Last night I portaled over to Deepholm to finish up a couple quests while I waited for BG queues. No sooner do I step outside the temple, then guess who whooshes on by..?


Number one, I really was not aware of this creature. Seemed like I’d heard mention of it at some point, but needless to say… it never once occurred to me that there was a rare elite dragon who spawns in Deepholm every so often. I’ve been totally preoccupied the past few months, which has caused me to miss a lot of the non-hunter-related patch notes.

So anyway… I’m standing there outside the temple, just about to cauterize the stone dwarf’s wounds, fumbling through my pack looking for the quest item… then NPCScan goes off.

Those of you with the addon know how exciting it is when it sounds the alarm. 😀

At that point I’m thinking… “Oh..! A rare! How cool..! Where is it?!”

I’m tapping the Aeonaxx NPCScan target frame on my screen, but I’m unable to pick him up. A split-second later I realize, “OH S**T, it’s a dragon..!” At that instant I realized that this could very well be the rare I remember being mentioned as the new TLPD. Meaning, this is the new rare dragon in Cataclysm who drops an epic flying dragon mount.

Just as I realize this, Aeonaxx comes swooping by me like a jet fighter buzzing the tower. He is huge… and green… and super bitchin looking… and very fast. He does not seem to cruise, so you need to be in high pursuit of this bandit or you will surely lose him.

As he’s flying by, I’m tapping the target icon and spamming my Explosive Shot. He was just out of range… 🙁

Right as I’m about to mount up and get after him, one of those f’ing flayers starts attacking and puts me in combat. >_< Ugh…

A few seconds later I drop the flayer and start spamming my mount macro. I flew around for about 2-3 minutes, but no sign of him.

At this point I figured I was probably S.O.L., but… I thought instead of flying around willy-nilly, I could at least find out this guy’s patrol area. The area didn’t seem too crowded and I was hopeful that maybe the toons that were there would be too low level to take him down.

Unfortunately, as soon as I windowed out of WoW to WoWHead this guy, my mac started choking. I was quickly reminded why it’s a good idea to close any open programs before logging in. I had a bunch of graphics files open, plus dozens of browser windows and a few other programs open as well.

Needless to say, my computer was practically at a standstill – so much so, that I couldn’t even close WoW. I ended up spouting out several cuss words then performing a hard reboot.

As soon as I was back up and running, I loaded the Aeonaxx page, found out his spawn areas, then logged back in.

I got back on just in time to see a guy post in chat how it was cool to get the drop, but too bad he was on his hunter alt at the time. *sigh*

I guess the moral of the story is… make sure you have your wits about you when out questing in Deepholm. 😉 You never know when Aeonaxx may decide to fly by and blow your hat off.

Apparently, the sighting I had last night was pretty lucky, as it seems this dragon is scarcely seen. Comments on WoWHead and Thottbot indicate that one can spend weeks and weeks camping this guy with not even a glimpse of him.

I won’t be camping him, but you can definitely bet I’ll be on the lookout from now on anytime I’m in Deepholm. 😉

Here’s a map showing his locations.

Aeonaxx Patrol Locations in Deepholm

Aeonaxx Patrol Map - Reins of the Phosphorescent Drake

And just in case you’re wondering why I’ve dedicated a whole post to Aeonaxx… this is why…

Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Reins of the Phosphorescent Drake

Images courtesy of the fine folks at WoWHead.

Good luck people, and happy hunting! Hope you have better luck than I did. 😉

26 thoughts on “Aeonaxx..?!”

  1. he spawns 14 hours after reset day. he could spawn on any day. camp from 8pm to 8am relm time Thursday to Saturday it will save u hours of camping, someone told me this info and i researched it and it is the truth. i love to Help iam on EU server and will help anyone out!

  2. <– just had gotten the mount with no problems as a lvl 82 paladin. It was pretty an exciting moment with the adorable Aeonaxx lulz.

  3. I just got him last night around 1:45 am
    I knew exactly what he is but don’t have time to camp him so I just check while I’m there and sure enough there he was and I about shit myself needless to say he was added to my mounts

  4. I’m an 82 druid and tonight I was on my way up to the entrance of Stonecore when I saw this random dragon flying. Always one for a challange, I flew up to it and mounted. Spent the next 10 minutes switching between cat & bear form with some heals inbetween. Fairly easy tbh. Didn’t even notice the adds. And a free epic mount to boot. BOO YA!!!!!

  5. I have been camping this guy for three days, switching on and off with the TLPD, too. No luck from both of them so far. Hope he shows himself before friday!

    • I know its a delayed reply, but youll be camping for much much longer than that. It took me 2 months to get TLPD, and about 3 months for aeonaxx to spawn for me, which was just today. unfortunately for some reason he just pretty much dissapeared, i cant find him.. so bummed:(

  6. If you guys want a ton of information / facts without all the white noise of inaccuracies and probably trollingly wrong statements on wowhead and thottbot, exists 🙂

    happy hunting all <3

  7. Was actually really lucky with this mount. IN ALL, took me about 25 minutes to find him. I killed him right near the enrtrance tot eh crumbling depths, and found him west of there. Altitude was a little lower than stonecore entrance

  8. I got Aeonaxx a couple week back with my then 83 Druid. As the story above says, I came out of the central spire and there it was flying by. I moused over it and saw the curved ‘mount’ arrow. I flew quickly up and hopped on.
    The fight is long, but you can heal yourself between attacks from the smaller dragons that sloop in on you. It took about ten minutes I think. Aeonaxx doesn’t really do damage to you. It is the other dragons that come by that do. They come right in front of you so you don’t need to move.
    After that fight finishes, you parashoot down and get the reigns.
    Very cool Dragon. I have not seen anyone else with one yet. I assume it is very rare indeed.

  9. So after reading this post, I decided to go on the hunt for Aeronaxx. You see, I am absolutely obsessed with rares. I am a proud owner of all the sprit beasts and most rares with an exception to Terrorpene (that darn turtle!). About 15 minutes of just circling around doing a whole lot of nothing npscan goes off! Needless to say it scared me half to death and all I saw was a very large dragon swoop by. However, it wasnt Aeronaxx. I was the dragon who seems to share his path, Xariona. This is a dragon to behold indeed! She is massive! One of my friends just so happened to be on so I invited him to join me in downing her and her 30 million+ HP. It didnt happen. We finally downed her with a 5 man group on top of one of the pillars. I’m still on the hunt for Aeronaxx but keep an eye out for Xariona too! Just so happens she drops a BOE blue taliored to hunters! Better luck next time Gar!
    –Cheydrew (Gul’dan)

  10. Both lucky and unlucky. With his insane spawn timer, its unlikely you’ll get to see him again. I’ve been camping his known spawn points for just over 2 weeks now, 18hours+ per day. He has yet to spawn at all or be sighted.

    Best of luck to those who are determined to find and kill him, you will need incredible patience and stamina (not to mention a huge caffeine budget).

  11. As Quill said, get NPCScan Overlay. It shows the patrol routes of rare spawns like Aeonaxx. Very useful for checking for rare pets and such, too!

  12. you were extremely lucky to see him cause aeonaxx can spawn into different phases so lower level people have a chance at him npc scan may go off and you will not be able to see him cause its in a different phase of the zone then the one your in cause you completed a different number of quest all this in addition to the extremely long spawn timer like the time lost drake good luck camping this one.

  13. Ah rotten luck Gar, i camped like 6 weeks for TLPD from xmas eve onwards so when I heard about this one decided to leave it for a while. But i will be camping him out at some point 😀

  14. Great story, and thanks for the info on location! That stings man, I’ve had that happen with TLPD before, get way amped to have NPCScan go off, and then not be able to get to him in time ;(! Oh well, better luck next time!

  15. Wow Gar, seems like Murphy’s law was knocking on your door. :S

    But reading the other comments, it’s just another example of Blizzard not realizing they have made a class with a minimum range!!! Is it so hard to make the head the target (or second target) 5 yards away from where we “mount”, so we can shoot the bejesus out of it?

  16. I’ve found him too, even tried to knock off the skies, but You REALLY need a good tanking pet, if You want him to go down before he takes You down, as he did with me.. :S

  17. Gar, you need to download the NPC Scan Overlay; it shows the paths of the rares on your minimap in a non-annoying way. It’s super helpful!

  18. missed this guy twice >.< camped for like 2 days and it really is a matter of 2 – 3 secs before another guy gets him as he spawns.

  19. Oh man! I thought you had him Gar!

    AFAIK, the way to do this is to mount Aeonaxx, mouselook and target the tail, then melee spam away. You also need to be aware of the the other drakes that spawn.

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the new drakes. My default mount, and favorite, is the TLPD. I figured too, that it took me a lot of time to get the TLPD… stabling him over these new ones would be a waste of previous effort (and insulting to the TLPD too. lol ).

  20. You can’t target and attack him. You need to mount him and then attack. But it’s bugged so you can only melee attack and even that is messed up ATM. His HP is around 770,000 read more on wowhead. Plan on spamming counterattack and scatter shot.


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