A couple things

First off, my trip up to Oregon the other weekend was a blast. The drive was brutal (especially on the return home), but it was a great trip. I saw a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in… well, too long. I may have sampled a few dozen tasty micro-brews while I was up there as well… 🙄 I’ve been …

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Click on the images to see embiggened pics of this badass new Spirit Beast. You Hunters that are into the nifty pets… you’re going to want this guy. Trust me. I know he’s just another Spirit Beast retread with a new skin, but he’s a frickin’ bear, and a bad ass one at that! He has no special emotes, but …

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How ‘Bout Them Apples

My wife’s not an ElitistJerk, but she very well could be. 😉

Talking to her about this upcoming change regarding Beast Mastery and the supposed “buff”, she took a few minutes of her time at work today to do a little theorycrafting on my behalf.

Before we begin, I’ll post an excerpt from last night’s post with my version of theorycrafting…

“What we’re losing is eight seconds of a 50% DPS increase for 45% of our DPS (this being our pet of course). Now granted this change will probably push BM up a teensy bit, it’s not going to be the 10% damage increase this changed tooltip would have you believe. I’d venture to guess it’s only going to be a couple of percent at best – like maybe 2-3%. Piss on that.”

That’s my typical version of theorycrafting. 😉

My lovely genius of a wife sat down and calculated some results based upon the upcoming “buff”, along with my estimate of a 55/45 split between Hunter and pet.

Here’s what she had to say…

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Deterrence Animation

…along with a giant enraged Hank. How’s that for random..? 😉 Anyhow, For those of you not on the PTR, here’s a peek at what the new animation looks like. While camping for Skoll a few weeks ago, I recorded a quick video snippet of the new Deterrence animation, along with my bugged Worgen under Bestial Wrath. The new Deterrence …

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The Hunt For Skoll

…continues. Well at least I got to see him on the PTR today for the first time. 😀 Yaone of Lightbringer had posted earlier this morning about taming him at the Snowdrift Plains location. I saw the comment and I figured I’d log on and make a quick swoop while I was thinking about it. Lo and behold, what do …

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