BM Focus Fire & SV TNT Buffs on the PTR

Two slight hunter buffs made it into the Patch 4.3 PTR today. Both buffs are pretty minor, but each one provides a slight DPS bump for both BM and SV.

I’m excited over the fact that I’ll be having a lot more uptime on Focus Fire, as well Survival hunters should be stoked about the higher proc chance for Lock and Load.

Beast Mastery

  • Focus Fire now lasts 20 sec, up from 15 sec.


  • T.N.T. now has a 10/20% chance to proc, up from 6/12%.

1 thought on “BM Focus Fire & SV TNT Buffs on the PTR”

  1. I’m glad they’re finally addressing these things. Truth be told, GC really isn’t kidding when he says it’s hard to balance out a game, moreso a game with a massive scope such as an MMO, but it’s about time they did something good about BM and SV for this xpac.

    I might get back on MG and pick up Gryzor’s PvE SV again, heh. =))


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