Fun with Disengage

Last week, Frost put together a really great video tutorial demonstrating the jump-Disengage technique. If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly recommend spending a few minutes to view it. Being able to master this technique is a huge advantage for a hunter, both in PvE and PvP.

There’s also another little nifty use for Disengage that you may not be aware of. As long as you’re in combat when you do it, you can jump from ridiculous heights and land unscathed by way of Disengage.

Here… I’ll show you how.

Garwulf Cheats Death: Using Disengage to Avoid Fall Damage

If you can master this technique it will not only help you survive in a lot of situations, but it will no doubt get under your enemies’ skin, especially if they try to follow you down. 😈 Imagine the look on the person’s face as they stare at the corpse release button, while you’re busy mourning their death, teabagging their corpse, planting your flag in them, or w/e your thing is…

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