Halfway there, and on to Grizzly Hills

Well, I dinged 75 the other night and leveling almost seems easier the closer I get to 80. That’s good I suppose. The other thing I’ve noticed with Wrath of the Lich King is that the quests and the landscapes become more enjoyable as you progress. You might say, “well yeah… it’s new content”, but I don’t feel that way. This expansion blows the doors off of The Burning Crusade. The new artwork, storyline, cinematics, etc… WotLK is the goods.

Dragonblight is a really cool area for questing. The Borean Tundra was great, but like I said, the artwork and intensity improves and grows as you go along. The cinematic of the Wrath Gate battle is absolutely insane. Kudos to Blizzard for going that route instead of just having npc’s running around in the game world acting it out. That was a very unexpected and highly enjoyable end to the Dragonblight quest series.

It was funny though… just after I earned the achievement my computer seemed to go all haywire. I was a little concerned at first, then when I figured out what was happening I rushed to throw my headphones on and enjoy the show. 🙂 I had seen a mention of the cinematic in the forums, so after a few seconds of “wtf is up with my mac..?!”, I was like, doh..! this must be it!

The quest chain that follows that event is incredible. It was pretty surreal running through Ogrimmar without getting my head kicked in. I’ve only been in there twice. Once was pre-TBC when I made a level one Orc to spam general offering gold for someone to spawn Sian-Rotam for taming. The other time was much more exciting. 😀 I was running through the city on my 19 Draenei Paladin to get to the entrance of Ragefire Chasm. Good times. Only took me three deaths to get there, so that wasn’t too bad. Especially since I was by myself. O.O

Unfortunately, The Battle for the Undercity quest was bugged for me. I spent at least 45 minutes running around the place, but no one was home. I later abandoned it, but then Wrynn wouldn’t give it back to me. I submitted a ticket, but have yet (13 hours later) to receive an e-mail response from Blizz. From what I’ve read on the forums and on Thottbot, the quest doesn’t always initiate right away, so I’m guessing I must’ve jumped the gun or something. Ah well, no biggie… plenty of other juicy content to sink my teeth into.

Edit* I just realized that Medallion of Heroism does not share a cooldown with the Battlemaster’s trinkets. And… the heal can crit! I’m all over this thing. I’ll be riding Blizz’s ass until they reset it for me. 😐

For the first 15 minutes or so it was pretty cool running around an abandoned Undercity. Only other time I’d been there was to try and kill Sylvanas. I can’t remember if we succeeded or not, but me thinks it was negative. I seem to remember there being only about 20-25 of us, and the Horde soon flocked to her chamber to send us on a few corpse runs ’til we finally conceded.

Since I don’t play Horde (yet), I wasn’t sure if all the gruesome decor was there pre-WotLK. The laboratory-type setting with the abomination guys was pretty great. Being a huge fan of the Diablo series, I appreciate some of the more graphic and mature content that pops up occasionally. Back when I first started playing nearly three years ago, I thought the sinister graphics around Ilkrud Magthrull‘s haunt in Ashenvale were so cool. Prior to The Tower of Althalaax quest series, all of the content had been pretty tame. WoW’s nowhere near Diablo in terms of the sinister tone and the graphic nature of the game, but it’s neat to see the dev team dabble in that area now and again.

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