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Garwulf Hunter UI

Information on the UI and a download link can be found here.

I stripped away some of the superfluous addons like: _NPCScan, AtlasLoot, AuctionLite, Gatherer and GearScore. I did this in an effort to reduce the size of the download.

The zip file is now down to 12MB and it’s running even more efficient in-game now (only about 10MB).

There is a ReadMe in the zip file, but you’ll probably want to look over the info on this page.

Make sure to check “Load out of date AddOns” on the addons page before you log in with your toon.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Well, enjoy..!

20 thoughts on “Come and get it”

  1. I love the UI because of how clean it looks. I also like the idea of the hidden bars. I was reading previous comments saying on how you don’t have as many action bars. I want some more also just for professions and pots and stuff. I tried setting them up exactly as the ones already set but no matter what I do they do not show up when I mouse over or at all for that matter. Any thoughts?

  2. Oh don’t get me wrong, reflux is great. It just isn’t quite perfect. When I set up your last UI it took me at least 30 minutes to dig through settings for each addon and enable your profile in each one. With reflux it took one command to get everything but DXE set up instantly. I had your stock UI running in about 1 minute with reflux.

    Thanks again for offering this to the community.

  3. Hey Garwulf,

    I’ve been raiding with this UI for a couple days now and I thought I would mention a couple things. When I first set it up Reflux didn’t automatically configure DXE. I had to go to the config screen and select your profile. Obviously not a big deal, but I figured I would mention it. The one minor issue I have is with the location of the main DXE bar and the focus target. The target of my focus to the right just above DXE. That works fine for most fights, but on fights where DXE shows the health of mulitple targets (Princes for example) it’s a problem. My focus target overlaps with the DXE bar.

    Other than that little issue I’ve been really happy with it. I’ve done a few tweaks to suit my own needs, but I love the look and how little memory it uses.

    • I’ve noticed some minor issues myself with Reflux. I think it’s a decent addon, but it doesn’t seem to be without flaws. However, it takes at least 75% of the work away from reconfiguring things, so I’d say that’s pretty good.

      About the DXE bar… I see what you’re saying there. I had it in a different location, then moved it above the raid frames prior to packaging it for site users. The multiple bar issue slipped my mind. I’ll figure out another spot for it. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Since installing your UI (which, aside from this little issue, I love), I’m having problems with Omen. It won’t display anything… Do you have any ideas?

    • I only have it set to work in party or raid instances. Have you tried to put it in test mode to make sure the bars are working? Check that out and let me know.

      • Yeah, in test mode, it shows the bars… I changed the configuration to show the window all the time, and checked it out on the test dummy. Once I take it out of test mode, it just goes blank again.

          • I’ll try it again when I get back home, but I changed it so it didn’t auto-hide… the box was still there, and it still showed the title bar at the top. Problem is that it didn’t show the characters and threat.

            Anyway, I’ll work on it some more after work. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this, Gar.

  5. Hmm, kk that sounds good to do and hopefully i will be eventually get used to fully use my keybord and keybindings and not click, but like if they are there but are invincble but you got a macro there and you wanna use it for instance say numpad 1, do you need to go over it to see it or will it just cast it without seeing it

    • Once the action bar button has a keybind associated with it, you don’t ever have to click or look at it again. You just have to start thinking in terms of abilities relating to specific keys, rather than where they are on the action bars. The action bars are just there to house the ability so you can assign a keybind to it.

  6. Gar i dont know if you saw my other comment on your other article, love how clean it looks, but the fact that you got so less action bars make me afraid , i dont know what macro you use to actually have evertyhing in your control with so less action bars, can you give me some tips cause i really wanna use the same ui as you all looks perfect nice and clean. but i only cant live with those action bars even i really like the look of it :'(

    • Shahin, if you wish to have more action bars but have them not be seen, you can always set them to be hidden until you move the mouse over them using the bartender addon. I just set my extra 2 bars up vertically and put one on each side of the screen and scale them down a bit. You won’t ever see them until you want to see them which helps keep the clean look.

      • Excellent suggestion Zeijin. This is also a good technique for getting used to keybinds. It allows the screen to be cleaner, yet the bars are still available if you need to reference or access them.

        I actually leave a few of my bars visible on some characters while I’m getting used to my keybinds. It makes it easy if you need to change out any abilities, keybinds, etc. I don’t know how it is for everyone, but I find that I usually get used to the new keybinds after a few hours. BGs are a good way to do it actually. Trial by fire. 😉

        Once you’re comfortable with your new keybinds, then just set the bars to either invisible, or visible on hover-over while not in combat.

  7. Jesus Garwulf. I’ve been trying to find a good UI that fits my style…and one that looks nice…and this is the best I could possibly ask for :D. My UI has been disappointing for a long time now, because none of my Add Ons have really satisfied the role they were intended to play. But this is just perfect. With all the pictures I’ve seen of your UI, every time I’m on WoW now, I feel like I’m on your website…it’s a little erie. Anyways, thanks for all the hard work! It really payed off.


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