I Acquired Crabs in Desolace

Crusty the Rare Crab

When I made the switch to Survival, I needed a new pet, so it was off to Desolace.

Why Desolace, you ask? Well, that’s because I needed a crab.

Now I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t just grab some random crab off the coast of Northrend and save myself the trouble of traveling all the way to this god forsaken land. The answer is simple.

No pet is worth taming if I don’t have to work to get it. I’m a freak when it comes to pets. If they don’t have a silver dragon around their portrait, then I don’t want ’em. The only excpetion to the rule here would be my ghost wolf, but that’s the only exception.

Some of you may not know this, and more of you may not give a damn, but the only rare crab in the game happens to inhabit the waters off the coast of Desolace. His name is Crusty, and he’s a little red bottom-dweller.

I’d actually tamed him prior to WotLK, but I ended up letting him go due to the fact that I wanted to experiment with, and tame other pets. Well, since I decided to give Survival a whirl for arena, I decided to re-enlist Crusty for his services.

Finding him this time didn’t prove to be very difficult. Although I didn’t locate him during my first sweep of the area, I did manage to target him within moments of logging in the next day.

Catching Rare Crabs Made Easy

  • Download and install NPCScan
  • Enter in the name and NPC ID of the crab you want to catch. In my case, this was the Crusty variety.
  • Swill down an Elixir of Water Walking
  • Turn on Aspect of the Cheetah
  • Do laps up and down the waters off the coast of Desolace in Jesus mode.

Eventually NPCScan will go BWWWAAAAWWWMMMM! Along with displaying a little 3D portrait of the little crustacean.

NPCScan targets a rare!

For more info about NPCScan and how to use it, check out this post.

Prior to going after Crusty, my stable contained three exotic pets and two non-exotics. Of my non-exotics, only one of them, the gorilla, was really considered a PvP pet. Pummel is great for interrupting casters, but I prefer the Crab’s 4 second lockdown that affects all classes.

So, of all my pets which is the one that you think I abandoned?

Was it King Krush?

Might it have been Loque’nahak..?

Could it have been Nuramoc?

Was it my wolf..? Hell No!! You think I’m crazy..?! 😉

Or… was it my ape?

Stay tuned for the answer…

13 thoughts on “I Acquired Crabs in Desolace”

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  2. I finally found Crusty after perhaps 4-6 days of camping (I lost track!) And then last night I saw another hunter with a non-Crusty red crab that is identical. 🙁 Well, at least mine has special meaning to me, knowing what I went through to get it. 🙂 Next up: The Time-Lost Proto Drake. 🙂

    Are you doing consulting now? 😉 You replied in another post about how another hunter should be doing 2K+ dps. I think I’m better geared (mostly pvp gear) but can’t seem to top 1800 dps on the practice dummies in Orgri! 🙁 Either my spec of my shot rotation or both . . . . http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=The+Underbog&n=Aloysius

  3. Thanks! Just started looking for him again. I had an easier time finding Loque’nahak (who literally appeared before me while I was on a quest)! And I got the turtle mount two days ago. Yet Crusty eludes me! 🙂

  4. JSK,

    I’m not sure what his spawn timer is, but he shouldn’t be too hard to get. There’s not really any competition for him, so I’d just check back from time to time. You’ll get him.

    This is the build I was using as SV: http://www.wowhead.com/?petcalc#0wdhub00b0oz

    RoS is a must have skill for a Cunning or Tenacity PvP pet.

    As BM, I’ve specced him this way:


    I just put an extra point in to top off Wild Hunt and picked up 3/3 in Avoidance for protection against Divine Storm mainly.

  5. Danort,

    Speccing BM isn’t going to improve your damage in groups, but it will probably make life easier when playing solo. The best all-around damage pet right now is a wolf. As far as where to tame one, you can grab a level 80 one in Storm Peaks.

  6. Hi,

    Any idea what the respawn timer on Crusty is? I’ve camped and patrolled the area for about 5 hours tonight with no sign of him. I’ve got Track Beasts on and am using the _NPCScan addon.

    Also, what build are you using for Crusty for PVP?


  7. Well i’m huntertoo and i use the Snake from Ful’drak at final boss the blue ones 🙂 it’s very good and i’m Survival… but should i be that? i really think i’m gonna go BM but which changes will it give and in case of i want gear trough PvE in first place which pet should i then choose? ( and where is it so i can tame it :))

  8. Wolf? uhmmm…no
    Loque’nahak? I wouldn’t think so as he is a pain to get again
    Nuramoc? Probably not. If/When you return to BM, this is a PvP champ.

    I would say either the ape or King Krush.

    If King Krush, the reason would be he is exotic and you are currently an SV hunter. Also, the wolf reigns for raids now, so these guys are being put aside for now.

    If the ape, and I believe you had Uhk’loc, he would be the easiest to re-obtain.

    • Oops! I made a mistake in that post, but I just fixed it. I meant to say, “when I made the switch to Survival”, not Beast Mastery.

      Oddly enough though, I am considering going back to BM after one week of arena. I’ve been tinkering with a Top Secret BM build for my 2s team.


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