Loque’nahak Q&A

Q: How long did it take you to locate and tame the Spirit Beast once you set out to do so?
A: About 12 days and an average of 4-6 hrs searching per day.

Loque'nahak - Spirit BeastQ: Where did you finally tame Loque?
A: Southern spawn location southwest of The Skyreach Pillar.

Q: What time of day was it?
A: Approximately 1pm server time.

Q: Did you know Loque’nahak was going to be there?
A: No.

Q: Were you camping that location?
A: Not really. I was only there about five minutes.

Q: Had you seen Loque at all during the 12 day search prior to taming, and if so, where?
A: Twice. Both times at the spot west of The Nesingwary Base Camp.

Q: What time of day was it when you spotted Loque’s corpse the other 2 times?
A: 11:44pm server and then again the following day at 5:51pm server. 18 hours, 7 mins apart.

A: Is Loque on a 6 hour spawn timer?
Q: I believe so.

King KrushA: Is the spawn timer related to the other rares in Sholazar Basin?
Q: Perhaps. Loque spawned in the spot Krush was killed 12 hours earlier.

Q: Did you patrol for him or camp one location?
A: I tried both, but mostly patrolled.

Q: Would you recommend patrolling for him or camping?
A: I recommend patrolling. There are too many spawn locations to just bet on one.

Q: Should I try to tame Loque once I reach level 76?
A: Absolutely not. Wait until you can get Cold Weather Flying.

Q: How important is it to have a flying mount when trying to find Loque?
A: Very important.

Q: How long does it take to cover all of the spawn points in the basin on a flying mount?
A: About five minutes.

Q: How long does it take to patrol on a ground mount?
A: Too long.

Q: Is it true that Loque’nahak is only out for ten minutes at a time once spawned?
A: No. Loque would never be up that long before being killed or tamed.

Q: How many spawn points did you patrol?
A: 5 for the first 10 days, then 7 the following 2 days.

Q: How many spawn locations are there for Loque’nahak?
A: 7 that I am convinced of.

Q: Where are they?
A : Right here, shown on the map below.

Loque'nahak Spawn Locations
Loque'nahak Spawn Locations in Sholazar Basin

Q: Is Loque’nahak worth all of the trouble?
A: If you’re into extremely uncommon pets that look incredible, then absolutely.

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  1. Been out in SB 3 days. 4-6 hours at a time. ( I have school too) hunting Loque. Flying around periodically to see if he spawned anywhere else. I hope I get him soon. I have seen other hunters as well around Nessingway where I am camping. And some Paladins Y.Y aiming to kill. I hope I find him soon.

  2. Thought I should mention, I have 3 Loques now, caught them all within a two day time span, and the first two were south west of the sky reach pillar, and the last was his most northern spawn near the mountains.

  3. Haha I might as well share my story too.

    I was searching for her for about 3 days, 3-6 hours a day, patrolling all 7 spawns.

    I ran into King Krush twice before I even saw Loque once…

    Luckily for me, the first time was all I needed πŸ™‚

    I found her south of the sky reach pillar, and stupid swarm of bugs almost screwed me out of her.

    I had to FD to get the aggro off, hurry up and drop the freezing trap, and had to auto attack her to pull her towards the trap because I undershot it :O

    The craziest part is not even one second after I tame her, I get slammed with arrows and some enemy hunter kills me.

    He camped me for like 15 minutes, but it’s cool because I got Loque πŸ™‚

  4. I have been looking for 2 days now.. about 4-6 hours a day (I have school), and have not seen him at all. There isnt even anyone in the area to claim him, so I guess anyone looking for him has his spawn time for my server… That, or im the most unlucky hunter alive, wich I wouldnt doubt.

  5. I’ve been hunting Loch’Nahak since early this morning. It’s now 6pm. I have seen hide nor hair of him or any of the other rares that spawn in the basin. I HAVE seen A LOT of alliance around and I ganked a few of them and got ganked once myself. After that I decided to just keep dodging them so i could find and tame the beast. Next post i make will tell you he’s mine. Time to win πŸ™‚

  6. Man u lucky dins i really want loque nahak keep searching and never seem to find it skoll and gondria was lucky find but i need loque

  7. Is it just me, or have I been extremely lucky with my spirit beasts lately? Friday I tamed Gondria from Zul’Drak. Sunday I tamed Arcturis from Grizzly Hills, and today, Monday, I tamed Loque’Nahak from Sholazar Basin. All within 5 minutes of searching total time in each zone. I feel good. πŸ™‚

    • Lol same here, except i find a lot of pets (Or at least the ones i caught) Spawn around 5:00 – 7:00. I got Karoma yesterday (Wed) at 5:30 p.m. (around then) Then today (thurs) I caught Sambas around 5:30 a.m. (around then again), and Skoll an hour later (same day). Im trying tonight for Loque’nahak :3 Keep you posted when i find the lil guy!

    • I feel pretty lucky, without much time spent I tamed Terror from Hyjal at 2 am server time, then I tamed Gondria that afternoon at 1:15 server time, I then proceeded to find King Krush at 1:30 server time and later that evening, without even searching I tamed Arcturis, the following day I tamed my beloved Loque without looking, I accidently ran into her without even looking. I was flying got my mount stuck at top mountain came back to her right beside me. I would say pretty lucky, I am now out to find skull lets see how long since I only began looking for them 12 hours before I first tamed terror my studmuffin.

  8. guy are you retarted -.- i went like oh he looks good fly around find and tame him within 5-10mins then fly off -.- if you want a challenge try finding Time-Lost Proto Drake, took me 3 and a half weeks but the 280% mount is worth it πŸ˜€

  9. I just tamed this beauty on Thorium Brotherhood about 11:00 Realm Time. =) I’m gonna check in six hours to see how that spawn timer is.
    My beautiful story:
    Been lookin’ for this @#%$ for a year now. On and off of course. I would check periodically every half an hour-hourish every day. Whenever I had free time, I was circling spawn points. I just could not find him =( COUNTLESS HOURS OF SLEEP LOST! lol. However, I was rewarded today. I don’t have school or work today and so I logged on and was like ‘Hey. I should check his spawn points before I quest more’. Well. I checked the first spawn point which is southwest of Nesingwary. No Luck. Well I’m flying to the Skyreach spawn point. I almost flew the shorter path but instead I followed the river. My NPC scan went crazy. I thought ‘Oh with my luck it’s a hunter pet’. No. He was there. He’s a lot bigger than I thought he would be o_o he would’ve been so impossible to miss. Him and all of his majesty. Well I dropped off my mount, making sure I didn’t aggro anything that would hamper with my taming. I looked around and figured someone else was already killing/taming him.. Nope. All mine =) Happy hunting guys!

  10. While my hunter was 71, and I was farming leather, I saw him by the hard knuckles, and got on my friends hunter to tame him. About a day later while farming more leather (73 this time) I saw him by the nessingway camp, and got my other friends hunter there to tame him aswell (thanks have group, will travel) I hit 76 a couple days ago, and have spent the last three days searching for him without luck, Fml. D=

    • Well guess who had loque’nahak spawn infront of them last night? Yup, Only took me 3 days. ^_^

  11. My time of looking for Loque was not difficult, i started leveling my little hunter ever since Cata came out, now that i have been in SB for awhile, i tamed LOque in a week and funny thing is..there was no one else around for him, soo i decided to freeze and not hit him and tame, at the same time i found Gondria patrolling behind Loque’s mates home, now im the proud owner of all SIX spirit beasts

  12. hi just found him near the hard knuckles, been searching a few nights a week can always log out at a spawn sight. would deffinetly recomend npc scan and npc overlay they really do help alot. just try not to get to excited like i did an dis mount assoon as it goes of i hit the ground an it nearly killed me. placed frost trap at my feet started tame an half way through he jumped at me hit the trap an he was mine. 03:08 server time lightbringer EU so if u are look for him you will get him eventually good luck

  13. Spotted & Tamed at 4:07am Server Time on Mok’Natha Server, at the Skyreach Pillar Spawn Point. I have come to find, for me anyways, I have the best luck finding the spirit beasts super early in the morning. I had tried camping the gorilla spawn points and then patrolling every hour for about a week straight without luck. I decided to come back another day to do it and patrolled from 5pm – 1am Server time without any luck. Decided to go to bed and woke up early to find him. I will say, patrolling the spawn points is going to be your best chance in finding him. Good luck hunters!

  14. I was killing shango and pitch often and patolling spamming /target Loque’nahak, and I often aked in general if people had seen him recently or this week, and guess what someone replied after 2 hours of patrolling

    ‘Yeah, just tamed him 2 mins ago’

    I was so pissed off, but kinda glad for them, they had all the spirirt beasts when they got him, this was before cata. I gave up eventually after that BUT GREAT NEWS TODAY, AFTER A DAY OF PATROLLING FOR SKOLL I GOT HIM THIS MORNING AND YESTERDAY I SAW POGEYAN AND THE DAY BEFORE TSUL’KALU !!!
    I am on a rare beast roll!

  15. I killed him : ( my addons went wacky and a error box came up and I couldnt see and I had my boar out (his name is KILLER now) and he killed loque. While I was there King Krush walked by so I did get to tame him.

    • I’m sure answers may vary on this, but the 3 places I’ve seen him most over the years are:

      1) West of the Nesingwary Camp
      2) Skyreach Pillar
      3) Eastern location by the gorillas

      The spot by the Nesingwary Camp seems to be one of the most popular places for Loque sightings based on my experience, along with what I’ve read from others’ accounts.

  16. Just wanted to add, it seems to be a hell of a lot easier now to tame him now Cata is out. I have been after this pet for months, with no luck. I had a free day yesterday so decided to look for this awesome pet. I went to Sholazar about 9am UK time and did a quick /who check, and it was literally just me and a DK in the whole place for Alliance. King Krush spawned at approx. 9.25am, as I already have him I let him be and put a message in general just in case, and he was there for at least half an hour before he disappeared (don’t know whether he was tamed/killed or what). I alternated between circuits of the basin and stationary, and finally, at about 1.25am I managed to tame Loque at the spawn site south of the Nesingwary base camp. This was on Lightbringer EU. Also, the previous evening and approx 11pm as I was crossing Icecrown, I killed Putridis the Ancient. So I would honestly say, anyone after the Northrend rare mobs, now is the best time! Time for me to look for Skoll and TLPD next πŸ™‚

  17. Hey guys and gals!

    I felt compelled to write something on this board after reading so many stories, Its taken me 6 days of hard camping but I’ve finally tamed Loque’nahak today πŸ˜€ I tamed him on Shadowsong server EU at exactly 14:30 at the 2nd most eastern spawn point, I had actually tamed King Krush in the exact same spot 3 hours earlier so I had a feeling, my NPC scan never went off for either rare but luckily they look so bad ass you can spot them easily, my heart was pounding and I wrote some gibberish in guild chat because my spell bar all of a sudden looked alien! 5 simple rules though which I made up after reading peoples posts on here which are Drop, Dismiss, Tag, Trap, Tame. Very easy to remember when ur heart is beating like crazy lol and sure enough i got both:D

    Good luck to all you hunters still searching! Have faith Loque will find you!

  18. I just want to say.. that i have searched for two spirit beasts in my hunter career.. i would look for days and have no luck. so when i got bored i would always google search for facts on these pets.. and ive ended up here both times. and both times from going to these sites i tamed them withing 2 hours. this site is lucky. and has great info.
    you helped me tame Gondria and today i finally got Loque.. (and king krush in the process)
    so this site is far better than any site about hunter pets! thank you!!!! I love this site

  19. Hi All!

    Been looking for this pet for 5 days now all the time been online 7-9 houers a day, (playing on Quel’thalas) havent seen him one single time, Not even dead:0( want him so bad.. iam flying around shola to find him to all the 7 spots hitting my macro when i get near, stopping some times near the known spawn places to kill a few mobs… PLEASE tell me what i do rong and why i havent found him yet.. am i just really unlucky? found king crush today tho, but he got killed by the guards in nessingway camt while i tryed taming him -.- can thair spawn time be relatet?


  20. k…i just had my first serious wow moment. so about a week ago i come up with the plan to wait until cata drops and camp for arcturis while everyone else is mobbing the new content and racing to 85. around 1:45am est this morning, i show up near amber pine lodge and there are two lvl 80 hunters camping in the spawn location. im a little disappointed by all the company but then again its not like i had the most original plan. one of the hunters starts pestering me by yelling that theres no way anyone will steal arcturis from him, challenging me, emoting rudeness, etc. so i try to play it off like im not competition and start slaying grizzlies for some quest i have. even if i couldnt tame my bear, i at least wanted to see the exact spot he spawned in. iv never been good at camping, so i log off after maybe 10min. A quarter to 3am(est time when cata goes live) i figure since im still up, why not just log on and see what happens. Im standing next to the water watching the grass, 3am comes and goes…still nothing. I figure ill give it ’til 3:15. 3:12am I yawn, and through my squinty, wide-mouthed vacuum impersonation…the screen blurs and there he is! i almost choked. i tagged him, threw a freezing trap and tamed. i was so pleased that i randomly hit one of my “happy emote” macros and the chat box stated that i was pleased with my spirit beast. it was so sporadically true i almost cried(and im not even sensitive like that). so i h.stone back to org to show off, but then i figure my “plan” might work for loque as well, so i make the long trip back out to s.b. circle it once, give up, post up in dal and log off. i just caught arc., so im super pleased anyway and decide to get some sleep. internet junkie that i am(i dont sleep), i get on here to find the exact locations and macro for loque(since this is where i got all my arc. info) and plan to hunt again later in the week. i read a few posts to familiarize myself with key areas, look at shoes, do girl stuff. 4:20ish awake and bored, i log back in and decide to do some real camping. inspired by my arc. catch, im resolved to actually put in work this time. maybe loque would come to me(as so many posters stated) i thought skeptically. i fly from dal and eventually cross into s.b. from ice crown. im in the southern area not really paying attention, i test the macro once to see if i did it right and i almost sh*t myself when it targets loque. i crash out of the sky trying to find a safe place to pull him without catching any mobs. blah blah blah i tame him. arcturis @3:12am and loque @4:26am, same morning, wow xmas came early for me :D. Everyone who posted advice, tips, and encouragement…THANKS!!! If not for yall, i wouldnt have even bothered and placated myself with my old white core hound. Sorry the post is so long, just wanted to throw some encouragement out there too(esp to the lazy skeptics like me lol) The moment you catch them is totally worth it!!!

  21. after 1 week of hardcore camping, flying and skinning. i got all 4 spirit beasts.+ krush.
    npc scan rarespawn overlay. the addons i used to make the task loads easier. i saw other hunters tame and other players kill the elusive rare spawns as npcscan kicks in but. keep going and you will get em all. as i did:)).

  22. I thought that I would share my story here as well since I just love this sight so much it helped me alot to find my awesome kitty, I woke up early on Nov 21 to seek and find Loque I have wanted him since day 1 of seeing that cat. Went to the basin did rounds of all known spawn locations for over 6 hours mostly the skyreach pillar area since so many have tamed him there…got tired of the pathing so I decided to camp there and wait, as I see many other hunters doing rounds all day I am very hopeful that no one will be there once he does show up..after a long 9 hours of watching another hunter sits next to me and says its his, I told him that I have been here over 9 hours now…he says so what I have been here for 3 days although I had not seen him in my passes for 2 days so didnt believe him…anyway as we both sit there my npcscan goes off he jumps on his mount I try and target Loque for the tame, I cant target him at all…the other hunter flies around the area looking for him and I do the same…neither of us found him, then I noticed that another lvl 80 hunter was there that had Loque as a pet and it was a false alarm my heart pounding with excitement and disapointment…I sat again for another hour…my hubby came home and i asked him to help me on his hunter to fly around the area to locate Loque…within about 30 mins of my hubby helping me he pops on npcscan near my hubby I quickly fly to that location and dismount midair lol…lay a trap down and start a tame..in a matter of a few lovely seconds Loque was now my lovely pet..I have waited so long to have him in my collection and now I havent stoped smiling since I tamed him…the other hunter well i’m sorry but its all a matter of timing and waiting long hours to find what you so seek to have as yours…in hopes for all other hunters out there good luck and dont give up he is well worth the long awaited hours that growl is amazing!

    thank you for this wondering sight and for all the help it really helped me in locations, finding npcscan and really how to get my so wanted spirit pets.

    pet – Passion

  23. I figured that I would mention my Loque’nahak story. They all seem to be a bit unique, with a little bit of the same flavor.

    I had decided to search for loque about two weeks ago. I started by circling the basin, and 36 hours in, my mod picks up Loque! It was a dead body, and there was a horde shaman nearby leveling. I knew it was him, and seriously considered griefing him. I thought better of it, and logged out for a few hours to take a break.

    I came back and continue my search for another total of 72+ hours of in-game time. During that time, I heard of one Loque spawn that was killed for Frostbitten, and another loque that was tamed by a hunter. I never was able to confirm either of these, so I kept my hunter online just in case they were pulling my leg. By now, I had given up hope of circling. I figured that the 4 to 5 minutes between laps is plenty of time for another hunter of frostbitten completionist to find and kill/tame him before I would even spot him, so I decided to only camp the two eastern spawn points and the south spawn point near Skyreach pillar. It only takes 30 seconds from the furthest points. so there is no way you’ll miss Loque if he spawns.

    I was just about to log off for the night, when I got caught up in a good conversation with a guildie. I was delayed by about an hour and a half from logging off, so I decided to make another spin around my mini flight circle. As soon as I flew over the northeastern spawn point, my mod goes off and there he is! I land and start to tame without a trap, figuring I have plenty of health and I want to tame him as quickly as possible. To my dispair, my corehound popped so the tame wouldn’t go off. By the time my Corehound was recalled, Loque was down to 25% health or so. The tame completed, and my entire body began to shake. It feels very surreal still, but it is my favorite hunter pet now. The Growl is awesome.

    Your website (particularly your awesome spawn location map), was a big help in finding him. Thank you good sir, and good luck to all the other Loque-seekers.

  24. I had the same exact thing happenas Glock (except it was my puppy). logged on, searched for Skoll then figured wth and used my eng port and went to the Basin. There she was, western most point, but as i tamed her a frost mage (my faction!) swooped in and killed Loque. The mage now has a bounty on his head and my guild flooded his mailbox with greys, lol. It was so exciting to see her! And heartbreaking to loose her!

  25. After 5 weeks of 4-9 hour patrols I finally got Loq tonight. He spawned at the southern most spawn point just as i was flying over. I was so nervous i forgot to turn off auto attack after i laid freezing trap and I released him. luckily he doesn’t hit THAT hard… I saw him dead once at the far eastern point near the pack of white gorillas so i got his cloak then as well. If your looking, just hang in there. When he’s ready he’ll come out for you. You can’t make it happen, took me 5 weeks but now i’ll have him forever.

  26. finally got mine after 2 days of camping and flying around. i woke up due to my daughter crying and couldn’t get back to sleep. so i figured what the hell i get on and see whats up, sure enough he was right there when i came in. now he’s mine got Grubthor, Nuramoc, Arcturis, Gondria and Loque now the real problem is i want skoll but want to keep all my other pets, Grub i had since i first could tame him and nuramoc will be for pvp, guess it might be gondria not really used him since acquiring him

  27. i finally got him last night after 3 days and about 3-4 hours each day on argent dawn server at 815p

    man i love this pet

    • Awesome Kavlar!

      Grats on Loque. He’s still my favorite of the four Spirit Beasts, and the only one that is truly unique. From his roar, to his skin, and even his model… all those things are one of a kind. The other spirit beasts borrow from other existing pet models, but not Loque… he’s an original. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve seen him a few times lately myself. Sholazar’s a lot less bustling these days, so the odds of spotting him now are far greater. I’m still pretty sure he only spawn 4 times a day though.

  28. spent about 5 days off and on looking for him, finally found him at about 10PM server time (Twisting Nether US), and he is just amazingly pretty. around the area with all of the gorillas. I had a hunch about this area, and it paid off! if you are seriously considering hunting this guy, download NPC Scan. it is SO helpful, it alerts you when there is a RARE spawn in the area. It’s much easier than spamming a macro, and also much more reliable for those people that aren’t particularly macro savvy!

    • If I had to pick the most popular spot, I’d say it’s the one SW of the Nesingwary Camp. Other popular spots seem to be SW of Skyreach Pillar (where I tamed Loque) and SE of Lifeblood Pillar.

  29. Just got loque at 8am server time on ravenholdt
    patrol all seven spawn points
    killing sango, pitch, and other important creatures near spawn points

    he spawn right after killing pitch at the blue crystal tower
    thats what i did – don’t know if there is a correlation
    also that was also the time the server was restarted 24 hrs before

  30. I just tamed Loque at 1:45am realm time today! And believe me it’s a rush and well worth the wait. I have been looking for her for at least a month now and this time I was only passing through with the intentions of looking for any rare elite spawn. I believe from experience that camping doesn’t work because she spawns in several places. I found her not far from the Nesingwary base, just southwest of it. Really I had pretty much given up ever finding Loque but then it happened. So never give up guys! You will find her, and it is WELL worth it! πŸ˜€

  31. I just tamed Loque’Nahak today at 3:30pm (pst) on a Sunday afternoon no less! I had been looking for 2 days and even recruited my husband, who has the artisan riding skill to look at the top spawn points and for me to take the bottom, since I had a slower flying mount. By whatever means necessary you need to fly, ride, (whatever) in the sky to maximize your chances. I found him at the southeast spawn point hanging out with the yellow gorillas by the mountain range. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually found him. He is gorgeous and well worth the time! Good luck!!

  32. Umm, juz tamed this beautiful cat at lvl 76. It took me only 3 hrs of searching; riding my talbuk(Yes Riding. Not Flying) around Sholazar. I guess im just lucky. πŸ˜› Thanx for the guide!

  33. I caught Loque Nahak right after a server Reset, he is amazing and i love him! I was shaking and i almost died because my heart sunk! Overall he is incredible, don’t any of you hunters ever give up! You will get him!

  34. It helped to not look too hard for him. I checked the known spawn points twice the first day and left to do quests. The second day, I got up a little after realm resets. I got to the spawn point that I start with and realized that I wasn’t in BM spec. I also wanted to switch pets and didn’t want to burn my stable pet ability so I flew to the nearest stable master. I switched pets, re-specc’d, flew back and made the rounds. I found him at the pillar, landed, stabled my current pet, targeted Loque and hit the tame button. I was too excited to attack him and just let him hit me. He used a shrink spell on me which made me laugh. I used a health buff to keep him from killing me and soon after I had him tamed. What a thrill for a hunter.

  35. Enduring two hours of Alliance ganking to get my last 2% exp to level 77…

    Making my epic engineering mount and taking first flight in search of the elusive spirit beast…

    Finding and taming Loq within a quarter turn of the lower edge of zone near Gorillas…


    Thank you Calewind for the advice to load up rare spawn overlay!

    It is 3:25am here… I believe I tamed him around 1:30 am… goood luck to you all!

  36. i had targeted Loq last night 1210 am server time. i was so excited i layed trap and hit tame beast w/o tagging first. w/ about 5 seconds left on the tame bar he gets tagged and killed by another hunter. i was so upset and kept spamming “why!!!” to the jerk, eventually realizing it was a BOT. aargh!

  37. Thnx for that man read up, think in the end it is gonna be down to luck haha, might wait till i pull off ma epic flyer cruising around at +60% is a drainer n a half haha

  38. ok thanks, had another idea but for some reason think its to good to be true, what about a /target macro?
    /target Loque’nahak
    ive tryed it with random mobs that are well out of my range and in undeground caverns well out of LoS and it picked them up. any reson why it wouldnt pick up our kitty kat if it was even remotly close?

  39. The spawn times are 6 hours apart, but not at set times as far as I know. I really think the only way you can narrow down a spawn time is if you come across the corpse.

    • IT popped up on my rare spawn addon at around 6:45 server time on Blade’s Edge idk if they are all at 6/12/6/12 though

  40. wolfmanIII is correct. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 weeks, the Spirit Beast will only spawn for you when it’s ready to be tamed.

  41. It’s not a matter of skill, it’s not a matter of luck, it’s not a matter of time.
    You will not find Loque’Nahak, but Loque’Nahak will find you when he will be sure you will be ready for him.


  42. You got so lucky it’s ridiculous. And no… I am standing firm on the belief that you should wait for Cold Weather Flying. You have five minutes worth of experience and advice on this matter – I have close to eighty hours.

    At any rate, grats! πŸ™‚

    • I found loque by pure chance. never even seen that pet before. My friend who previosly tamed it… might i add 10 hours prior, saw it and hollered for me to get my butt from Og, to SB to get it. Very very rare kitty. I am a level 80 and still had issues taming it.

      • Lol, why did you have prible
        s taming it? I just tamed it yesterday o. The western spawn point and I just shot a freezing arrow in front of him, waited for him to set off the trap and started taming πŸ˜‰ no probs. Could be more difficult on a PvP server though idk :$

        • Trying to tame Loque nowadays is 10 times easier than it was back then. Mainly because, there were 10x as many hunters looking for him, 10x as many players looking to kill him, and just waaay more players in the Basin period.

          Taming Loque’nahak back in Dec. of ’08 was no small feat. If you watched my video on YouTube, you’d know why I tagged him first. Although there are no guarantees, because a jackass is a jackass, but displaying a gray health bar to an opportunistic player can sometimes cut down on their cruel intentions. In other words, if the unscrupulous player who happens by during your tame knows they won’t get credit or loot from the kill, then they may not try to mess with you.

  43. I found him after only 5 mins of searching. It was pure luck and my fiance who has cold flying, was the one who spotted him for me.

    You should change the answer. I am 76 and I have Loque. All someone needs is a friend who has flying to assist. No reason to encourage people to wait until cold flying to get this pet. With a supportive friend or family member who has cold flying you get Loque’ as a pet.

    I just want all 76’s to know…you can get this as a pet. Once you hit 77 you still need the gold to get the cold flying. That can be a while depending on your current gold lvl.

    Don’t let anyone discourage you….

      • I found him when i was flying around looking for King Krush by the Skyreach pillar.
        i was lv 75 at the time so i had to do 2 dungeons to ding while there was another hunter in the area. the whole time i was freaking out that the hunter would find where he was.

        in the end i ended up getting him tho πŸ˜€
        i named him Spiritgaze.

    • I tamed him last night on Thorium Brotherhood. 11:05 p.m. est. Coords 35, 30. The adrenaline rush when npc scan goes off is amazing. πŸ™‚

    • Tamed him last night:D was only 10 min in to my normal sweep, and at 70,71 boom there he was!! this was around 6:00am on Ravencrest.


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