The Hot Ticket

Two years ago, hunters were frothing at the mouth – wanting to get their very own Spirit Beast. Loque’nahak was the piΓ©ce de rΓ©sistance in those days.

Next was the raspberry-lattΓ©-hitting-the-screen days of Gondria. *salutes BRK*

After that, Blizzard gave us a new Heavy Metal wolf.

Nearly one year ago today, Blizz tempted us with a spectral bear Spirit Beast – AKA awesome-incarnate.

Now, on the verge of Catcalysm… in the post Deathwing has just s**t upon your chest era of Azeroth…

Blizzard has introduced yet another trophy into the wild.

No… it’s not another Spirit Beast.

But… we must have it.

For it is a new beast.

With a new pet ability.

And it is a one-of-a-kind.

It is gray…

…and it dances.

What we are seeking is…


Ashtail Spawn Location

25 thoughts on “The Hot Ticket”

  1. 2day I was at lvl 16 with my hunter, and didn’t even know about ashtail! I went AFK, and when I came back, ashtail was just sitting next to my red fox I just tamed. I abandoned him and tamed ashtail quickly…. Lucky, huh?

  2. Tamed gondria today at 12:10pm server time on Silvermoon. At coord 77,70 and spent a grand total of 7 hours camping that main spot. πŸ™‚

  3. Very easy! I just clicked on my link to Huntsmanslodge, saw a post for a new fox, got the name, got the info…. then logged onto wow, took flight path, and walked straight up to his spawn point and tamed! Ashtail did scare the crap outta me though as he uses his ability immediately, didn’t expect that.

  4. Very cool. I’m behind the 4.0.3a patch due to holiday travel and whatnot. Looks like I may need to invest in this little guy too. Thanks for the update πŸ˜€

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Gar!

  5. I happened to wander over to see if he was there and sure enough he was. I love the playful mode on him lol. I have been a taming madman since the patch. I got Chromaggus today, haven’t seen anyone else on the server with him yet and been getting a ton of whispers about him.

  6. the day of The Shattering i, late in the day went to go get some of the foxes, i got the Highland Fox, flew down and ran to Ashtails spawn to find that he was JUST tamed by a fellow horde so i grabbed a Forest Stalker to add to my collection and explored some more, ran back up and found 14 hunters circling the area + the elf who tamed ashtail (npcscan was useless because she wouldnt put her pet away) so i relied on my spam macro :S

    one by one the hunters left till it was down to 3 (not including me). He was tamed at 7:58pm (by the elf) and i macro’d n tamed the very instant he popped at 9:11pm

  7. Finally managed to get Arcturis – already spawned and waiting for me, guess everybody is off on a date with Deathwing. For bonus points grabbed Aotona, again already spawned and waiting – wasn’t even looking for it, just flapping over to the boat back to Eastern Kingdoms and passed thru the basin on the way.

    Then I saw your post about Ashtail and started to feel like the bride in the second-hand dress, having picked up something that should be special but that nobody wants any more. Decided to go and have a look. Camped the spawn point for about 20 mins, nobody else around. Ashtail spawned at about 10:30 this morning on Nordrassil:EU when I was on the phone – longest call of my life!

    Luckily not a soul showed up so when the call ended, dashed around looking and tamed. Now I’m off to SW – gonna stand next to Topper McNabb and dance with my fox and beg for coppers!

  8. I arrived in Loch Modan just over an hour ago to find two other hunters already waiting in the area. One of them gave up and left when I arrived, tho’ I didn’t intend to stick around.
    The other one wandered north a bit, when Ashtail suddenly spawned and walked right through me from behind!
    I felt a bit bad at my incredible luck, so I whispered the other guy to come back and get him before I or someone else did. Now I’m waiting for the respawn… 55 minutes so far. It’s surprisingly quiet here.. apart from those two only a DK and a warrior have come through this way, exploring and getting the new FP up at the Farstrider Lodge, I suppose.
    I’ll report back after he respawns… unless I fall asleep on this grassy hillock in the meantime.

    • Got him! 60 minutes after the previous spawn.
      This is on EU server The Sha’tar. He spawned at 20:20 and 21:20 server time, close enough.
      Now we’re going out dancing… c’ya!

  9. The night before the Shattering, I logged off at Ashtail’s new spawn location. The instant the servers were up, I logged in to find THREE other hunters waiting in the same location. I gave up. Instead, I went on a taming spree. Here’s my list of new tames so far:

    1. Chromaggus
    2. Magmadar
    3. Gomegaz
    4. Winna’s Kitten
    5. A Black Fox
    6. Slaverjaw
    7. Harakiss the Infestor

    I’ll come back for Ashtail when he’s not so insanely popular! Besides, the black fox is pretty damn cute…

  10. I’m pretty sure I am the first or second person on my server (Nathrezim) to tame Ashtail. I’ve been stalking Petopia over the past few weeks on the look out for news about fancy new pets. Ashtail was one of the pets I HAD to have. He’s just so cute! πŸ™‚

    Before the new patch, I parked my hunter at his spawn point in Loch Modan. By the time patch came up the next day, I ran around and found a few dead bears and sheep (who goes around killing yellow animals? D:). I figured someone might’ve beat me to him. I continued to camp, hoping I wouldn’t encounter any alliance. I decided to stay since I didn’t want to journey all the way back there again for him. Fortunately, it only took another 15-20 minutes before my NPCscan alert went off. He was exactly where wowhead said he would be. πŸ™‚

    The response to Ashtail has been huge! I had a whole lot of people whispering me where I found him. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of hunters running around with him soon.

    Me and Tanooki – he was feelin’ all Coyote Ugly. ;P

    Happy Thanksgiving, Gar! Thanks for having such a great blog!

  11. I got super lucky and the Nelf that was standing around stopped paying attention and he spawned right in front of me after a 10 minute wait. I named him Jaeger. I love my Gray Fox <3

  12. I’d really like to post a little screenshot pinpointing the exact spawn point of Ashtail, but I’m not sure how to go about it.


  13. I’m still debating but … I think so. I already have a level 10 undead hunter and I’ll be starting a human hunter soon. But those are for the new 1-60 questing. Mania herself has always been very sympathetic with the undead position and she absolutely worships Sylvannas, so it seems like a good fit.

    And hey – slime! πŸ™‚

  14. Amazing, isn’t it? Thank goodness he has a reasonably respawn time, but even so I think he’s been the cause of a number of fistfights today.

    I’ll be waiting a bit, I think. Actually, no – I’ll be off taming the white Highlands Fox. πŸ˜‰


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