Family Photo

Beast Master

I brought the whole family together for a quick snapshot now that everyone is level 80. Amazing how they’re all able to play so nice together. Now if only I could have them all out with me at once. That would be fun. Maybe that’ll be a new 61 point talent in the next expansion. 😀

My stable consists of 3 Exotic Pets: Nuramoc, King Krush and Loque’nahak; as well as Uhk’loc and the retired Grimtotem Spirit Guide.

With the exception of the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, each pet is rare with its own unique skin. The Ghost Wolf is rarer than rare. 😉

2 thoughts on “Family Photo”

  1. I do like how you brought the family of exotics together. It’s funny when i read about in wowhead all the steps others tell you on how to tame King Krush. King Krush falls under the same way you would tame the Un’Goro Crater Devilsaurs….1)let it fear you and when you come back freeze it with your ice trap. 2)tame it!!!

    I have Nuramoc and Loque’nahak. I am looking forward to having either Gondria or Skoll to add my collection. Unfortunately I dont have room for anything else after this. I have to have at least one unexotic for my survival spec.

    Finassa(80) Hunter- BM/Surv. Eldre’Thalas


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