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Clan Destined of Kul Tiras

Yes folks, this would be my shameless guild promotion and recruitment post.

Clan Destined of Kul Tiras is currently actively recruiting all classes. We are looking to form a second 10 man raiding group, and hope to start fielding a 25 man group within the next month or two.

At present, our raiding schedule is fairly casual. We have 3-4 scheduled 10 man runs per week, along with the occasional PvP event. Our goal is to start gearing out a 2nd 10 man group, eventually pressing on to 25 man content, and then in to Ulduar.

The guild’s comprised of a fantastic core group of folks who have been with us for quite some time. Our officers consist of men and women, teenagers and parents. Members’ ages vary considerably, but with the average probably being in the 25-35 range. We welcome people of all ages, but our Vent channel does have a tendency to go R rated at times (just a head’s up). 😉 It’s all in good fun though.

This post mainly pertains to people on the Kul Tiras-US server, but if you’re thinking of transferring to where the cool kids hang out, give us a look. Submit an application via our website.

Hunters need not apply though. The less competition for loot, the better. I kid, I kid… Hunters can apply as long as they bring over their healer and tank alts as well. 😉

If you’re on KT and interested in joining Clan Destined, give me a shout in-game. I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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