Now the time is here…

For Ironma-a-an to Spread Fear

No more threatening to put my fist through my pretty imac display…

I could have taken it easy on myself and queued with some guildies, but eh… what fun is that..? Achievements such as this must be earned. 😉

Ironman - Warsong Gulch Achievement
Iron Man and Master of Warsong Gulch

Man, I love PvP.

It may be frustrating as hell at times, but the victories are oh so sweet.

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  1. Congratulations Garwulf!

    Im a new reader of your excellent blog and I just want to tell you that I really enjoy the effort you put in to this site with posts, guides etc.

    I have been spending quite a lot of time with my lvl 56 hunter in Warson Gulch of late, and Ironman is really the achievement that will be hard to complete. But I guess patience will pay off in the end.

    Best wished //


    • Glad you like the site Aeron. 😀

      Getting the achievement before 80 is the best time. I’d try for it at 58-59, 68-69, or 78-79 if you still need it. Gear’s more balanced in those earlier levels, so you don’t have to worry about players running around in full Wrathful or T10, blowing you to kindgom come.

      But yea… just be patient. If you’re not, you’ll just start to get aggravated and that’s no fun. 😉

  2. Felinin,

    Here’s what it boils down to…

    Do you want to level that 17 hunter, or is it something you’re doing in an attempt to relearn the class..?

    I have 4 hunters of varying levels, so I can certainly see the allure of having more than one. 🙂

    If this is the case, I highly recommend taking this route for learning the ins and outs of PvP. The reason being… a hunter who starts with a good foundation, as well as a good understanding of the class and all its abilities, will be much better off.

    Learning to PvP as a baby hunter will pay dividends later on. There are so many things that players overlook, such as: movement, positioning, proper timing of cooldowns, shot selection, etc…

    If you try to wrap your head around all of this at 80 it can be a bit overwhelming. Learning proper movement and being able to take advantage of your surroundings can be taught in the lower levels. If you can get comfortable with the tactics of being a hunter, while being spoonfed abilities as you level, you’ll be stellar once you’re given your entire toolbox at 80.

    However… if you have some patience and humility, then this can also be achieved at 80. In time you will amass enough quality gear that you won’t be visiting the spirit healer as often, but it could prove to be a frustrating process.

    I’ve been contemplating a PvP primer in my head. Your comment is just another nudge to get me to wanna do it. 🙂

  3. As someone who found himself in a situation similar to yours, let me offer my 2 cents before Gar gives you the book on this. =)

    On my server, Horde DOMINATES WG. Simple as that. I wanted to have a PvP toon that could get decent gear in a somewhat “accellerated” fashion. Enter my Horde hunter. Starting as soon as he was able to join WG, I had him in there. WG is the PERFECT place to get your feet wet in PvP, especially if your faction dominates it. No one notices you to be too critical of you and in the event you feel overwhelmed, jump into a vehicle! =)

    Anyhow, I quickly collected enough WG marks to the point where I had all of the WG mark armor I could use, BEFORE I COULD EVEN EQUIP IT!!! As I got more resistance from better gear, I became more bold in my attacks. Now I stand as a mighty BM hunter with over 30k HP and 1k resil. in my PvP gear. I have a “non-conventional” BG spec that I use that focuses on laying traps that allow my teammates to pound away on frozen enemies while I am an otherwise tough to kill PITA! (The “John McClain” of PvP as Gar likes to say)

    The bottom line is that if you think you’ll have fun doing it, then DOOO IT!!! DOOO IT NOW!!! Like Gar says, PvP is like infectious fun. The more you do it the more fun you have doing it. So go for it.

  4. Adding my congratulations on these achievements, Gar.
    And it’s good to see a still reasonably unbroken Ozzy doing his thing back then!

    I have a question, which may also be of interest to others in a similar situation…

    I’ve been 80 for a long time, hardly ever doing any PvP (very few duels, and zero BGs) until I ventured into WG recently, in search of fresh adventures following a complete 3 month break from WoW.
    Now of course I’m useless at PvP, and I have almost no PvP gear, and very little resilience.
    So if anyone hits me I say “Ou..”. I don’t get as far as the “” because I’m already dead.
    Nevertheless the bug has bitten. So, enough background, finally my question…

    Is it a recipe for total frustration (both for me and my BG companions) if I just dive into the BGs now with my inexperienced, badly-geared 80 BM hunter? Would you instead advise starting a new character and coming up through the levels doing the BGs as I go? I already have a 17 hunter learning the tricks of the trade properly from the ground up, so I’m thinking it might be better (and probably more fun) to send her into battle on my behalf. What would you do?

    • @Felinin

      What I found useful when quickly gearing my lvl 80 for pvp was to wait for the AV weekend. AV is large so , if you stay with the crowd and just pew pew from the back, you can be fairly useful and survive for a long time. The amount of honor you can gain from running AV call to arms weekend is ridiculous, I bout basically all PVP gear that is sold just for honor from one singe AV call to arms weekend alone. (I ran it all day though). Hope this helps.

  5. Grats Gar!!!

    Hope Battlemaster is coming for you soon. PVP achievements are the only kind I respect, and Garwulf is the only hunter columnist with balls to consistenly PVP.


    • Battlemaster will be awhile, but that’s alright. I’m not in a raging hurry.

      My strategy has been to continually queue for randoms, trying for the achievements in which ever BG I land in. Although I’m done with WSG, that is my favorite BG, plus I still need SW rep.

      I figure right about the time I earn Justicar, I should be poised for the Trifecta!

      Justicar, of the Alliance and Battlemaster! Woot!

      And as far as me having balls… if enjoying PvP means I have cajones grandes, then so be it.

      I’ve just always enjoyed PvP for a variety of reasons…

      I can participate in it on my own time – no scheduling required (well, usually not anyway). PvP jives much better with my schedule than raiding does, that’s for sure.

      To me, it’s exciting. I like knowing that every BG I enter is a new and unpredictable instance of play. I’d much rather play against enemies capable of original thought all day long, than to face predictable NPC after NPC while grinding out heroics. Bleh…

      The successes are much sweeter, in my opinion. You actually have to be good in order to succeed in PvP. PvP is not a scripted encounter, plus it requires you to use Reply

  6. Well, well, well….lookie who got himself some shiny new ‘chievements. =P
    BIG GRATZ to you, my friend!

    What is one of the defining characteristics of a GREAT hunter?

    That’s right……patience.
    You, sir, are a testament to all that is right with our class.

    • I’m in no hurry, that’s for sure. However, now that I’ve gotten a few of these PvP achievements under my belt this past week, I’ve gotten the bug for sure. Once you start amassing a few of them, it makes you want to get after them more and more. They make the BGs that much more exciting too. 🙂

    • Ain’t that the truth. I never really thought to try it until I had my first failed attempt at 3 straight caps.

      That’s when I thought… hey… I bet I can do this. 🙂

    • HaHa… well, I never actually tried for it before. I’m usually preoccupied with simply winning, rather than my own personal accolades. This was an awesome and fun challenge though. having gotten it, I feel like the rest will simply just take patience and time. The hard part’s behind me.

      Although… Alterac Valley All-Star is no easy feat nowadays… Not that the achievement is difficult, it’s just trying to get it all done within the race-to-the-finish-line that AV’s become.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      This achievement is deceivingly difficult if you have no assistance.

      Tonight’s success came after 3 unbelievably close attempts throughout the past week… 3 failed attempts that left me shaking my fist and shouting obscenities at my screen.

      The rest of the PvP achievements are all downhill from here. 🙂

        • Nice pre-patch work Pence!

          I’ve barely had a chance to get sorted out since the patch, let alone try a BG or instance.

          I’m a little worried though… I hear casters are brutal right now in PvP.

          • wizards were op before in pvp. they had a LSD (lock sham druid) team get R1 (first place) in 3s in a battlegroup intentionally using 5/5 furious pieces. . ridiculous

            you heard right tho its even worse now. SP for example can even heal themsleves for 7k-12k(crit) on 1 sec flash heals. its silly. and those cool 13kish KS crits on clothie casters in pve gear? now just 6k.

            also the change in resil has been very detrimental to us. dots were a weakness before (eats u through deterrence) now with resil not effecting them its worse.


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