Finishing Touches

My new user interface in a raid

I’m still ironing some things out and improving what needs improvement, but here’s another look at my new UI. This image shows a little bit more than what was visible in my previous screenshot. 😉

As you can see, this screenshot reveals where Recount, Omen and Grid reside, as well as a few other features including: party frames, focus frame, pet buffs and my pet bar.

I’m just about done f**king around with it, so as soon as I get a chance I’ll show you the entire setup and explain why everything is in there, in addition to what it does.

I gotta tell you… I’m liking this interface quite a bit. It’s not vastly different from previous versions, but it’s further streamlined, leaner and meaner resource-wise, and it just looks bitchin’… at least I think so.

Next up, casting bars, target buffs and debuffs…

more on the way…

22 thoughts on “Finishing Touches”

  1. Hey Garwulf love ya ui mate looks killer was just wondering if u could put it in a zip and upload it for download (unless u dont want to) ive been looking around for a ui just cant find a ui that i like apart from urs, im also hopeless at trying to customize my own i tried a few times turned out a mess so yea b kool if u could…keep up the good work on the website =D

  2. @ Hamlet

    I’ll try to throw something together soon.

    I apologize for getting derailed from my UI topic of discussion. I got busy, then decided to level a Horde toon, then wrote a leveling guide.

    I have a tendency to do what I want, which is not necessarily in the best interest of my regular site visitors, but at least it prevents me from getting burned out. 😉

    Once the blog starts feeling too much like work, I tend to go in another direction. I do need to pick up the UI discussion again, because after all… I did spend a great deal of time putting that together. Part of my procrastination is a result of wanting to make a video, but instead I think I’ll just post and maybe tackle a video later if I see fit.

    Thanks for being patient.

  3. OK cool… Sure a list of addons would be nice, could start poking around with them, but whatever fits your agenda better is just fine =)

    • No Hamlet, not yet. 🙁

      It’s still on my agenda for the immediate future, but I’ve been messing around with my low level Hunter too much instead of writing UI posts. I’ll try to get to it soon, but it may be in chunks.

      I didn’t intend for my leveling guide page to be so damn long, but I just kept thinking of so many things to discuss. I foresee my UI post being similar, so I may either wait and tackle the whole thing, or break it up somehow.

      I suppose I could just list the addons used, and then wait until later to post tips on configuring them, etc.

  4. Hey, I was thinking it would be awesome for this site to have a photo gallery for members. Or at least some way to share stuff like that. I understand it eats up site memory like crazy and can be quite timely to set up, but just a thought.

    • @ Roarbeard

      Hmmm… not a bad idea, but yea… it would be pretty resource devouring. It is a thought though. I’d probably have to step up my VPS plan for something like that. Perhaps down the road.

  5. Yah, that’s why I’m frustrated with Carbonite. It was a really solid not much memory addon that was great at what it did. Now there are so many bells and whistles on it that it eats 8mb of memory. Kind of annoying.

  6. Hey Gar, what is the addon that is giving you all the info below your action bars and in the top right corner? I would really like to try that one out. Carbonite has a similar feature but you need to know code to use it and I’m not that addon savvy. 😀

    • It’s called SL Data Text.

      It’s really basic, but shows you what you need to know. I especially like the hover-over guild status text which shows you who’s on, and allows you to invite and message guildies with ease.

      I’m trying to go without FuBar this time around, as I’m trying to keep memory usage a little lower than before. Most of the FuBar addons I had before were mainly for convenience sake. I do miss GarbageFu though.

      Know of a good stand alone addon for auto-selling vendor trash?

  7. Thx for the Info … I already try Pitbull 3 in the pass .. but i never get something successfully nice with it 🙂 I think i come back to my design table and try to get a second chance to Pitbull 4.

    • In my opinion, Pitbull 4 is a bit easier to work with due to the layout system. It doesn’t offer quite as much customization as Pitbull 3, but it is still in Beta.

      I plan on giving an introduction to the addon sometime in the near future, in other words, once I get enough free time to put it together. Go ahead and play around with it in the meantime, but if you start getting frustrated, just wait for my Pitbull 4 overview.

  8. So, after playing off this ui as okay, not for me, I then decided after a long day of work too…. um…. /copy *cough*. 😛 I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan. I still kept some things for myself, but I really sat down with pitbull for an hour or so and just goofed with it. Good stuff. 🙂

    • @ Roarbeard

      Even though it’s still in beta phase, Pitbull 4 is a great addon as is. It takes a little bit to get the ins and outs of it, but once you do it’s pretty straightforward.

      Glad you like it.

    • The addon is Pitbull 4. I think some people will like the effect and others may find it distracting, but I happen to like it. Part of UI customization is obviously to try and create an attractive display while also tailoring things to suit your needs.

      I may end up going to a more minimalist look, thus losing the 3d portraits, but for now I like ’em. The entire UI is pretty minimalist, so I feel the 3d portraits give it a little added pizazz.

      They were displayed in a lo-res taming video I’d made awhile back when I found Loque’nahak, and people were asking me all the time what addon it was. Seems I’m not the only one who likes that style.

  9. @ Storax

    I had a look at the Malev UI and it does look a bit similar, mainly due to the placement of Omen and Recount. Seeing it reminded me I still have to do something with in-game text. Always something…

    @ Roarbeard

    I may add the mana bars, but since I can’t innervate, I usually just refer to the raid frame to see if I should keep up pressure or feign death. Lots of gray squares means run to towards the entrance and drop. 😉

    This is the first time I’ve paused to really explore and learn the addons I’m implementing. Normally I just plug ’em in and get the basic functionality working, then go. Grid’s one I haven’t gotten too deep with just yet, but I’ll look into it some more this week.

    @ Wurtz

    That’s actually a simple KG Panels background panel I put behind the action bars. The buttons and buffs are skinned through ButtonFacade.

  10. I’m curious how you have your buttons for the action bars and buffs skinned all black! It looks great so far, keep it up!!

  11. I love the buffs. A lot.

    The only thing I can see I would change is download Mana Bars for grid. I love love love being able to see in a flash who in my raid is oom, who is low on health, who is debuffed, and start trucking to help in whatever way i can.

    I love how you only have 2 actions bars showing. I have 4 and I cant force myself to reduce it, lol. I’m thinking about adopting a similar design. Ty Gar. 🙂


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