Taming a Direhorn

As I await the coming expansion, I’ve been having fun checking a few things off of my MoP to-do list. Most recently I went out and tamed one of those fancy dinosaur pets that the kids love.

I had been under the impression that taming a Direhorn required some sort of insane¬†reputation grind, but that’s not the case at all. Many of you probably knew this already, but it’s actually quite easy. If you’ve been eyeballing the Direhorns and wondering how to go about getting one, I’ve put together a concise how-to for noobs like me.

1. Fly to northern Kun-Lai Summit

2. Hop on your flying mount and head due north.

3. Swim to the island. Horde flight point is on the right, Alliance on the left.

4. Look for Dinomancers and grind them until you get Ancient Tome of Dinomancy.

5. Read the book and learn the spell.

6. Tame your Direhorn of choice.

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