Fun with Disengage

Last week, Frost put together a really great video tutorial demonstrating the jump-Disengage technique. If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly recommend spending a few minutes to view it. Being able to master this technique is a huge advantage for a hunter, both in PvE and PvP.

There’s also another little nifty use for Disengage that you may not be aware of. As long as you’re in combat when you do it, you can jump from ridiculous heights and land unscathed by way of Disengage.

Here… I’ll show you how.

Garwulf Cheats Death: Using Disengage to Avoid Fall Damage

If you can master this technique it will not only help you survive in a lot of situations, but it will no doubt get under your enemies’ skin, especially if they try to follow you down. 😈 Imagine the look on the person’s face as they stare at the corpse release button, while you’re busy mourning their death, teabagging their corpse, planting your flag in them, or w/e your thing is…

This trick is kinda gimmicky and not as practical as what frost discussed in his video, but here it is nonetheless. However, as far as a few recommended offensive uses for Disengage:

Raids and Dungeons

  • Use to leap into/out of a pack of trash when you drop an Explosive Trap for ET+Volley AoE awesomeness.
  • Use it to travel quickly when placing Frost Traps or repositioning during Saurfang.
  • Use it to get to the spore during Festergut.
  • use it to get to the disco balls during Blood Princes.
  • In fact, just try to use it anytime you need to be on the move quickly. 😉


  • Blast past the enemy flag carrier in WSG to drop a Frost Trap.
  • Use it to catch the enemy FC in WSG so that you can throw down a clutch Wing Clip.
  • Use it to quickly LoS (line of sight) someone.
  • Use it to quickly get into someone else’s LoS.
  • Use it to quickly get in range for a Scatter Shot/Freezing Trap.

There are umpteen situations that don’t involve escaping and survivability, where Disengage can be useful. Just imagine it as your own personal short-range jet pack. Disengage is one of the greatest class abilities that hunters have. Learning how and when to use it will increase your huntering prowess ten-fold.

Happy Disengaging! Have fun out there people!

I slapped that video together today kinda spur-of-the-moment while I was out looking for the TLPD. I really enjoy when others create instructional videos, so it prompts me to wanna contribute some of my own. I just need to become a little more pro at it. But… the only way to get better is by doing, right? Well, that’s my thinking anyway. Hopefully my vids will eventually become less and less fail as I start to get the hang of things. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Fun with Disengage”

  1. Disengage is a life saver on Lich King as well, if you run into the frost orbs that send you flying… turn around and disengage back on!

  2. Nice trick, I love using Disengage like this! 😀 It’s fun to use it while flying in Wintergrasp to blast a flying enemy idling and using disengage to escape the falling death.

    In reply to Smeagle, I’m not certain but I think Blink *does* let you do this as well, if you time the Blink right before you hit the ground.

  3. Should be reported to Blizzard, as it looks like the meridian bug (that one you can get from daily fishing quest, now nerfed). It clearly should not work that way and -to be honest- does not make any sense that still works in 3.3.3 (unless they allow other similar spells to do the same thing, like Blink for example).

    • Sssshhhh… don’t you dare. We have to keep this on the down-low. 😉

      I honestly thought twice about posting this, but Blizz knows about it by now. It’s not that guarded really.

      If they do fix it, at least more will get a chance to use it in the meantime, instead of just the cool kids.

  4. That’s a cool trick, Gar. Your voice trips me out, not because the voice itself is weird, just it’s weird to hear the voice of someone I only read the words of for the first time. Thanks for this post, I never really thought about it that way.

    • HaHa, my voice kinda trips me out too. It’s weird listening to myself talk about WoW. Not to mention, I have to really not take myself seriously, as it’s hard to not sound like a dork-ass when making a video game tutorial.

      They’re fun to do though, and I think I’m getting a bit better at it. What I really need now is a mic. The on-board one works alright, but it kind of loses me here and there if I don’t maintain the same volume throughout.


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