A Casual Raiding Guild

That’s how we refer to ourselves, anyway. At three years of age, our guild is officially one of, if not the oldest Alliance guilds on our server. Our premise has always been quality over quantity, which has perhaps stifled our progression a bit, yet on the other hand has strengthened our identity and increased our longevity. Although we’re a “casual raiding …

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We Want You

Yes folks, this would be my shameless guild promotion and recruitment post. Clan Destined of Kul Tiras is currently actively recruiting all classes. We are looking to form a second 10 man raiding group, and hope to start fielding a 25 man group within the next month or two. At present, our raiding schedule is fairly casual. We have 3-4 …

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MaexxnaMy first venture into 10 man Naxx was a success. During our 2 1/2 hours in there we cleared the Arachnid Quarter and Plague Quarter. Heigan the Unclean gave me his Tunic of the Lost Pack and our tank got his T7 shoulders. T’was a good night.

Most of the fights went well, despite our tank disconnecting a few times. We one-shotted Grand Widow Faerling and Noth the Plaguebringer, but the highlight of the evening was the 19+ minute fight vs. Heigan the Unclean.

We were hoping for The Safety Dance achievement, but that didn’t happen. Not even close. He was at about 60% with only 6 of us still standing. Our Holy Paladin died with him at about 30%, leaving our Tank, Shadow Priest, Demo Lock, and two resto Druids. One of the Druids died with him at 231K , but the remaining four pulled off the win. 🙂

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