Taming a Direhorn

As I await the coming expansion, I’ve been having fun checking a few things off of my MoP to-do list. Most recently I went out and tamed one of those fancy dinosaur pets that the kids love. I had been under the impression that taming a Direhorn required some sort of insane¬†reputation grind, but that’s not the case at all. …

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Happy Launch Week!

Well, what do you think of Mists of Pandaria so far..? What have you been busy doing since Tuesday morning at 12am..? Leveling? Dungeoning? Pet Battling? Are you leveling your hunter first, as you should be, or are you leveling a Monk? Are you leveling a Panda? Normally I don’t jump right in to the new content when an expansion …

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Ready or Not, Change is Coming

In less than a week, the hunter class (along with every other class) will see the most radical overhaul to date.

I’m neither worried nor excited, but I am a slight bit bummed about a few things…

First off, I may be the only hunter in the game that is going to miss my melee weapon(s) and abilities, but I’m a little sad over this. Ever since I installed the game and decided upon hunter as my chosen class, I’ve always enjoyed being able to equip and utilize melee weapons.

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Updated List of Hunter Class Changes in the MoP Beta

MMO-Champion recently posted a compiled list of all the class changes that are in the MoP beta. I’m not sure how new all of these hunter updates are, but regardless…I’m just now seeing them for the first time. I’ve been out of the WoW loop for quite a few weeks now, but I hope to return to re-enter the loop very soon. Recent developments in the RL have rendered me loopless – as far as WoW and MoP news is concerned.

Some of the damage modifier updates are interesting, but I’m mostly curious about the new skills – and updated skill mechanics. A lot of this damage stuff will change as they continue to tune things, so I’m not going to worry about that stuff too much until the expansion is ready to launch.

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