Mousie, Tauren Beast Master

A beast mastery Hunter and her Spirit Beasts

Hello readers! My name is Mousie, and I’m a dual specced Beast Master who PVEs. I theorycraft and plan my strategies ahead of time and usually top the charts. I hope to teach you Beast Masters out there how to maximize your DPS in a smart way, and maybe convince those of you who are skeptical of beast mastery that the spec isn’t so bad as everyone says.

I also have a not-so-secret addiction: rare pets. At the moment, I have all four spirit beasts and Aotona. Some may call me crazy, but what Beast Master hasn’t gone out of their way to tame a rare or uncommon spawn? Or, better yet, what hunter hasn’t? Pets are what separates hunters from all other classes (even warlocks – have you ever looked twice at a warlock’s demon?), and I couldn’t imagine myself playing without one by my side.

I’ll be providing in-depth information on both exotic and non-exotic rares. Where to get them, when to get them, how to get them, and my own personal experience taming them.

I hope to be of some type of help here, and hopefully add a new perspective to one of my favorite hunter blog sites. If ya have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me or message me in-game (Mousie on Arygos).

Good luck and happy hunting. 😀

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Successful Hunts

Arcturis on ice sent in by MichaelVick Arcturis at River’s Heart, courtesy of Hakorius Arcturis just tamed and posing at his spawn location, courtesy of Artemis Arcturis alongside Baby Blizzard Bear, courtesy of Jroaeyl Arcturis as seen through Spartan UI, courtesy of Tairygreen Arcturis in Grizzly HIlls, courtesy of Alteralae Why not get your very own Spirit Beast bear today! …

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Click on the images to see embiggened pics of this badass new Spirit Beast. You Hunters that are into the nifty pets… you’re going to want this guy. Trust me. I know he’s just another Spirit Beast retread with a new skin, but he’s a frickin’ bear, and a bad ass one at that! He has no special emotes, but …

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New Spirit Beast Bear in Grizzly Hills

It seems as if my prediction was accurate. The new “Spectral Bear” model is in fact the next Spirit Beast and will be introduced in Patch 3.3. “Arcturis” is a neutral level 74 Elite Spirit Beast that can be found on the Patch 3.3 PTR in Grizzly Hills. So far the only known spawn location is just north of Amberpine …

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New Spirit Beast in Patch 3.3?

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but an image that was posted on MMO Champion today has caused myself and many others to go, Hmmm… Could this “Spectral Bear” model perhaps be the new Spirit Beast in Patch 3.3? I’d say there’s definitely a pretty good chance that this might in fact be the possible new Spirit Beast that …

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