Finally! I am the proud owner of a….

…Sewer Beast? Wait a minute… that’s not the rare beast I was after. But I tamed it anyway! 😀

Over two years have gone by since I first heard about the Sewer Beast in Stormwind. I’ll usually put on my Track Beasts while running through there just for the chance at a rare sighting. He was like Bigfoot as far as I was concerned. Last night as I was heading back towards the bank and auction house for my pre-bedtime ritual when I saw a little red dot on my mini map. I was like, whoa… could it be..?! Yes sir, it was.

I tamed him just so i can say I did. I was never a fan of Crocolisks before, but with Bad Attitude and the WotLK pet changes, I like them now. However, they’re not as good as gorillas for PvE, and I’ll be using a Crab for PvP, so I’ll ultimately abandon him once I find Loque’nahak. In the meantime though I think I’ll just play around with my Sewer Beast. If I had a Horde Hunter I think taming the Sewer Beast would be the biggest challenge and highest honor for a Hunter period.

Sounds like fun.

3 thoughts on “Finally! I am the proud owner of a….”

  1. I liked the Scorpid back when I was MM and had a Druid or Paladin healing me. They were good for drain combos.

    As a 51pt BM Hunter, I use a Chimaera now for the Froststorm Breath. I was going to use a Crab for the Pin skill, but I ended up dumping it in favor of the Chimaera. So far I think it was a good choice. It keeps melee off of me quite well.


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