Hunter With a Blue Dress On

Robes of the Lich

Or is that purplish..? Hard to tell…

When I rolled this character it was out of desire to explore the lore and different zones from a Horde point of view. While I have done my share of that, I’ve actually been having more fun just wreaking havoc in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin.

Last night I had the urge to scratch my PvP itch, only this time I did it For the Horde, and in the playground of the 30-39 bracket. I love low level PvP. Success in the lower levels relies so much more upon maneuvering and strategy than it does in end-game PvP. Gear and burst damage isn’t as much of a factor, which allows you to still be competitive as long as you play your class effectively and are mindful of the terrain. Now that twinks are largely absent from the experience rewarding BGs, it’s a pretty level playing field. Well, pretty level as long as the dress-wearing Orc isn’t your BG. 😉

I’ve fully explored the joy that is BG leveling, having gone from 25-29 and 34-39 mainly via BG experience. I just can’t get enough of it. 😀 Even though it’s the same old terrain and objective, it’s a new and exciting instance of play every single time. It’s also a nice way to get some decent gear as you level, especially since finding a Mara PuG isn’t always so easy, at least on my server.

As for me, I’ve been stockpiling my badges for the next bracket. The only item I’ve purchased so far has been the WSG staff. I’m thinking of going semi-big in the 40-49 bracket and hoping to surprise some would-be gankers in world PvP.

Speaking of which, I also had my first ganking experience last night. Even though I was the one receiving the bulk of the beat downs, it was pretty damn exciting. I was killing some Bloodsail pirates around Booty Bay when out of nowhere, a 43 Warrior slams right into me. By the time I was able to escape, I was already down to about 20%. He Intercepted me and it was game over.

When I got back to my corpse he was gone, so I just went on about my business and kept killing pirates. Wouldn’t you know it, about 2 minutes later… WHAM! Same result. He bursted me down pretty good with his opener, then when I tried to create some space, he popped a Swiftness Potion. This told me that ganking Horde was one of his hobbies. Who the hell goes out questing with Swiftness Pots..?!

Now I’m getting pissed, so I res and eat, then mount up and go looking for this Alliance clown (I should have rolled Horde I tell ya). I happen upon him at the peninsula just below Booty Bay and immediately open fire. As I’m kiting him down the beach I could see why he was bursting me down so fast. He had all of the BoA pieces, including a Crusader enchant on his sword. It took nearly a minute, but I managed to drop him by about the time we reached the other side of the horn. Watching him collapse and make the death emote was quite satisfying. 🙂

Evidently this pissed him off, so he continued to stalk me for another ten minutes or so, waiting for me to aggro an NPC or two, then he’d strike. He killed me about three more times then finally got his fill.

I did two things after this event.

  1. Wrote his name down on a scratch pad. *Nods at Roar*
  2. Went and got my PvP trinket.

I have to tell you though, I really like the thrill of World PvP. If I were leveling a class I was unfamiliar with, I’d probably be frustrated as hell, but I’m pretty confident I can fend off most attackers as long as they don’t have a Level ??? below their name. Unless I have some health pots and bandages of course. 🙄

In addition to that Warrior, there was an 80 Druid that also made “my list”. A female NE Druid was helping a 38 Rogue in Stranglethorn near where I was questing. After a few minutes of non-hostile activity, she decided to Moonfire me just for kicks. 😕

Of course there was nothing I could do about that, but later that evening I had the good fortune of encountering the Rogue all by their lonesome at the Nesingwary Camp. I took care of business quickly, then mounted up and made tracks before their bodyguard returned.

My plan now is to take my time and have some fun in this bracket. I don’t intend to go all crazy with enchants and such, but I do think I’m going to gear out a little better for my level 45-49 reign of terror. 🙂

Anyway, I’m really enjoying my journeys on the PvP server from a Horde perspective. Good times.

Oh, and by the way… the cloth gown I’m wearing is actually Robes of the Lich. Although it’s cloth, it’s pretty well itemized for a Hunter. Plus, it’s a great mind f**k for other players to be beat down by an Orc in a dress. 😈

5 thoughts on “Hunter With a Blue Dress On”

  1. First of all, thank you from all us hunters. Finding this blog made my day and will probably make it for the rest of us.

    I can easily relate to your experiences with low level PvP. I spent days and weeks with my 28-29 level hunter fighting around Hillsbrad Foothills, that used to be a very popular ganking area for level 30-35 alliance characters. I didn’t feel like a nuisance to other players, like often in world PvP, since the enemy came there to gank lowbies. They were schoolbullies looking to pick a fight, so I even got to be a hero for random adventurers being stalked by a higher level rogue. I loved it. With decent gear (not top notch, but not green random drops either) I usually managed well with one enemy. When I faced two or three, the real fun started. Usually I lost, but that didn’t remove the fun of trying and the few occasions of downing three higher level enemies made me go yarrrrrr!

    Unfortunately, by the time I entered STV, everyone was escorted by a skull-level character and world PvP was one-sided gankfest. At best, low level world pvp can be really awesome. At worst it’s just…not.

  2. what is that half tabard thing ur wearing?? looks like the shirts u can buy in the argent tournament grounds but they go below armour..
    i wanna get somethin like that for my low lvl alts to hide their ugly armour lol

  3. “…waiting for me to aggro an NPC or two, then he’d strike.” Timeless strategy that I’d do too.

    I’m currently leveling a female orc hunter that has Mazzranache and a Mulgore Hatchling (and pink mageweave shirt)… I’d love her to one day bring painful pink death to some Ally. 🙂

  4. Man, you’re a better man (or more patient man) than I to be leveling on a PVP server – but way to hold your own!

    I tried BG leveling on my shammy alt for a while, and (probably because I’m unfamiliar with the class) got tired of being wtfpwn’d every rez period. Hm.

    Lowbie hunter…

    …I’m tempted 😉

    I may even try this whole “Other Faction” experiment, to boot.


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