I was over the moon for about 10 seconds

Beware of Starcraft 2 Beta Scams

Then I thought… you know what… I better just check my Battle.net account to see what’s what.

Well wouldn’t you just know it… no Starcraft II Beta download to be found. Hmmm…

HuntsmansLodge.com PSA

People, I urge you… beware of e-mails claiming to be a Starcraft 2 Beta invitation.


Even if the e-mail looks as legitimate as this one, and contains an @blizzard.com or @battle.net return e-mail address, do not trust it.

Logging directly into your Battle.net account is the only safe way to ensure a legitimate Starcraft 2 Beta invitation. Do not be a victim of the Starcraft II Beta scams going around.

That is all.

13 thoughts on “I was over the moon for about 10 seconds”

  1. Same thing happened to me too…

    I got an invite from them and I am a Mac User but my account fails to show support for SC2…

  2. I got this too and it seems like there’s a lot of people who have.
    It looks like blizzard sent out a lot of mac user opt-in invites but didn’t activate the account.

    • Hopefully that’s the case. 🙂

      The only way to truly know is to ask Blaq.

      Blaquespell, are you out there..? Any idea whether this is a legit e-mail or not? Did Blizz drop the ball with mac users?

  3. Just curious, how do you know this is a scam? All of the links in the e-mail are legit and the header information all checks out. There is even a thread on the SC2 forums and one of the moderators has confirmed this as a legit e-mail.

    • I assumed it was a hoax due to the absence of the SC2 Beta d/l in my account.

      I Googled the subject of this e-mail and found other users claiming it was a phishing attempt. If it is in fact real, I’ll just wait to see when SC2 is an option in my account.

  4. If you still have a key, I’d love one as well. My email is my username at gmail.

    I also got this same email. The links do go to battle.net, and the email headers look absolutely legitimate. Oh well 🙁

  5. I see you’re using a mac!
    I actually got a legitimate invitation. I went to my battle.net, and what is there:
    No driver to install the mac version!!! So I can’t do anything with my invitiation.

  6. Not to sound stupid, but can’t you just preorder it through Amazon or Gamespot and get a beta key with purchase? They say it takes up to 5 days to get the code, but most people have been getting their’s quicker.

  7. To me that looks like legit SC2 beta invite. Looking through it, its same word for word like the one I got.
    Where do the links inside the mail lead? Not to battle.net?

    PS If you want and this isn’t a legit inv, I can mail you a SC2 beta inv key. Got 2 additional already.

    • Thanks for the offer kaiken. I think what I’ll do is contact Blizz asking them about the legitimacy of this e-mail. If it is cool… If not, then I’ll try to work my mojo for an invite.

      I’ll post an update to this if I turn out to be wrong in my assumption. If you still have the key(s), and provided I don’t have one yet, I’ll hit you up. 🙂


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