Chasing My Losses: Day Five

Roll of the Dice

Many of you gamblers out there should be familiar with the term, “chasing your losses”. Well that’s what it feels like to me when looking for Loque’nahak at the end of the night. After hours of unsuccessful patrols, I keep hearing this voice in my head saying, “one more pass… I feel it this time. He’s out there.” Ultimately what I end up doing is staying on 45 minutes to an hour longer than I should instead of hitting the sack.

While not as damaging as losing a few hundred at the Blackjack table or putting it all on black in order to recoup your losses, it has a similar feeling. I know full well I should call it a night and start fresh the next evening, but I always want to push it. I think I’m going to take a more casual approach to looking for him from now on. The constant patrolling becomes nerve wracking after awhile. After all, this game’s supposed to be fun, right..?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy hunting after him, it’s just that when it starts to consume my game-time and causes me to stay up past my bedtime 😉 I need to chill. Finding him is really pure luck anyway. Being that it takes a few minutes to cover the basin and that he has at least 5 spawn locations, you really have to be at the right place at the right time. If you’re at the southern spawn point and he pops at the northern, by the time you get there he’ll most likely be dead or tamed.

Last night I read a disturbing rumor…

Apparently some people are claiming that he’s on a timer with the other rare(s) in Sholazar Basin. According to some, they say that the 6 hour timer “randomly” spawns one of the rares. If this is true, then that could mean if Loque’nahak is killed or tamed there’s no guarantee that he’ll be back in 6 hours. It may be King Krush instead. 🙁

I guess the beauty in all of this, and something I keep telling myself, is that it’ll be that much sweeter to finally get him. A lot of people may consider this time-consuming search crazy, but there are plenty others who enjoy seeking out and taming rare pets just as I do. It’s one of the things that really makes the Hunter class unique. No other character class in WoW can be as personalized as a Hunter.

Lately I’ve been spending about 50% of my time at the southern points. They’re pretty close together which makes it easy to pat them both. Also, there are plenty of skinnables I can grind on in the meantime. Searching for the Spirit Beast has allowed me to really level my Leatherworking with all of the skins I’ve amassed. 🙂 The other 50% of my time in SB is spent patrolling the other three spots.

Last night I helped my wife’s toon complete some group quests in Dragonblight. That was a nice change of pace. I’m thinking I’ll just try and finish up the quests in Sholazar and hope to find Loque along the way. Once I wrap up the quests in SB I’ll head back to Grizzly Hills and carry on to 80.

Yeah right.

I’ll probably be patrolling the area incessantly until I find him. Someone help me. 😉

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