A couple things

First off, my trip up to Oregon the other weekend was a blast. The drive was brutal (especially on the return home), but it was a great trip. I saw a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in… well, too long. I may have sampled a few dozen tasty micro-brews while I was up there as well… 🙄

I’ve been somewhat slow on the posting for the past several weeks. Most of this is mainly due to just being busy outside of the game. As a result of this, when I do have some free time, playing WoW has won-out over writing about it.

A beta invite has yet to reach my inbox, so I’ve not had a chance to test out and report on any of the new stuff, which is the sort of info that most players are clamoring for these days anyway.

Lastly, when I have thought about updating the site, I’ve been at somewhat of a loss as far as topics are concerned. I don’t want to spend a great deal of time on subjects that will be inconsequential in a few months. Having said that, I do intend on addressing a couple of topics I’d hinted at covering over the past few weeks.

However… I have been quite active in the forum. As mentioned in last week’s post, I added a few moderators in order to help facilitate the growth of our humble little hunter community. I also put in a little time over the weekend in an effort to better organize things. If you haven’t been in there in a few days, you’ll notice I’ve added some shiny new icons and created a few additional forums.

As far as what I’ve been doing in-game…

…Not a whole helluva lot. Apart from crafting my chopper and tackling some of my needed BG achievements, I’ve not been doing much else.

Resto DruidWell, I suppose there is one thing worth mentioning, albeit non-hunter related. I’ve been moonlighting as a stinky Druid off and on over the past several weeks. After discovering the joy of healing, I managed to get my Druid up to 80 pretty quickly. It’s amazing how quickly the Dungeon Finder queue pops when you’re a healer. 😉

As is the case with all of my alts, I mainly play them to level profs and to gather counter-intelligence. There’s no better way to learn how to counter another class than by actually playing it. Not to mention… playing a healer has given me a fresh new perspective on the game, as well as an even deeper appreciation for the healy sort.

I tanked on this guy back in TBC, but the whole healing thing has been brand new for me. I tell ya… there are many DPS’ers out there who could benefit by stepping into a healer’s shoes once in awhile.

I’ve downloaded the PTR client and have copied over…

Believe it or not, I’m not really that eager to get into the beta. I’m fine with waiting for the official release of Cataclysm before exploring the new content. However, I have been chomping at the bit to try out the new hunter class mechanics. Hence, my delight at seeing that the pre-Cataclysm patch was up on the PTR, complete with many of the new pet abilities. 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to hop on there much, but I’ll be trying to do so this week. It’ll be fun trying to wrap my head around the new focus system, as well as testing the different builds and new pet specials.

…and who knows, maybe I’ll just happen to stumble upon the next Spirit Beast during my travels. This is a major content patch, so there’s bound to be one in there somewhere I’d imagine. 🙂

Anyhow… I do hope to get some updated info on here throughout this next week; I just wanted to give you a quick update.

Oh… I also plan on responding to many of the comments I’ve missed the past two weeks, so if you’ve gone unanswered, just be patient. I’m in catch-up mode. 😉

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  1. First of all welcome back offcourse, and gz on ya druid, its definetly the second most fun classes to play, offc the hunter is #1 😀 ^^

    Welcome bk take it easy 😉

  2. Akela I guess you did not get my point: I feel the class is changed way too much, compared to what it was pre-Cataclysm. That has nothing to do with dps, skill and noobness. It’s just about general “feelings” related to a class I played for years (I have 1 toon only and a banker). I thought no-ammo, focus and the new multishot could be amazing. Now that I’ve deeply tested them, I wish I could go back to the live version.

  3. I’m in the beta, I’ve tinkered a bit with a hunter (the copy function is down so I can’t copy my 80 hunter over) and I don’t mind the changes. That said I suspect TONS of people will QQ and call for blues only to be ignored when Cata drops. To quote Frostheim in Episode 48 of the Hunting Party Podcast “Back in the day, particularly during TBC, hunter’s attracted a lot of really bad players because of BM topping the chart with a one button macro.” He goes on to say many people like that continue to play a hunter in Wraith, and they will find the new hunter far too complex. Sorry, easy mode hunter is gone, time to L2P. That said, we’re still going to be THE dps class, you just have to have some serious skill to pull it off. I dig it. But if you don’t, watch this vid…


    • Oh and I’m on board with the other class thing. I originally rolled a hunter so, as a pally tank, I could understand one of the most AGGRAVATING classes to tank for. I’ve now re-shifted my focus to my hunter and consider her my main, but still play my pally. I also understand now why hunters are so annoying from a tanks perspective: they put out crazy damage and most people just don’t know how to control it. And most hunters are huntards, thinking because they have FD and MD they can pull and it’s the tanks job to grab the mobs before they attack the healer. DPS does not PULL!! Oh I cannot wait till Cata.. sooooo many huntards will reroll because they are sick of getting kicked from groups. Us true hunters will be left to pick up the pieces, and prove we got the skills.

  4. I’ve been in the beta for 2 weks now and I can tell you… the hunter class is not OUR hunter class. I don’t know you (as soon as you try the PTR) but I don’t like it anymore. Too many changes and -I know it sounds bad- I hate the focus stuff. It’s just too different. After 4 years with mana… I feel like a ranged-rogue (a bit less powerful). Rotations and spells look way too different from our classic stuff.

    I will reroll for sure. I don’t feel myself a hunter anymore, sadly. Too many changes to get used. Time to switch to something different.

  5. Gar,
    I totally agree that playing another class is a great way to learn its weaknesses. I myself have always had trouble with the warlock and druid classes. So I have also been moonlighting as a warlock and druid. I have a lvl 80 warlock and a 72 druid. So feel no shame my friend in playing another class, it has been a learning experience for me.

    Thanks and happy hunting


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