Contests… Yippee!

Based upon the amount of persuasive comments I received in favor of authenticatorizing my account, I elected to purchase an authenticatorizor.

While I was there… I decided to add a few extra items to my cart.

So, here’s the deal…

Unless I come up with a better idea (not likely)… the person who submits the most exciting and inventive contest idea for winning the Celestial Steed, wins the Lil’ XT.

Also… provided I go with a user submitted idea for the Celestial Steed contest, that winner will still be eligible to win the Celestial Steed. In other words… if you come up with a bang-up idea for a contest, you’ll not only be guaranteed a Lil’ XT pet, but you’ll also be eligible to win the whole shebang!

I’ll give you guys 72 hours to come up with an exciting contest idea for awarding the Celestial Steed.

If your ideas suck, then I’ll be forced to come up with a plan. Don’t let that happen… 😉

Basic guidelines for the contest…

  • No rules based upon skill. It’s not important to be good at this game. If anyone tells you different, pay for my transfer fees and I will personally plant my flag in their ass. 😉 Sure, being good at the game is a plus, but simply enjoying it is most important.
  • Creativity is a plus. This is obvious, considering I’m asking for you folks to contribute your ideas. If I had a bang-up idea, I’d have posted it already. Here’s your chance!

I’m itchin’ to e-mail these loot codes, so get on it people. Post your ideas in the comments below, or… if you’re the bashful type, drop me a line via the contact form. Regardless of entry method, the winner’s (character) name(s) will be made public on the site.

Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Contests… Yippee!”

  1. But, if that person has to submit a screenshot of them on the horse, they wouldn’t need the horse as a winning prize! Unless the winner will then put up one screenshot. 🙂 I really like the idea though. Maybe not a horse, but a hunter pet that doesn’t exist yet? Make up abilities, how it looks like, why it’s a great hunter pet? This would be a nice art contest.

    • I’m pretty sure lawman meant that once they were awarded the prize, then they’d have to submit to me an obligatory screenshot. The screenshot would show the hunter on the mount in the very spot that they tamed it in the storyline.

      • Correct, Gar. I meant that the winner should pose with the prize at the in-game spot where they tame the mount in their story. Sorry for the confusion but I got kinda caught up in the flow of the idea as I was writing. =P

  2. If its individual creativity you seek, have people submit a short story about how their hunter “tracked” the Celestial Steed across the constellations in the Azerothian night sky and wound up taming it to ride. Submissions could cover how the hunter discovered the legend of the mount, where they first found it, failed attempts to trap/tame it and conclude with their ultimate victory. The winner would owe the site an obligatory screenshot of their hunter mounted on the Steed at the point in game where they tamed it.

    It might be a lot of reading for your, but I bet you’d get some AWESOME submissions and the effort would certainly be there for whoever submits the winning entry.

  3. I say try for a I spy in a varied location like maybe STV or even a old world location that will change in Cata. Or maybe a hunter vacation commercial like a travel agent type deal with resorts that appeals to those hunters that want to relax include a pet spa for added fun for the hard working raiding pet. Summer is coming maybe have a hunter volley ball tourney on the shores of stv extra points if you have a skimpy swimsuit on your dranei hunter ;). I’ll think of some more

  4. My idea would be to do a mini-guide to ICC from a Hunter’s perspective. Preferably of heroic modes. You know, something like Tankspot does, but a Hunter version. Just typing is fine, bonus points for actually Frapsing the encounter. For people not in good progress guilds, just allow any other instance – like ToC – and judge how helpful and informative was the guide/video. Reading about stuff is fine, but actual movies provide the best source of help and information!

    I was actually thinking about doing something like that at one point, but not sure if my laptop can handle fraps and still provide decent fps.

    • That’s an awesome idea and one that would prove quite helpful. Rather than focus on one area of the game… e.g., rading… I’d prefer to make this more of a general WoW/Hunter class sort of contest. That way, anyone is eligible to enter, not just progressive raiders for example.

      I like your suggestion though. 😀

      I may very well use something along those lines for a future giveaway, provided there’s enough interest in this one.

  5. I have a couple hunter related ideas.
    One involves randomly giving out the name of a rare spawn (in Azeroth, other places would be very hard), a different rare per hunter. Those hunters have a set amount of time to find the mob (hunter pet or not, doesn’t matter, we have tracking skills!), and take screenshots of it in its environment. I’d suggest the quicker respawning rares, but still those that require some skill to find. When found, and screenshotted, an optional idea is to use photohop and promote the creature in a poster, flyer, anything.

    The other, is to summon all participants to a place anywhere (but they don’t know where). Each participant is given a list (plain letter) stating several grey/white drops that drop from creatures in the area (furry paw, delicate insect wing etc.) When everyone has the letter and is ready, they rush off at the same time, and the first person to return with all the items on the list, wins a price.

    Lastly, something I always wanted to do. Organise a safari for a small group of interested, but not involved people. Everyone is given a location at random. The safari guide (hunter) has then a certain amount of time, to show the people the local fauna. The more different creatures he can show them in the time he has, the more points he gets. Bonus points for rare spawn sightings! Minus points if the creature attacks the group, safaris are all about giving an exciting time without the danger of being eaten. At the end, the people who took part on the tour will give feedback and state how many creatures were observed, how interesting and insightful the comments of the safari guide were, and the one with the most creatures shown and best feedback wins!

  6. My idea is to kill one of every untameable beast in the game. Screenshots must be provided with the hunter kneeling next to the kill. No elite/spirit mobs required. Getting hunters to travel the world to get there photos of their kills is very huntery (it’s a word becasue I’m using it :-p ).

    Have a submission time frame. At the end of the time frame, the hunter with the most kills wins the prize.

  7. Personally, you’re probably giving out the most fun and possibly one of the best ways to do a competition that doesn’t real in-game skill. Yet, it demands creativity and “basic knowledge” of the game depending on the way you write the letter.

    Except the letter, one other fun thing would be to a Screen-shot competition, yet this does demand some in-game skill (except if you have a lv 1 and you SS him in Dalaran or in somewhere “easy” to achieve at that level).

    Else a run event where everybody that wants to join creates a lv 1 character, on a low population server, the hoster creates a raid with the participants, and gets a mage to open up a portal to somewhere. After that all the lv 1 get teleported, the lv 1’s must run to a predetermined spot. (the way i had done it, was to be teleported to Shattrath, and run all the way to the border between Terrokar Forest and Shadowmoon Valley, but all locations would work aswell. Also no resurrection, or limit resurrection, or delay the player to be able to run again after a resurrection. Probably, one of the hardest to organize though). Probably, at the end of the race, some people will ding their 3rd or 4th level, so that’s a small personal gain even if they don’t come first 😉

    • That would be a cool way of doing this, but you’re right… organizing it would be a feat. My ideas involved more of an independent contest, which wouldn’t necessarily even require setting foot in Azeroth. It’d have to be WoW related in some way, of course.

      I like these ideas coming through. 🙂


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