  • 0 – Targetenemy macro. This is my lazy targeting and anti-Rogue macro. It places a Mark on the nearest enemy, sends my pet at them, and starts me attacking.
  • – – Bestial Wrath
  • = – Intimidation

The secondary skills I’ve assigned to my F keys

  • F1 – Disengage
  • F2 – Flare
  • F3 – Scorpid Sting
  • F4 – Viper Sting
  • F5 – Tranquilizing Shot
  • F6 – Volley – I may reassign this to a more PvP oriented skill.
  • F7 – Rapid Fire – This I need to reassign as well.
  • F8 – Freezing Trap
  • F9 – Immolation Trap
  • F10 – Explosive Trap
  • F11 – Frost trap
  • F12 – Snake Trap

Other keybinds

  • Q – Strafe Left
  • W – Pet attack
  • E – Strafe right
  • R – Racial ability (Shadowmeld for Garwulf)
  • T – Target focus
  • Y – Health pot
  • U – Mana Pot
  • I – Misc. consumable (I keep haste pots or Drums here for Garwulf)
  • A – Pet care macro (call, heal, or res)
  • S – Pet return macro. This puts my pet in passive mode and returns them to me.
  • D – Feign Death
  • F – Focus
  • G – Assist focus
  • H – Trinket A
  • J  – Trinket B
  • K – Bandage
  • ; – Track Humanoids / Track Hidden macro
  • Z – Autorun
  • X – Mount macro
  • V – Pet Aggressive / Pet Stay macro – This is my pet sentry macro I use mostly when defending in WSG and AB.
  • B – Opens all my bags
  • , – Aspect of the Dragonhawk
  • . – Aspect of the Viper
  • / – Deterrence
  • Num Pad 0 – Misdirection


The rest of my keybinds are the default ones. Like I said, I still have a few skills to bind, as well as macro in. I just need to get around to it. I also need to find out why my old modifier key macros are not working. All in due time.

I’d love to hear some comments, criticisms and suggestions from other Hunters. Macro update is coming soon… I just need to pore through the Arena Junkies forums some more.


8 thoughts on “Hunter Keybinds and Macros – Pt. 1”

  1. You don’t show how you use your mouse buttons. Since that is the only thing you don’t show I’m guessing you use it for movement and camera rotation. Which of the mouse buttons do you use for that?

    • I use my mouse to move and that’s pretty much it. I have two convenience keybindings, with shift+scroll wheel, but they’re nothing important — fishing is one and the other one I change from time to time.

      It just occurred to me that this post is way outdated. I’ll try to get out an updated one with my current keybindings.

  2. I just started back a couple of weeks ago, having not played since vanilla—I know I’d certainly appreciate sort of a “round two” to this, updated for your current implementation of GarUI.

  3. I use a Gamepad, cant remember exactly which one, but its a 15 button pad for your left hand with additional arrow key buttons, and a “vent” key, and a scroll.

    I bound my normal WASD, cant live without it, but S and D are strafe keys. `, Q, E, R, F, Z, X and C are my main abilities, all with more buttons added with shift, plus left arrow/right arrow/up arrow/down arrow bound to some CDs and stuff like disengage.

    If I remember, I go:
    ` Volley
    Q Aimed Shot
    E Arcane Shot
    F Steady Shot
    R Kill Shot
    C Viper Sting
    X Tranq Shot
    S-Q Masters Call
    S-E Flare
    S-F Intimidation
    S-R Kill Command
    S-C Serpent Sting
    S-X Scorpid Sting
    Left Rapid Fire(really just a placeholder)
    Right Freezing Trap
    Down Disengage
    Up Insignia
    S-Left Hunters Mark

    Rest either I cant remember, or is unimportant because I click it mainly. I’m BM of course 😛

  4. Thank you so much for the information you privided me with, it helped me a ton. I Look forward to reading more of your website in days to come.

  5. Thanks for the kind words.

    To bind an action bar to the F keys or any other keys, go to:

    Game Options Menu (the little computer icon) > Key Bindings

    Once in the key bindings menu just scroll down to the action bar you want to bind, or select the different commands to keybind (strafe left, strafe right, pet attack, etc.). Set the keybinds by clicking on the big red buttons in the first column and hitting the keys you want bound to them. Once you’ve finished, hit the “OK” button at the bottom and they will be saved.

    You can set different binds for different chars by ticking the “character specific key bindings” check box on the top right.

    If you use the Bartender4 mod (which I highly recommened) it is super easy. You open up the bartender options menu and select keybindings, then you just hover your mouse over the bar and press the key you want assigned to the specific slot.

    Hope that helped.

    This is a good video to watch as well. He does a pretty good job of explaining the process.

  6. hello sir,
    I have been following your site for some time now and its amazing. I know you are very busy but I was wondering how to bind the macros to the keys. If you dont mind could you possible explain it to me. trying to figure out how I bind my macros to the F1-f12 keys. Thanks a ton and love the site.


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