Ketchup Day

KetchupErr… I mean, catch up day. I had to take a little time off from the site, so I’m now planning on tending to many of the unanswered comments and forum posts. I try to be johnny on the spot with that stuff, but sometimes I get buried. Don’t take it personal if I haven’t replied to you yet, sometimes I just get behind is all. 😉

I still have to post two of the remaining runner-up entries from the Celestial Steed Contest. Sheesh… I better get on it, no time for idle chit-chat. 😉

Just to help quell the suspense and anticipation… Kelwina is up next (as I’d mentioned to her), as are you lawman30. I enjoyed both of your stories immensely. I want to post them, but I need to sit down and make the necessary edits and format them before I present them in their ideal form for the masses to enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Ketchup Day”

  1. This post looks like you just went through the motions. Like it was a “filler” of sorts to get you by lol. Sweet pic of some ketchup though…

    • It wasn’t really “filler”, as I’d posted the one about Uhk’Loc only minutes earlier. It was more of a casual unrelated announcement type of post.

      • I was kidding Garwulf, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I guess its hard to sense a joking post when posts have no tone of voice.


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