SC2 Beta invite update

Seems as if my issue may be Mac-specific.

Here’s a thread in the official Blizzard Forums started by another person questioning the legitimacy of the e-mail.

Here’s the blue response:

Thank you for providing us with the header, Thewilly. This is a legitimate invitation; however, it appears as if the game was not properly applied to your account. Accordingly, I encourage you to e-mail letting them know so that they can help get you into the Beta as soon as possible. 🙂

Well, hopefully it is a legit invite, but I still suggest everyone err on the side of caution when receiving any supposed beta keys.

2 thoughts on “SC2 Beta invite update”

  1. So, apparently it was a legit e-mail… I’m a mac user as well! Guess I’ll just need more patience 🙂


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