Coming soon: The new and improved UI 2.0

I’m currently working on a new user interface since I accidentally trashed my old one. I had to completely uninstall World of Warcraft from my computer prior to installing Wrath of the Lich King (I had serious issues – long story…), and I neglected to save my wtf folder with the addon preferences in it. Not a huge deal, as now I’ve reassembled all of the mods I can’t live without, discovered a few new gems, and left anything out that was broken. The end result is the new and improved Garwulf UI 2.0.

I’m still doing some tweaking and fine tuning, but when I am finally settled with it I’ll package it up and make it available for download off of this website.

Along with the new UI, I’m also rescripting old macros and creating new ones. I’ll try to get my macros page updated soon as well. Blogging takes away from leveling, so you can see the dilemma here. 😉

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