PvP Gear Transmogrification

Level 60 PvP Gear Replicas for Transmogrification
Class PvP Replica Gear for Sale in Area 52

Yesterday I’d mentioned not being able to use my old level 60 PvP gear for Transmogrification. Today I found out how I could, so I figured I’d share it with the rest of you for those curious as well.

In Area 52, inside the hut where the arena gear vendor used to be, there is a group of goblins that sell ‘replicas’ of the old school PvP gear.

Level 60 PvP Gear Vendors
The Hut with the Classic PvP Gear Vendors in Area 52

You can purchase the level 60 PvP armor and weapons for a small amount of gold, as well you can purchase the armor and weapons from arena seasons 1-3. In order to purchase the level 60 PvP gear, you must have attained at least a rank of Knight Captain (Rank eight) in the old system. If you did earn at least Knight Captain, then all of the gear is unlocked – meaning you can even transmogrify the Field Marshal armor and Grand Marshal weapons.

I was planning on going with my legitimate armor, but I dunno… the Field Marshal set looks really sexy, and our guild tabard really sets it off more so than the Rank 10 set.

What do you think..? *steps out of dressing room*

Field Marshal's Pursuit - Level 60 Hunter PvP Gear
Field Marshal's Pursuit

Given the choice, I think I may have to go for this set instead.

Here’s the set I actually earned back in vanilla…

Lieutenant Commander's Pursuit - Level 60 Hunter PvP Gear
Lieutenant Commander's Pursuit

Whaddya think… the gold, silver and bronze one looks much better, am I right?

I’ll probably get ’em both. 😉

The arena gear requires no specific achievements, which means they are accessible to everyone. This is great news, because it means that Ezra’s crossbow is now available to anyone who wishes to Transmogrify it.

Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix
Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix

The arena gear requires honor for purchase. The cost is pretty low, with armor pieces ranging from 750-1K honor each. The S1-S3 Gladiator weapons are pretty cheap too — most of them can be had for 750 honor, with the 2H carrying the highest price tag at 1.5K honor.

So…if you’re an old school PvP’er who’s been wondering how to get that classic look on your gear, then get yer butt over to Netherstorm and see the goblins in Area 52 about some Transmog replicas.

28 thoughts on “PvP Gear Transmogrification”

  1. Really? Quit the whine.

    Hows about PVPin’ your arse off whilst gold farmers boost people 24/7 in PVP to get High Warlord, try sitting in a PVP Preset 7 days a week, and still only getting Lt General (Commander).

    Hows about having 3 weeks holiday towards the end of vanilla in an attempt to hit High Warlord before its unavailable, and then see the honor requirement going 3-4 times more than what it was a few months prior.

    Then imagine the utter disgust and total annoyance of seeing some moron with greens get Rank 14 shoulders a day after the patch they bought for half a days honor.

    DO NOT, be confused. Old school PVP Players have been shafted at every single point. If Blizzard were to make these sets available to everyone they would have an uproar.

    If you don’t like it? Tough luck, for the people who worked hard it’s the only thing we have to hold on it…. They’ve even started giving the Titles away again… so really? GTFO The whiners above.

    We can’t even keep our sacred vanilla titles and now you want our transmog… Jog on kitty.

    • The amount of Nerd Rage you have going on, Ionstorm, is too damn high! You need to make sure you clean the sand out of your vagina after every beach visit, more thoroughly, so you can avoid becoming a nerd-raging little bitch. That is all.

      • I agree with lonstorm! It was hard work getting that gear during vanilla. I was our realms first High Warlord Shaman, and it took a few months plus full a few weeks of 24/7 PvP premades… The system was so delicate that if you didn’t reach in the top 1-3 honor (for the entire server) you would bet set back an entire weeks worth of PvP… And the honor was only calculated at night so you had no clue where your current standing was during the day :/

        I still miss the days of WoW before PvP gear was introduced… end game raiders facerolled all the bg’s! Nothing quite as funny as seeing a little gnome with thunderfury and full BWL gear rip through AV/WSG.

  2. I did some PVP during classic.
    My oldest character is Knight-Lieutenant, one grade below Knight-Captain.

    The annoying thing is that I can’t even use the Knight-Lieutenant items.
    I somehow think the system would be slightly more fair if everyone could get the items for their grades instead of Knight-Captain and all items.

    Like Knight-Captain’s could get items up to Knight-Captain, right?

  3. i am an old player and i pvped, only got to master sergeant, now i pvp all the time, and i’m a bit upset about not being able to use it 🙁

  4. No… People are waaaay to whiny.. I’m not able to wear this set either, but i think there should be some unique for “old” players to enjoy.. Like mounts (Zulian tiger etc.) and also armor sets.. we’re talking about 2 sets, goosh…

    • I’m not an older player, so I can’t take advantage of these but I agree, older players should have sets others can’t.

  5. i got to one rank below knight captain, knight lietennant fucking sux
    Ive been raging at blizzard for days because I want to wear the mage blue set which was super sexy

  6. quick question about the transmog stuff. I was in a BG last night (im lvl 54 btw) and saw a lvl 51 warrior who had all his BoA’s transmogged to look like lvl 80 purple raid dropped gear. I was under the impression you had to be able to equip the item to use it for transmog and that also if you mailed the boa’s they would lose the transmog appearance. Anyone know how this was done?

  7. I think Gar looks fine. Of the two sets, you look better in the field marshal set. But I think there are sets that make you look much better, dont remember the names but I saw you appear with that gear on screenshots you posted in the past.

  8. Blizzard did a terrible job on this whole xmog thing with 60 PVP sets. I am a rank 10 Champion, so I qualify for the items, but not sure if I should go with Champion armor or go HWL stuff. I will absolutely use the weapons though.

  9. Thank you! i couldn’t find this information anywhere on their forums or in results until i stumbled on this site. I was so ticked when I couldn’t use my lamellar armor set. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  10. Brother I say this out of love… You look ugly as sin.

    You look like a paladin. However, going over the hunter tiers throughout WoW, we’ve never really had the best looking gear anyway have we?


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