A long time coming

Cenarion War Hippogryph

I’ve wanted this mount for oh… I dunno… two and a half years now.

Tonight I finally broke down and paid the 1600G for my Cenarion War Hippogryph.

I haven’t been this happy about obtaining an item since I received my tabard.

Normally I’m a hunter of little means, but thanks to the revamped honor system, that’s changed. 😉 Without any need for honor gear, I simply purchase Cardinal Rubies 3-5 at a time, cut them on my wife’s JC, then flip them on the AH. I’ve gotten pretty wealthy over the past several weeks doing mainly this.

I also elected to sell off my Primordial Saronites for the sake of fattening my pre-Cataclysm bank roll. I was going to work towards crafting my Rock Steady Treads, but decided to hold out for some free ones instead. 😉

It’s kinda funny… the more G I’m sitting on, the more of a chiseler I become. 😉

I had to have this mount though.

By the way… for those that don’t have one of these… it has like the best animations ever! Blizz spent a lot of time giving this mount some character.

I’m excited. 😀

10 thoughts on “A long time coming”

  1. Just remember, there are also other hippogryphs, the Argent Crusader one, and if alliance the Silver Covenant one, both are also nice and if you don’t have the money, or are unwilling to spend the 1600 gold, the former mentioned are free~ Although some argue that time spent etc etc 😛

    • I’m not really all that interested in either of those mounts. They’re nice for sure, but I got the Cenarion War Hippogryph because I wanted it.

      Those are good alternatives for for other players though.

  2. DAMN YOU GARWULF! I kid, I kid.
    I have wanted that mount ever since zangarmarsh, when I saw that mount, I wanted to cry! And now you have it….and I don’t……*shakes fist* I’ll get you yet, Garwulf.

    • Just save your pennies. The gold that it costs is almost trivial compared to the expense it was 2 1/2 years ago. I imagine more and more players will be flying around on these things, as the WoW economy continues to flourish.

      Back then, you had to be either a master auction house player or habitual daily quest grinder to muster up enough gold for one. Nowadays, selling one Primordial Saronite would practically take care of the bill.

  3. Oh, I agree. 😀

    I got that hippogriff way back in BC, about 5 months after I dinged 70. From the moment I got him, he has been my favorite flyer – occasionally I would bust out my dragons, nether rays, and windriders, but I always return to the hippogriff quickly. Three years later, I still love him.

    Congrats on getting one. 😀

  4. Huge grats on that mount! My hunter uses it still along with her Wintersaber kitty… Who wants protodrakes? xD (kidding, drakes are cool, but I love the hippogryphs especially since now they actually land)

  5. Taldron’s? The heck with that; I refuse to rely on the RNG unless absolutely necessary. Over 16 Saurfang kills (25-man) and never a trinket for anyone. Not once.

    • Wow… 16 kills and no DBW. That’s rough. I’m thinking our guild’s probably downed him 16 times or so on 25 man. We’ve seen 4 of them. We went about 6 runs without seeing it, then it dropped 4/5 on the next five runs. Haven’t seen it since in about 5 runs.


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