Here’s a busier one

Seems a few of you want to see what my clean UI looks like once it’s thrust into a raid situation. Here’s a screenshot from a 10man VoA PuG last night.

GarUI in 10 man VoA

Nearly everything is visible in this shot. You can even see two of my Power Auras. 🙂 The white Power Aura is the one I have configured for Heroism and the fireball above it is… you guessed it..! Lock and Load.

I plan on serving this up tomorrow or Friday, for those that are interested. I’ve discovered a wonderful addon called Reflux, which is going to make it easy for those who want to try it out.

See you tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “Here’s a busier one”

  1. edit…select all…delete.. nervous pause…. enter

    wow will identify missing files and replace them? the wonders of computer programmers.
    Thanks for all your efforts on this web site. Stamping out huntards the world over!

  2. Looks great!
    I have too many addons and somethings are conflicting. How does one clear the addon folder in WOW to reload every outside addon from scratch? Don’t want to lose the WOW base items just the outside vendor ones.

  3. Perfect. Less addons is always better if you can get away with it. I didn’t know you could set up ShadowedUF that way.

    • Shadowed is an amazing addon. I know it has some limitations, but I’ve yet to find any that have stopped me in my tracks. It’s so nice to have one clean universal look for all of the unit frames.

  4. What are you using for raid frames? I don’t see Grid in the download and I’m wondering what you have in the screenshot here.

  5. I’m very impressed with the look and feel of your setup. I’ve never been satisfied with any ui for more than a few months and I feel like now is a good time for a change.

    I might try out you ui as is, or build my own, wherein I shamelessly copy your style with some tweaks for my own preferences. As such, I was curious if you planned on posting a list of mods you’re using, their function and location on screen, or better yet, posting an addon pack on with tagged screenshots to show what’s what?

    I’m not sure how difficult that might be, but it might be worth the effort.

  6. ooOoooo I hope we can download it before later tonight! I’d love to use it for my 25 ICC Hard Mode Raid tonight. 🙂 Plus I Fraps our encounters and I can’t wait to show this off to my guildmates. 🙂

  7. Gar,

    I think the UI looks kick-ass and would love to change mine to something like that. I worry, though, that it will take up too much memory and affect my performance. I read alot about add-ons and how, if you use too many of them, they will cause the game to slow down. Do you notice performance issues with yours at all? If it is something I need to worry about then which would you say are the primary ones I should install? Thanks.

    • No need to fear Lawman… my UI is lean and mean, using only about 12mb if you don’t activate the memory hogs, which are: AuctionLite, Gatherer, and GearScore.

      I can run all of the addons with Garwulf if I want, and it still only uses less than 30MB.

      If you only use one banker toon for auction house stuff, then you only need to use the AH addon for him/her. That frees up a lot of memory for your active chars, since auction house addons gather a ton of data.

      Same with Gatherer. Don’t use it unless you’re a miner or herbalizer.

      …and GearScore, well… what can I say… it’s usefulness is subject to interpretation.

  8. Looks nice dude, can’t wait to take it for a spin. Looks more functional for me than Kripps’. If I keybound everything I might forget my name or where I live xD


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