BM Battle Beastie: The Razza

The Razza

All of this talk about BM PvP pet builds and such has caused me to realize that there are other choices out there besides Spirit Beasts. 😉

During the first few months of Cataclysm, I tried out a few different pets for PvP, but ended up settling with Ghostcrawler as my go-to PvP companion. The DPS, the Spirit Mend, the stealth ability… there’s just too much awesome there for me to not want to use him. Spirit Beasts are without a doubt, one of – if not the all-around best, BM PvP pets in the game right now, but I think another reason I’m so attached to using them is because we were deprived of their usefulness for so long. Apart from the thrill of acquiring one, Spirit Beasts served no real purpose for me back in WotLK. I never raided with one… I very, very seldom would PvP with one, and I hardly ever used one when out farming or questing.

I would have liked to, but there were always better pet option for just about any aspect of play. That all changed when Spirit Strike got replaced with Spirit Mend and SB’s received Roar of Courage. All of a sudden, Spirit Beasts were the ‘it’ thing. So, after having been deprived of using one for so long, I’ve been getting my fill. 🙂

However… this past week I decided it was time that GC and I discuss the possibility of me PvP’ing with other pets now and again. I’ll still be bringing him out of the stable, but I felt it was time I started mixing things up a bit.

First on the list… a Chimaera

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