New Spirit Beast Bear in Grizzly Hills

It seems as if my prediction was accurate. The new “Spectral Bear” model is in fact the next Spirit Beast and will be introduced in Patch 3.3.

“Arcturis” is a neutral level 74 Elite Spirit Beast that can be found on the Patch 3.3 PTR in Grizzly Hills.

Arcturis the Spirit Beast Bear

So far the only known spawn location is just north of Amberpine Lodge.

Head over to Mania’s site to view the original post from the Hunter who first discovered this new Spirit Beast on the PTR.

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94 thoughts on “New Spirit Beast Bear in Grizzly Hills”

    I have wanted the Spirit Bear for my hunter since day one. As soon as I hit lvl 74, I cleared my cache for npc’s and creatures, logged on, brought up NPCScan, put in Arcturus, flew right to Grizzly Hills, and BAM! NPCScan popped! What a rush that is! I dismissed my pet, ran to the hillside right outside the lodge where it always spawns, and tamed it right away! Nailed it first try! WOOHOO!
    Hrista – Argent Dawn
    Got Arcturus on 1/26/12 at 9:45am at 31,55

  2. Cant believe it read the cordinates on the web page went back to game and found Arcturis instantly hope you guys get the same luck !!
    Read page 30 secs later got him πŸ™‚

  3. Okay, day 22 searching for Arcturis. I have been sitting in front of Amberpine Lodge for 22 days. That is damn near retarded, i run around, i flying around, i have beast tracker on, npcscan on.. I can’t seem to find Arcturis.. I headed over to Sholozar Basin, to try and find the spirit leopard, searched for 3 days.. NOTHING. Can someone please please please try and help me. Any information you are willing to offer would be great..Thanks..

  4. The Great Tame…..
    I have been looking fr the spirit bear on and off now for a few weeks but yesterday after my ingame friend told me he tamed arcturis at 5:30 am eu time i decided i was gonna camp for him. i waited and waited for the supposed spawn time of 10-12 hours which took for ever to no success so i nearly gave up but something spurred me on so i waited another 5 hours watching and reading siites on my next tame skoll.after this 5 hours i was getting bored so i decided to fly and see if skoll was there when i freind /w me telling me he just found skoll so i flew back to arcturis and low and behold my npcscan wet bezerk and i started to shake with excitement boom down i went no trap just stodd there take a pounding from him and then he was mine. which has led me to think that skoll and arcturis may share a spawn timer so one is gone the other appears.
    I crave all the spirit beasts and have at the moment
    hopeing to get skoll soon

    Happy hunting guys

  5. Just tamed spirit bear at 1750 british time on a saturday on argent dawn!!!! whoop whoop, pure luck. came outta bg and boom there he was. trapped in ice and tamed πŸ™‚

  6. Just tamed him on the Burning Legion server at 5:35am 11-16-2010 after 2 days of looking/camping.

    I actually wasn’t camping for him this time!!!! I was looking for Gondia but decided what the heck…and flew over to Grizzly Hills….and there he was! XD After some fumbling I managed to get him :>

    Good luck!

  7. Ok so ya’ll are gonna kill me when you hear this. So I camped Arcturis for 26 hours straight after I JUST saw him tamed on Monday night. Tuesday night I went to bed empty handed. Wednesday morning I decided to set a macro for /target Arcturis /cast tamebeast right at his spawn point. Came home from work and I had him tamed. I was so excited! I dismissed the pet and INSANTLY Arcturis spawned again literally on top of me. I actually thought dismiss pet failed, then saw the silver dragon around his name. Not knowing what to do I tamed him for a second time =) I even got a video of the tame and me calling out each one and naming them Arcturis and ArcturisII. Good luck to everyone out there looking for him!! lol

  8. after hours of caming an fishing my 3 day determination payed off. i am sooo excited an so proud of myslf for listenin to that little voice in my head that said dont give up. im a beast master hunter an i had all but the bear. now i have them all. when that npcscan alarm when all my heart jumped a beat. i screamed. hit the square to find out were it was. an omg it was stepps away from were i was fishin. arrowed a frost trap. an tamed. my 7yr old hasnt stopped screamin yet . you would have thought mommy won the lottery in this house. lol. i know im not the first on kt to get him. but im one of the first with all of them. an im proud of that. an i only campd today. yesterday i looked twice an teh day before i looked once. that is all. good luck to you all. an remember take them all out for a walk from time to time. giggles

    • also i was on my hunter dixiekiss an tomorrow is both all my toons bday as well as my real life bday. that is the best present i gave myslf πŸ™‚

  9. i found skol the other day just passing by one of his spawn points on my mage so i toon hoped and tamed him then 3 hours later i was on my hunter in grizzly hills farming cobalt and ran into arcturis. i think luck was on my side that day

  10. Tamed him just about an hour ago and its my birthday!! nice present for me this year hehe. Infact i saw him last night about 15hrs ago but it got killed and I was 2mins too late. Anyway, I’m now the owner of 4 SB! woot, now…i need a bigger stable!

    Feign, Proudmoore

    • You must’ve missed him. He supposedly spawns on a 6 hour timer.

      Since he only pops in the one location, you could minimize WoW and do something else for awhile, then just be on the listen for the NPCScan alarm.

      Also, read through the comments in the various Arcturis posts to see if there is a common pattern for spawn times. That may help you pinpoint when he’s likely to appear.

      Look over these comments:

  11. Arcturis, I have caught him at least, I camped for 24 hours but that was off and on, then today on 2/4/10 i caught him. It as at 2:06 my time which put it at 12:06 server time. He was at the normal place and he just spawned righ in front of me.

  12. you know… I’ve seen a few people that seemed convinced that some sort of “event” needs to happen to have correct amount of spawning for ARCTURis I was looking through my quests and noticed Ursoc the Bear god quest…it says about sprinkling the ashes on him and saving his spirit… what you think is it possible that this might start his timer? and now that not as many are doing it the spawn times are farther apart? Its all theory and of course I’ve had plenty of time to ponder and think about stuff like this haha…. camping ugh…

  13. Well I’m a bit torn I really would like to collect all of the pets however, I can understand why they limit things. Some people never even get to tame even one because of people “hogging the rare spots” either to kill or to tame. I do have more than one have yet to get skoll or the bear yet but a buddy of mine doesn’t have any, it makes me feel a bit greedy when I found out he spent 6 months straight about 8 hours a day and never got one because other hunters would kill while he was either trying to tame or seeing someone after they tame it show him all of their stable slots are full of that same rare pet… oye … some peoples.

    What I wish is they would have other animals non elite that looked like the spirit beasts and the same specials and then have the dragon portrait remain for tamed special elites. Then those that want to have them for the cool look can have if they don’t have the time to camp and those that want to be “special and have the omg rares” can still stand out with their pet having a dragon portrait if it was a tamed rare ;). It’s all just opinion and you know what they say about that πŸ˜‰ haha.

    • Vixxy,

      The thrill of taming a rare with a cool skin is all in the hunt. If they made cool looking pets easily obtainable, then they wouldn’t really be that cool anymore.

      I’m fine with the way Spirit Beasts are being introduced to the game, although I do feel that Arcturis should have at least 2 more spawn locations. It sounds like your unfortunate friend happens to be on a server with some idiots and wackos. Why on earth would someone want multiple copies of the same skin is beyond me…

      I don’t advocate spending months trying to tame a rare. That’ll make you go buggy. Tell your friend to give up the ghost and just make a quick round or two for Loque if he happens to be in the basin for dailies or something. Rares often have a tendency to appear when you’re not tenaciously looking for them.

      • Well in all truth it took me over 6 months to get my Loque haha… and the only thing that went batty about it was my dog… To this day if i say OMG Loquenaka!!! my dog will get excited and start barking and doing tricks haha

      • But isn’t loque just as rare as Arcturis ? Im Just as desperate for Arcturis just as much as every one the people that hog and that are not on your side it’s so annoying they just camp and wen your near they shoot u out the sky whoever hogs are noobs.

  14. I flew just north of Amberpine today as you folks described, and the first thing I saw was the corpse of Arcturis. /mourn

    Somehow, skinning him wasn’t the thrill taming him would have been. Ah, to have been five minutes earlier!

  15. i turned in a hopefull skill for a hunter to the wow dev’s, simple way to show it… as a DK can cast Army and have them fight for a sec, why not hunter cast thr stable pets to fight for you, even if they cut down pets dps in half, that would be a nice still to see

  16. Hi Guys,
    Ive tamed the spirit beast bear on day 2 of the patch (on lightbringer) Think i was 2nd to tame him :D, got like a million /w in dal. when i stood there proudly.

    I would like to have more slots and for blizzard to make taming a X amout of rares a achievement! I got in my slots ; a barking mulgore dog for some heavy raiding (SUV)
    a rare pink tallstrider (pvp, pve and for fun)
    a rare purple chimeara called numoroc pvp show-off :P)
    a rare electric blue wolf (skoll) (for pvp and show-off πŸ˜› )
    a rare vapour/transparent bear (for pvp, pve and show)

    I love the thrill for finding a rare, goodluck to all you hunters out there finding rare’s !!

    *hugs* kitty

      • Like you Gar although I would love to tame Arcturis I just cant give up anymore in my stable. Right now sitting in my stable are:
        Nuramoc (got him after I read your post about PVP man was he hard to get but I love him)
        Ole Cliffjumper (again another tame becasue of your post and again was hard to find and tame)
        Last but certainely not least Uhkloc.
        We are given in my opinion useless slots for vanity pets as many as we want but pets that can actually help us in this game we are limited to 5. Part of why Blizzard has changed this game so much is to make it more fun for new players to want to play and current players to want to continue to play. They already took my favorite spec BM and basically killed it so I am forced to play MM please let us have more slots so one fo my favorite things to do…hunt viable and I can keep what I find.

  17. Woot! Just tamed him today, 1:40 pm server time on Burning Blade. He was right where he was supposed to be. Was chilling there all day, with two ally hunters posted as well. Went into a dungeon & when I was done & ported out, Arc was there and the allys were gone. Suckers!
    Really though, good luck everyone. You’re gonna need it.

  18. right after i tamed this lil old bear ofc at the R sport etc. i got him on patch day though /hides
    i was asked ‘does he spawn at any point where there are bears?’ now ive been wondering this for many days now cas im sure that he cant just have ONE spawn point but ive founf no other information to show that he does have more then one … and its been bugging me to death now and i was wondering if anyone else had been thinkig the same as me when i do my flying for rares every day i make sure to cover ALL of grizzly hills just to make sure since the timer on the rares and what not … D:

  19. I, too, am a hunter and I would like to put my vote in for more stable slots, also. Another change I would like see come about for hunters is the ability to use our elite beast at all times, especially if we are duel specced. I am ds…. BM/Surv and it was costly and I believe for that price I should be able to use any pet I own whenever I like. We hunters don’t get much respect, as it is, so at least with our elite pets we might get invited to do more. How about, Blizzard, it’s worth a thought. We are nothing w/o our pets. That’s how you made us.

  20. after waiting around for 5 hours, just tamed him tonight, usual spot

    there where 2 horde hunters that came by for a bit, but left just minutes before he spawned

    Madoran @ 1:42 server time

  21. What do you know, log on before tanking a raid for my guild and, there he is infront of me ^^
    Now the proud owner of all 4 Spirit beasts + a lynx, because i want one xD

  22. Hi guys Β 
    After seen this lovely beast in IF , I had to tame it for my collection
    I googled it to see if there was enough info about it and end up in this Β site.
    So I decide to have a look around grizzly hills and try my luck…! I starting patrolling north of the lodge walking my way round in a clockwise direction , I was heading back to the lodge to fly back to dala , and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it just by the river south side of amberpine lodge… Dropped from my flight … Trap down( my heartbeat was racing at this stage) and BAMM!!!(server time 21:45 Aerie Peak)TAMED!!!! To be honest I can’t really bother camping for hours for a tame , I just believe if you luck you will get it, it’s been 3 months I choose my second talent tree to BM Β and I already have 3 of the 4 spirit beasts, one addon that is very useful “npcscan” with It I got skoll and gondria! ( it did not work with Arcturis , don’t think it has an updated yet!).Β Good luck to all fellow hunters !! Danhunter

  23. Dalaran server spawned at 1:28am MST/3:28am Server, I was camping and he spawned right next to me. Thanks to Cyrizt for letting me know the best stand point πŸ™‚ As mentioned before location 31-55 by Amberpine Lodge. I have been told his level at tame varies, for me he was 74.

  24. oh yeah the details, same place as everyone else, just north of amberpine lodge, found him on my druid on laughing skull, logged out and loaded up my hunter who was in dalaran, flew to griz hills on proto drake, found him again, and tamed him. on a pvp server i was suprised he was still there and up when i got there.

  25. Well, after camping for 10 hours yesterday and another 6 today i was just able to sign off and WHAM he appeared right below me… Almost like he was testing me!! We seriously need more stable space… 4 for 4 and I am down to my wolf. That or WOW needs to make these spirits more then just a pet trinket to show off in dalaran!! it is like an addiction!!!

  26. I just tamed Arcturis. 7:20p EST on Khaz Modan. He was also tamed at approximately 7:20a EST. So if that holds true, it looks like he is on a 12-hour cycle at the moment. Same place as mentioned. Between the road just outside Amberpine Lodge and the stream with all the bears. Happy hunting all!

  27. I watched the server come on after patch, so I was the first hunter in Grizzly Hills today. Sadly, he Arcturis wasn’t just sitting there. 14 Hours, a few new friends, Grocklar, Seething Hate and some ‘too close to my camp’ competition later I was the first hunter on Dalaran to have tamed Arcturis. Thanks for the awesome screenshot. I stood right there and he spawned…right there! At 6am server time sharp. Start your timers. Cyrizt~80 Hunter Dalaran Server πŸ˜‰

  28. Yes agree, we hunters need more stables. I have tamed all but Gondria and I dont like how they each have the same ability’s. I would understand Gondria and Loque’nahak but Skoll should at least have
    Furious Howl. And now Arcturis a bear who can even tank! so so sad =(

    DUDE stfu we need more slots due to the fact hunters like to hunt and tame the rarest of the rare which is why we want all the spirit beast so how bout not thanking blizzard they have no clue how to even get the races and classes and specs right which is why they keep nerfing us
    i want a stable for spirit beast and a stable for reg tamed pets i dont think thats asking for much
    i mean its a file added to a game thats not real just FUN to play were not asking for them to pay for our accs just to give a a damn stable slot

  30. Sure, as soon as I track down another person with him -_- people are taming him yet no one is hanging out with him to show off… Most secretive spirit beast yet! lol

  31. Just an FYI for all you people, Blizz actually fixed his teeth! yep! seen it myself~

    Now finally seeing him live makes me wanna tame him, and makes me wanna cry -_-

  32. I totally agree with lawman30 and Ezekiel. I’m defiantly a hunter, and thus, like to hunt things. One of my biggest adrenaline rushes was when I saw Loque’Nahak pop up on my NPCScan and I tamed him. My hands were shaking for a good hour after that! I’m sure Arcturis will be no different; I am totally looking forward to him. Dental and face-butt problems or not.

    I too think we need more stable slots. I used to be a serious raider, and after a long break, I’m becoming one again. HOWEVER, that will change if I have to end up getting rid of my one raiding pet for a Spirit Beast. Personally, I don’t want to get rid of my Ghost Saber =( but if they come out with another Spirit Beast after Arcturis, I’ll have to.

    3/3 so far. Soon to be 4/4. =) Gotta catch ’em all!

  33. Two comments on the spawn spot.
    one is just north of Grizzly Hills.

    2ns comment is one fella found him at spawn spot.No is it me or no one has a co ord listed,Cause both sets of info are extremly vague.

    So if you know where they were found please inform the rest of the world…lol

  34. > Big red mode, notice the weird effect on his teeth:
    > […] you can see his face through his bum

    Ugh… πŸ™

  35. Well, Blizz could give us hunters a bank of stable slots for each of our builds.
    Or give us the same pet stables as the use for a players companion, and do away with stablekeepers.
    Keep the 5min cd, and also allow the ability at lvl 10, with the one caveat that u get stable slots as u lvl up to the max allowed ingame at the moment.
    This would completely take care of the problem.

  36. I played with BM in S5 i never found Loque πŸ™ anyway i was thinking of returning to bm for a few raids to have a little fun : ) any of you got a few tips for a raid bm spec? : D appreciate it alot and gar nice site man gj first site that has smth to do with wow i saved to favorites : )

  37. Personally, the strongest moments I ever experienced in the game was when I bagged Loque’nahak and Gondria.

    The vulnerability of facing these beasts without a pet and the trumendous anticipation and patiences put into it make them far more then “Vanity Pets”. Only hunters can experience that and getting to keep our trophy is worth concideiring.

    WHen I concider all my numerous friends who left WOW for Aion never to return, I cannot help but notice that the players who have a large collection of vanity pets and pets tend to think more before quitting.

    From a game designer perspective, I think more slots means more custommer retention in the long run because more inventory is harder to part with then none.

    That being said I must also point out that gaming supremacy is absurd and everyone is allowed their own opinions. Additionally, more slots would not hurt the players that don’t want them.

    Back to Arcturis.

    He spawns so far between 10 and 11 PM and 5-6PM which would make respawn at a 6 hours approximation exactly as menitonned on


  38. 100% agree with lawman30. We are hunters and we love to hunt things. I’m a 71-point Beast Master solo player. The spec works out quite well (finished Bloody Rare and Frostbitten, and solo-tamed King Krush too.).

    I’d definitely let go of Aotona now and add Arcturis to my slot-limited “trophy case.”

  39. AAAAHHHH – Now I have to get serious about getting Skoll, I have been kinda lazy about this one.

    Got Loque and Gondria and now a new one on the horizon.

    I do have to agree a slot or two more sure wouldn’t hurt -but I can make do as I am not a serious raider, so I do have the room for one more beast.

  40. @Rackham-Cenarius

    Agreed. GC did say that a while back.

    Blizz has also said that they would NEVER allow faction/race changes and yet we have both services today. There’s no reason for hunters who want more stable slots to not ask for more stable slots. The worst result is that nothing changes. The best result is that we get more slots. And I don’t think any hunter on here has said they want to tame EVERY tameable beast they come across.

    But understand this, the 51 pt. BM talent allows ONLY US to tame exotic beasts. To limit our stable slots to 5 limits, in reality, the extent to which we can use that talent that cost a lot of points to get to. Show me another class whose 51 pt. talent is as limited. I don’t think there is one. Giving us more exotics along with a talent that lets us tame them and then NOT giving us the ability to keep all the ones we tame is sort of counter-intuitive. At least it is to me.

  41. To those asking for more stable slots. GC already answered that a few months ago:

    “We want to try and keep the pet as some kind of decision — they aren’t supposed to be like mounts or titles where you just collect as many as you want.” [Hunter Q&A with Ghostcrawler]

    He did say there “may” be more stable slots in the future, or even alternate ways of collecting multiple pets (getting rid of stables). But definitely not as many as your asking for, like Bozanimal already pointed out:

    “We have enough slots that you can have a pet for soloing, raiding, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and still have a spare for trying out new pets.”

  42. I’m going to have to agree with the Pokemon mentality of the people here. I love to collect all sorts of pets, even the ones with little to no raid viability.

    As happy as I am to see a new spirit beast, I would prefer to see BM as a more viable raid spec. Then I could ditch my SV spec and my worlf and get myself a lovely ghost cat or bear or lightning wolf.

    Please Blizz say that adding new spirit beasts is a precursor to making BM a little bit more raid competative.

    And more stable slots, please πŸ™‚

  43. I’ve tamed Loque because -imho- is the best looking tamable pet in WoW. It’s completely useless for raiding, in temrms of DPS/utility, plus I’m MM specced. That did not prevent me camping Loque for 2 days.

    Gondria and Skoll on the other hand look much more “common”. I just do not lile them because they’re more or less recolored old-models.

    Some players love taming animals, because we are hunters and one of our core abilities (I’d say THE core ability) is taming and taking care of pets.

    Someone love collecting 100 mounts, others love collecting 100 non-combat companions and so on. Others (us) love collecting tameable pets.

    That’s why I feel Blizzard should have added more stable slots: to allow us do our job. To be honest, I think we should have a fixed amount of “combat pet” slots and unlimited slots for “collectible/tameable” pets, or something on that line.

  44. @Bozanimal

    β€œSpirit Beasts have been lackluster since their introduction and, without a buff, they will continue to remain a vanity pet for serious end-game players.”

    Good point. Serious end-game raiders probably don’t want to waste their precious lockout time HUNTING spirit beasts because according to the latest EJ spreadsheets “if you don’t roll with a wolf then you’re a n00b.”

    However, I AM NOT a “serious end-game raider.” I am an HUNTER. I like to HUNT things. Particularly I like to HUNT spirit beasts. ALL OF THEM! In order to do so and keep my catches, I NEED MORE STABLE SLOTS! Others feel the same way that I do. Don’t knock us for asking for something simple that will GREATLY enhance our enjoyment of the game. Others feel the same way you, and presumably other “serious end-game raiders”, feel. But we don’t come on here and say “Listen up, buddy, with an attitude like that you’re no hunter. You’re a SHOOTER! You just like to stand still and shoot stuff.

    I couldn’t be more stoked about this bear! I shall hunt him, tame him and name him Fred Bear! AND HE WILL BE MIGHTY!!!!

  45. > Better yet, how about a
    > comment about the actual post?

    What you say is true. The bear is awesome, and


    • hello, I just wanted to share my amazing hunts thanks to this website. I have now got Arcturis, Gondria, Humar the Pride Lord, Ashtail, King Crush and still Loque’ nahak eludes me lol. All the tips, co-ords were spot on and I had no problems finding the areas and all of them have literally appeared in front of me. All in the past 3 days. But my dream is yet fulfilled and still I wander around Scholazar looking for my queen πŸ™‚

  46. Garwulf puts all this work and effort into the site and you people are using this space to whine about stable slots; STABLE SLOTS? We had three slots forever, and now that we have five, it’s not enough?

    We have enough slots that you can have a pet for soloing, raiding, Battlegrounds, Arenas, and still have a spare for trying out new pets. How about, “Thank you, Blizzard, I love the versatility of my two extra slots!.” or, “Thanks for the upcoming buff to BM in 3.3, Blizz!”

    Bring a real complaint if you feel so compelled to whine, like the lack of a raid-wide buff that would make raids say, “Hey, we could really use a Hunter here.”

    Better yet, how about a comment about the actual post? Maybe something like, “Spirit Beasts have been lackluster since their introduction and, without a buff, they will continue to remain a vanity pet for serious end-game players.”

    • Yes we can whine about stable slots. One of the thrills of playing a hunter is capturing that rare spawn that you spent hours or days searcing for (and in the case of King Krush learning how to tame him without getting owned) and putting them in your stable. Blizz keeps adding new and exciting beasts to tame but just simply expects you to toss one of your hard earned pets aside if you’ve already tamed 5 rares. A stupid choice for lack of stable slots.

      The trend from Blizz is to add more items all over the gamescape….more mounts, more companions, more this, more that…and they always make room for added stuff via slots for mounts or companions. Yet, they seem to treat Hunter pets different because they want the palyer to make a “choice” on what pet to tame and what pet to not tame. That’s frankly crap when you sink inordinate amounts of time into obtaining one, let alone 5 rare spawns. Plus, if you choose not to toss aside all the time you’ve spent taming those rares you are limited to staying with a BM spec forever which is even more crap. To spec Survival I’d have to give up a rare pet to get a “normal” pet because I loose my 51 point BM ability in Survival – that’s crap too.

      Doesn’t Blizz design this game to suck you in and keep you glued to the keyboard enough in other areas that they have to penalize hunters?

      Give me a break….pet slots should not be anything cherished or special…they should be free and pelntiful.

      • I disagree. I still think 3 slots was more then enough. And it does make sense that you should have to make a choice. It makes you take a few more things into consideration before you just train something because it looks cool. My main is a tank, and it pisses me off to no bloody end when I out DPS a BM hunter because the pet they bring to the party is putting out crap DPS (OH!! but it looks cool).

        • Draxdin, you are clearly not a hunter. What I gather from your post is stereotypical of most tanks out there. You expect a hunter to play the game the way you (a tank) wants them to play the game. You piss me off. Do you not remember BC when BM hunters dps was tops? Blizz nerfed them so bad it’s not even funny. So what if you out DPS anyone in your party, are you going to tell me that a BM hunter is the only class that you have out DPS’d? Let people play the game the way they want to play it, it’s not their fault blizz doesn’t fix the dps issue with the BM hunter. Oh, and get over yourself, just because your a tank doesn’t mean you have to act all high and mighty!

    • Easy fix for this would be to adjust Stable to be exactly like non combat pets. Keeping the 5 min cooldown on remote access to the stable, though the stable itself could hold hundreds of pets.

  47. why is it so big problem give us more slots for our pets? We can have lot of mounts and only few pets, that’s not fair πŸ™

  48. Damn it, I wanted a spirit beast tank!

    Oh well will start installing the PTR now and see if I can find some more spawn points tonight after work…


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