The Good News Is…

I finally made a point to take a screenshot of my new user interface while in a 25 man. However, the bad news is… after viewing it later that evening I realized what a complete jackass I am. 😡

My New Hunter UI

Don’t Let This Happen To You

Drackmire’s gonna give me shit about this, no doubt. 😐 I pulled this a few weeks back during a few attempts on Anub’arak. Fortunately then, it only took me two attempts before I realized what a boner I had been.

This is what happens when you arena the night before, then hastily jump on for a raid not realizing your Track Hidden is still active. I PvP as BM, so there’s no need for me to switch tracking really.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good “Remove Head From Ass” addon? 🙄

I think I’m going to have to set up a Power Aura that gives me a heads up if my Track Hidden is active.

As for the UI post… things keep coming up that interfere with me being able to roll that one out. At the end of the day when I have a choice of either blogging or farming heroics on my DK, I end up going with the latter. I know, bad Gar.

Today was supposed to be the day I published the post, but I’ve been busy putting out a work-related fire so to speak, and haven’t had a chance to get to it. I’ll do my best to follow through either tonight or tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “The Good News Is…”

  1. no offense, but your site has been very disappointing as of late. posts rarely come and the post that are posted are of the nature of “I’m making progress on my next post”, “my next planned post is coming”, “oh wait, I leveled a death knight… post is still in the works”. meanwhile, hunter sites such as warcrafthuntersunion, aspectofthehare, and others actually make posts… instead of posts promising of other posts. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but replacement for bigredkitty… you are not.

    • Hi Dens,

      I’m sorry for the disappointment. I’ve just been busy with other things outside of WoW. Although my intention is to keep up with the blog, sometimes it becomes difficult to do so due to other commitments. That said, when I do have some free time, I often elect to play instead.

      Blogging is fun, but it’s not a job.

      I never touted myself as a replacement for BigRedKitty, nor do I want to be. I’m not really sure how you arrived at that comparison, but I suppose I should be flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence.

  2. Hey Gar if it makes you feel any better I ran out of ammo in 10 man Ony last night. I purposely died and then after the wipe I said with a big sigh “Well I gotta repair” and hearthed bought some rounds really quick.

    • @ Perceuss

      HaHa, that’s hilarious. I’d actually been in a Warsong Gulch a few years back that went on so long that I ran out of ammo. I did nothing but melee for about 20mins. It was classic. That was on my 19 twink Hunter, so it wasn’t too huge of a disadvantage. Pretty funny nonetheless.

  3. I use the AutoTrack addon. It’s very helpful and I never ever have to worry about what I’m tracking. Switches tracking when you’re in combat, and when you leave combat, it switches back to whatever you were tracking beforehand (herbs, ore, even hidden ;).
    I wholeheartedly recommend it to relieve your paranoia. (because we all forget sometime or another)

  4. I use Zug Zug Huntar addon for this, it’s automatic track change for what you’re attacking, but also have the option to be turned off during pvp.


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