Who Wants Kitteh?

Nightsaber Cub

I have a Nightsaber Cub loot code to give away to one lucky winner. Anyone interested..?

While working on the previous post about my recent kitty taming adventures, I thought it’d be nice to give away a baby Shadowclaw pet. I’ve been meaning to do more fun stuff like contests and giveaways, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. A lot of hunters are into companion pets, and I know many of you like to match them up with your hunter pets. The Nightsaber Cub is the perfect little tag-along to have out when you’re huntering it up with Shadowclaw by your side. And if you’re Alliance… you can saddle up on your Striped Nightsaber mount and have a purrfect trio of matched kitty companions.

For a chance to win, all you need to do is comment on this post. I’ll select a random winner this Friday, November 18th, at 10am PST. Be sure your comment has a valid email attached to it.

If you’re chosen as the big winnah, you’ll have 24 hours to respond to my email, otherwise I’ll dig in for a second-chance winner, so be sure to use an email you check often.

Good luck!

Nightsaber Cub Companion Pet

68 thoughts on “Who Wants Kitteh?”

  1. Gar, long time reader. First time commenting – couldn’t resist the opportunity to take you up on your offer for a chance to win the lil cutie. Thanks for all you do in support of the hunter community.

  2. Just got my own “Ringo” and bam! people started asking me where I got him. And I love him in Firelands…probably because I can see him with his Mardi Gras colors.

  3. NIce. Got to love the pets, especially with the new pet battle system. Got to get them all so I have enough choices.

  4. I would like to have one to match my hunter’s mount. Thank you for the great prize and congrats to whomever wins!

  5. Kitteh! He’s like the dark version of the winterspring cub.
    Wish the cat mount wasn’t nearly impossible for horde to get 🙁 Almost made an alli hunter -just- for the trio.

  6. Ha Ha its mini-Mayhem! (what I renamed Shadowclaw when I tamed him last year :D)

    If you guys don’t have Shadow look him up its one of my favorite cat skins, I actually use him more than Skarr

  7. Haha, if you ever wondered how many people read your site carefully versus those who comment…

    4 comments on your great article about taming kitties.
    40+ comments in one day when you offer up a free kitten.

  8. Wow, what an awesome pet. I just read your post on Shadowclaw and this pet would go so well w/ it. Yes, do want…

  9. The cute is almost too much! I love having matching companion pets and pets. My current kitty is a winterspring cub and matching pet. I like to imagine that my pet is showing her cub how to nom on bad guys.

  10. You must be talking about me, thats pretty much all I do now is collect mounts, pets and farm companions. Waiting for next year. Nice prize bu the way.

  11. Thanks for the great reads on pets you are taming! Keep up the good work! Kitty would be lovely to add to my collection.

  12. Aww, so cute… Same model as my first pet, Ratchet. 🙂 Ratchet is named after the PS2-games Ratchet and Clank, imagine my surprise when I found out there was a place actually called Ratchet in game. 🙂


  13. Hey there! I just recently started playing my hunter again, and your blog really helps me getting back in touch with her, so thank you!

    And yes, of course she would like a cute cuddly saber cub of her own. XD

  14. It might cause some PvP confusion if you had a nightsaber out with this little guy after he munched down a couple of the pet biscuits. Of coarse I’d need to win to give it a try 😉

    Love your pet taming adventures. Keep ’em coming.


  15. As a kitty lover and an avid pet collector, this nightsaber cub will be awesome to tag along my stable of saber cats =). And thanks for such a great site, Gar! I have become much better in pvp as a BM hunter thanks to your posts!

  16. Despite the fact that I am more of a dog person there’s something about the fat headed “big” cat pets models that make me go “awww” ^.^

  17. That Nightsaber trio would be fun. I wish there was a green shale spider mount to trio up with Jadefang and tiny shale spider. Thanks for doing these kinds of contests. I love this site!

  18. Rare pet taming is addicting… 2 level 85 hunters and a 3rd on its way. All of them have rare or unique pets of some fashion and being able to match them up with companions and mounts is just icing on the cake!

  19. Wow that kitten is so cute, it would be awesome to have 3 cats all out at once, mount, pet and companion! Also loved the stories about how you tame the rare pets.

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