Last night I portaled over to Deepholm to finish up a couple quests while I waited for BG queues. No sooner do I step outside the temple, then guess who whooshes on by..?


Number one, I really was not aware of this creature. Seemed like I’d heard mention of it at some point, but needless to say… it never once occurred to me that there was a rare elite dragon who spawns in Deepholm every so often. I’ve been totally preoccupied the past few months, which has caused me to miss a lot of the non-hunter-related patch notes.

So anyway… I’m standing there outside the temple, just about to cauterize the stone dwarf’s wounds, fumbling through my pack looking for the quest item… then NPCScan goes off.

Those of you with the addon know how exciting it is when it sounds the alarm. 😀

At that point I’m thinking… “Oh..! A rare! How cool..! Where is it?!”

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