I May Be Mad, But I’m Not Crazy

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That’s right. I know it’s shocking. I’ve been a Beast Mastery Hunter for over 3 years, but no more.

That is, at least until Blizzard fixes the spec. Once they realize BM is broken and apply the necessary buffs, I’ll be back on it like a hobo on a hot dog. Until then, the Blizz devs are on my poopy list.

Ozzy OsbourneI apologize to those of you that may feel I’ve “sold out”, but I can only take so much. Although I adore the BM tree more than any other, there comes a time when you must make sacrifices.

I’ll continue to share my infinite wisdom of Beast Mastery, endorse its good qualities, and answer questions concerning the spec. It still has its place, but unfortunately I can’t make room for it now.

I’ll elaborate on this decision within a day or so, as well as summarize what I’ve been up to lately, but for now, as the Prince of Darkness would say…

For F**k Sakes Man, enough of this blogging BullS**T, I want to log on and tear some Mother F**king heads off man!

See you in the BGs!

11 thoughts on “I May Be Mad, But I’m Not Crazy”

  1. LOL speaking of solo taming king krush, I tried that today after god knows how long trying to find him, didn’t work… six times didn’t work… couldn’t find a pocket healer despite offering 100G for all of 30 seconds work. He ended up dying thanks to an undead mage, but it was clear I wouldn’t be able to survive a full tame without another 2-3000HP anyway, but at least I got the loot.

  2. Ok so I am stuck, I have been BM my whole time as a Hunter, thanks to Garwulf I have been rocking the deeps in 10 man and 5 man content. The other aspect of gameplay however that is driving me insane is the PvP side. I decided to tryout my raiding MM spec in the BG’s and enjoyed it. I even tried (as much as this shames me to say it) a SV spec. I dunno if maybe I am just not utilizing the SV or MM spec appropriately or what and then trying to figure out a PvP pet…I am getting turned off by PvP as of late if anyone can offer any assitance in my pursuit to remedy this I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Dalaila,

    Yeah, I’m not too sure what to do with the header description yet, but that’s probably a good change.


    That was one of my most memorable WoW moments Perceuss. I loved taming Krush and he’s still arguably my favorite pet.

    I’ll return to Beast Mastery for one of my specs at some point. I still have 2 exotics cooling in the stable.

  4. Well I came here because I love the BM spec but I didn’t feel I using it to it’s full potential, and then I seen this guy solo tame Krush on youtube and found my here.

  5. I suggest this change:

    from “Stories, tips and musings from a Beast Mastery Hunter”

    to “Stories, tips and musings from a Hunter”

    That would perfectly fit the spirit of your blog. That said, I agree with you: SV and MM are the top for raiding. BM is still solid for daily content and (mostly) for farming. Not having to focus on maximum DPS lets you free to talent for “useful” stuff such as a nice +10% movement speed (we’re not paladins but that closes the gap).

    On a side note it would be nice to make a farming “speed” test between BM hunters (+10% speed) and druids (flight form with gathering without dismount). We have a speed bonus but need to dismount. They do NOT dismount but move around slower. Pallies still beat us but druids? I bet we’re very close 🙂

  6. Well sometimes you need to make some sacrifices.
    I’m sure most of the ppl who are reading your blog do not come for the l33tness of the BM spec anyway. ^^
    I’m sure that I’ll keep enjoying coming around here.
    (and yes I’m diggin your archive as well :P)

  7. And I am really enoying the MM spec you posted for raiding I have seen significant upside to my dps. Once my wolf gets to 80 I am sure it’ll get better. Plus I am stuck with headgear from WG marks.

  8. I kinda feel like I did at the end of the sixth sense when you find out Bruce Willis is a ghost…..I can’t believe you went survival…I thought it was the ‘flavor of the month’ spec…oh Garwulf what has become of you.


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