Stocking stuffers comprised much of the gift giving this year at our household. We elected to focus on the children and keep the adult gift exchange to a bare minimum. One of the things my wife did was dump a few booster packs of WoW TCG Drums of WarWoW TCG Drums of War in my stocking. Although I’d never purchased any of these before, I did know about the tabards and some of the other cool things you can randomly pull from these packs.

Owned!Being a former avid collector of Football and Basketball cards, I know a rare card when I see one. My all-time pull was an autographed Scottie Pippen card that was numbered out of 100. This was back in the day before ebay was king, and I sold it via an internet newsgroup for seven hundred bucks. While not as awesome as that, I came across a card that looked like it must be pretty special. I was right, because later on that day I Googled it to find that it sells for anywhere from fifty to seventy dollars on ebayWoW TCG Owned Loot Card.

The card turned out to be the Owned! loot card from the Drums of War series. It has a code that grants your character a PvP taunt ability. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but apparently you can plant a flag next to your fallen victim after you’ve defeated them in a duel. Too bad Hunters just got whacked with the nerf bat. 🙁 Maybe someone will be gracious enough to let me beat them so I can see the animation in action. 😉

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