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02/17 – Blue post from Ghostcrawler concerning 3.1, Hunters and PvP:

We’re working to get 3.1 up soon. It won’t have all of the class changes in it initially though.

Aside from the random stun of TNT and a couple of the bugs mentioned, we don’t think hunters are grossly imbalanced in PvP at the moment. Explosive Shot might be a bit too high, but we aren’t nerfing it for the moment. We’ll see how things feel once some of the changes to other classes are in place.

Survival's not imbalancedUmmm… there are two other Hunter specs besides Survival…


Good grief this game is broken right now.

Shame. I really used to enjoy PvP.

Oh well… I’d probably hop the bandwagon myself if it weren’t for all of my exotic beasties. I suppose salvation lies within dual speccing..?

Shame on me for embracing Beast Mastery. 🙁

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