While working on my post about Madexx, I figured I’d make a little more fuss over NPCScan. It’s truly an awesome addon, which probably every WoW player should be using.

Even if you don’t play a hunter (in that case, wtf are you doing on my site?!), NPCScan is a great addon to have. It alerts you to rare spawn mobs that are nearby – including the targetable Mysterious Camel Figurines in Uldum. With NPCScan, you rarely miss an opportunity to find what you’re after, or to find what you didn’t know was there. 😉

As long as a mob’s within targeting range of NPCScan (which has a pretty huge radius), the addon will sound an alert and display some on-screen notifications – including a clickable portrat of the mob that it’s discovered. It also places a raid target icon on the rare mob, making it extremely easy to spot.

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Getting Your Tame On: Addons

A few people have been having difficulties with getting NPCScan to work, so I decided to write up a visual guide (because pictures say 1000 words) to try and help hunters get it working. In addition to that, I’ve also included some info for another great alternative to NPCScan.

Vista Users: WoW’s active Addon folder may be located in: User/Public/Games/World of Warcraft, instead of your install location. Supposedly some users have been having issues where the addons weren’t showing up because the addons in the main WoW addon directory weren’t being called up by the game – because it was using the ones in the User/Public/Games/World of Warcraft one.

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Attention: Hunters Who Are Looking To Tame Gondria

As I’d previously mentioned in a comment somewhere on this site, there is a mod available that should greatly help in your search for Gondria, Loque’nahak, or any other rares you may be after. My buddy Blaquespell had alerted me to a mod which he found that makes searching for rare mobs quite a bit easier. He’s been casually trying …

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