The Cat Whisperer


Level 64 and I didn’t even have a cat… can you believe that?! I’ve started doing some random dungeons again to speed up my leveling process, so I figured I should look at getting a cat so that I have some buff variety.

I used to have Humar, but I set him loose at some point way back before we received our massive stable expansion. I thought about grabbing him again, but nah… too easy, plus I’ve tamed him several times over the years, anyway. It was time for something new. Humar has a great look for a cat, but he’s so popular that you tend to see him around quite a bit. I wanted something a bit more unusual.

I ventured into elf country to see if I could nab me the re-skinned Duskstalker. Duskstalker used to share the same dark-spotted model of the other Nightsabers in the area, but he got a makeover in The Shattering patch. Duskstalker is now a bright white cat with dark spots – similar to the Snow Leopards of Dun Morogh, but with the large-fanged and fearsome sabretooth model. He also happens to be a rare unique cat, i.e., my favorite kind. πŸ˜‰ Duskstalker is the only cat in the game with this particular look.

Getting to him wasn’t much of a problem with a flying mount. You can reach Teldrassil before the fatigue debuff will kill you, then it’s just a matter of flying up and up, until you can fly over the outer edge of the tree trunk. I imagine this could be quite the adventure for a lowbie Horde hunter without a flying mount, but at 64 it’s no problem at all.

Duskstalker hangs out in the southern part of Teldrassil, just east of Gnarlpine Hold and south of Lake Al’Ameth. He’s not stealthed and is quite easy to spot. He’s bright white and quite large.


I happened upon him at 58, 67, at 12:30am server time. Not sure of his spawn cycle, but those clues should help a little.

You can somewhat tell from the screenshot, but let me tell you… this cat is bright. I mean, practically too bright… for my taste, anyway.

This cat would actually suit my main quite well, but not my badass scary Orc. For this guy, I decided I wanted something a bit darker.

I elected to head back to Darkshore to see if maybe Shadowclaw was out. Shadowclaw is another unique rare cat, who also received a new ramped up look just before Cataclsym. Shadowclaw used to have the run-of-the-mill dark striped model like the rest of the cats in the NE starting areas, but not anymore… he’s a big burly sabre cat now.

Shadowclaw hangs out right here, just north of the Ruins of Auberdine.Β Shadowclaw does path about while in stealth, so you may want to use a target macro if you go hunting for him.

/tar Shadowclaw

I didn’t bother trying to target him since I know exactly where he hangs out, but I couldn’t detect him until I was practically right on top of him.

Shadowclaw Prowling

I mention this because it’s possible you could accidentally aggro him while looking, which could cause problems if you have an existing pet out that’s not in a passive stance. I was level 64, so I was able to get right next to him without him going nutso on me, ‘course my pet got a little close once which resulted in the screenshot at the start of this post. πŸ˜‰

Because my Call Pet stable was full, and since Duskstalker was just a little tooΒ Ka-Chow! for my tastes (yes, I watched Cars 2 last night), I set him free and replaced him with Shadowclaw.

Shadowclaw and Duststalker

This cat is more befitting an Orc…




Check out the giant pointed candy corns protruding from his upper jaw. This cat’s a beast

So there ya go… the latest update in my journal of zany Orcish taming adventures. I hope you enjoy them, because there will likely be many more… πŸ˜‰

Also… check back soon, because I have something fun planned for a follow-up to this post. πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “The Cat Whisperer”

  1. I just found this site today looking for a picture of Banthalos to show the people I work with. I hope to improve my hunter with the information I find. Thanks for having a site like this.

  2. You mean Duskstalker, not Duststalker, right? πŸ˜‰ She was my first tame when I became a level 10 hunter back in Burning Crusade because (I believe) it was/is the lowest level rare an Alliance hunter could easily tame. I was a bit conflicted with the skin change after Cataclysm at first but have since grown attached to it. She used to be a bit more difficult to find as the original skin matched the cats around her.

  3. Coincidentally, I have both Shadowclaw and Duststalker, along with Skarr and Sambas. I try to have one of them for each dungeon I do, and switch to another while I’m waiting in queue.

  4. Great stuff as always, Gar! I tamed Humar on my Orc (67) back @ lvl 20 and have kept him. Oz has so many cats I have stopped looking, lol. Have to see if he has these.

  5. Hmm, might try to fly to Teldrassil on my troll (if only for a different pet altogether–that white Core Hound in Azuremyst Isle). =D

    I’ve picked up Shadowclaw before on my Draenei, he’s a bit hard to spot since he’s in stealth most of the time, plus he’s usually surrounded by entire groups of (sleeping) nightsabers. IIRC only Alliance hunters will be able to stay safe from the other cats by doing the Darkshore quest “The Ritual Bond” and choosing to bond with the Nightsabers:

  6. Ooh! Thank you for the heads up on Shadowclaw! She’s pretty! I’d never seen it around on my server. I had no idea it was a rare. Yay, more to add to my zoo! πŸ™‚


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