Trueshot Aura Macro

I updated my macros page this week by removing a few, changing a few and adding one. I’m not sure if I’m late to the party on this one or not, but I hadn’t seen someone post it yet.

I added Trueshot Aura to my aspect switching macro in an effort to remove another skill from my action bars. (It also makes sure I never, ever forget to turn it on again after a wipe, but don’t tell anyone that…) 😉

/cast Aspect of the Dragonhawk
/cast Aspect of the Viper
/cast [mod:shift] Trueshot Aura

You can activate Trueshot Aura with one press of this button. Aside from that, it works the same as the original macro. It allows you to switch between Dragonhawk and Viper with the need for only one keybind.

It’s not a revolutionary macro, but it does allow for one less skill to be needed in your action bars. I created it because I wanted to remove TSA from its current keybind. I have all but two of my action bars hidden and Trueshot Aura seemed to be an unnecessary keybind, yet for a very necessary ability. I added it to my aspect macro – problem solved.

I recommend this macro for any Hunters going Marksmanship for the first time. It’s worth using in order to prevent you from realizing during mid-fight that you don’t have TSA up. Not that I’ve ever done that… 🙄

4 thoughts on “Trueshot Aura Macro”

  1. Gar it looks fantastic, though I can’t tell from the picture, but I would make my buffs a bit smaller personally. Considering I only look at buffs right before a boss pull anyway they aren’t terribly important to be checking all the time. Since you use power auras to tell you when ISS procs you don’t need to watch that in your buffs either.

    Just my thoughts on it, but man it looks sweet overall.

    • Good point. I may shrink them just a tad. Once I get everything just right, then the tweaking process begins. I’ve changed at least one thing (usually minor) each day since I really stopped messing with it.

      You’re probably right though on the buffs. The less clutter on the screen the better imo, so shrinking the buffs it is.

  2. That’s a fine way of doing things too. However, some people like to use the mouse wheel for skills that are used with regularity, like Steady Shot.

    I have my mouse wheel set to

    S+Up = Flag of Ownership
    S+Down = Fishing

    But your way is cool too. Personally, I find it easier to use a kb keybind for the switch so I can switch on the move a little smoother. The mouse wheel suits me better for skills that I utilize while standing still.

  3. good idea. thx. given that i took the time to write Silencing Shot into all the shots that made sense, it hurts a little that this didn’t occur to me.

    however, my question is this, why have a toggle macro at all? why not put ur aspects (or aspect macros) on mouse wheel up and down? in my limited experience, that toggle macro isn’t always one-button. that’s probably due to my one button travel macro (includes cheetah) but i found it so frustrating that it wasn’t one-button all the time i moved it to mouse wheel.


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