Happy Launch Week!

WoW Mists of Pandaria Leveling

Well, what do you think of Mists of Pandaria so far..?

What have you been busy doing since Tuesday morning at 12am..?

Leveling? Dungeoning? Pet Battling?

Are you leveling your hunter first, as you should be, or are you leveling a Monk? Are you leveling a Panda?

Normally I don’t jump right in to the new content when an expansion is released. I usually go the opposite way and either take a break from the game or play an alt.

When the Burning Crusade launched I spent the first few months playing my 19 hunter twink. My guild was pushing through Karazhan before I even hit level 70.

When Wrath came out I did venture to Northrend early on, but I took my time getting to 80. I’ve never been on a leveling rush in this game.

When Cataclysm hit I was taking a break from WoW, then when I did come back, I played a Rogue…WTF..?!

As you see…I usually try to wait awhile and avoid the crowds, which was my plan with this expansion as well, but… I was a bit curious. I ended up venturing into Pandaria yesterday.

And I even dinged level 86. 😀

WoW Mists of Pandaria Level 86

I know that hitting level 86 on launch day is really not a huge deal, but it is for me. It means I am really enjoying this new content. 😀 Usually I’d just poke my head around and then just say, meh…I’ll hit a few BGs and log off, then get back to this in a week or two. But not this time. Right from the very first couple of gunship quests I was hooked.

This expansion feels refreshing and the vibe seems very positive, to me anyway. I’ve enjoyed all of the quests so far and even went through two dungeons, which were both really fun!

What do you guys think of Mists..? Tell me in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Happy Launch Week!”

  1. I actually like it. i have got my hunter up to 89 now should be 90 by the weekend i hope the only thing i don’t like it seems sooooo long to get to each level. i have 8 toons at 85 and 1 at 82 dam i will spend the next two months leveling. not cool lol. leather has been plentiful been storing it for my leaather working after i hit 90. then start leveling the other toons.

  2. Honestly I think MoP so far is terrible. The starting area quests are mindless in the extreme, more suited to a complete beginner.

    It’s worse than Cataclysm was in this respect and that turned out, by a country mile, to be the worst expansion yet.

  3. Well I started on my hunter which is also my main caracter and dinged 87.I just love the whole concept of MoP and sites and places are beautifll!Just hope to reach lvl 90 soon so i can start doing some Arena and PvP becouse i just looove that feeling when me and my little shale spider trample everybody and everything in the line of the sight,haha!!

  4. Me? I’m done with leveling and finished maxing Mining and engineering (I want a kamikaze bunny in the game). Now I’m just farming materials for the new toys while waiting for the PvP season to start.

  5. Lets see.. I went and bee lined for Glimmer, got LUCKY and then went to hit up for Savage. Love the new tigers so much… so pretty! I am rather happy though, so many pretty normal pets to tame that aren’t rare. It’s a nice change to absolutely fall for an npc and not have to camp. And yes, I know the respawn timer is only 1.5 to 2 hrs but still, it is nice. 🙂

    Then I went and leveled my druid.

    Oh! And glad you are enjoying MoP. This is the first xpac I didn’t zerg to max level and rather just taking my time and enjoying it~

  6. I’ve been leveling on my Hunter. (I have a Rogue and Paladin as well.) First thing I did was run out and tame a porcupine, which by the way shrinks down to a normal porcupine size, so its funny seeing him in action. I’ve been concentrating mostly on getting my professions maxed out. I got Mining maxed and five points from getting Engineering maxed, then it’s on to Archeology, Cooking and Fishing. I have managed to ding 86 and 3/4 of the way to 87.

  7. Well I only got to play for a couple of hours before my internet went out (CURSE YOU COMCAST!!!!!!!!) but in that time I did the following:
    1. Logged all my toons on so that they would start building rested xp.
    2. Created my Gnome monk (why Blizz continues to allow Gnomes to be the only race that CAN’T be hunters still baffles me!).
    3. Leveled about 1/3 of the way to 86 questing.

    I love the new zones. I love EXPLORING the new area! (I found a shrine behind some temple where you grind orc and undead mobs for a quest and the shrine had a clickable pile of gold on it. I clicked on the gold thinking I had found a lucky shrine or something like that only to get a hourlong debuff shaming me for taking someone’s offering. WHAT?!?! I would NEVER have taken the gold if I had known it was someone’s offering. I think Blizz should have given you a pop up box with a choice to take the offering for yourself or leave it in honor of the person who left it there. Then I could have not felt like a tool for an hour.)

    My plan is to ding 90 on my main (selling all the stuff I mine, skin, herb and DE along the way), then work on a PvP set and then mix BGs with leveling my alts and my new monk. I am REEEEEEEEEEEALY looking forward to getting involved in the Wrathion questline. My rogue was able to get first stage daggers from him (I don’t raid outside of RF so I couldn’t progress…no biggie) and I can’t wait for my hunter to get to go to work for Wrathion.

    In short, I am LOVING Mists so far!

    Now where are all those sweet new rares to tame………

    • Btw, I see that the way I typed my first reply implies that I have one toon that can mine, skin, herb and DE. Obviously that’s not the case. What I meant to imply was that as I level each of my toons, I sell off what they gather (and I do mail all my greens to either my bank alt for sale on the AH or to my chanter to DE for mats depending on what sells for more). I make metric craptons of gold while people are paying through the nose for mats at the start of an expansion and then I level my professions later.

      Soooo…… sorry about any confusion there.

    • I’am liking Mists pretty good so far. I got my first sweet tame from following bloody tracks. Got Savage the white tiger in the game, pretty nice took a lot of tracking but worth it has to have the best skin of all my pets.

  8. I played my Rogue first too! It’s my herbalist and I’m heavy in that market, so it made sense. I gotta get Scrolls of Wisdom on cooldown.

    I started dungeon diving on my Hunter tonight, first one I ran replaced my PvP gun with Yan-Zhu’s Pressure Valve. I can’t say I’m mad at that.


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