Good Intentions

I had every intention of sitting down last night and doing some power posting, but my wife was getting tells asking that I log on and help out our 10 man group in Ulduar. Having had a big time raiding jones lately, along with the need to put my new 212 DPS weapon to work, I answered the call. Following that, I spent about 2 1/2 hours in arena.

I’ve been jumping at the chance to get some playing time in now that my schedule has loosened up a bit. Prior to last Tuesday, I had only been able to raid 3 times in the past two months. I also hadn’t bothered with arena this season, but then I was approached by a Death Knight buddy to start a 3v3 team for fun and excitement. The idea is to go out and have fun, but try our little hearts out.

We recruited a Prot/Holy Pally from our guild to handle keeping us up. He’s new to arena and doesn’t have a stitch of resilience, but so far we’ve been able to remain somewhat competitive. I’m not looking to set the world on fire with our team, but if we have fun this season and get a few pieces of PvP gear out of it, then we will have been successful.

I’ve felt the need to blow off a little steam lately by playing, therefore posting has been spotty. However, I’ll try to make an effort to get some useful and/or interesting stuff on the site this weekend. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Good Intentions”

  1. @ Perceuss

    HaHa… glad you have sense of humor about it. 😉

    Like I said, don’t expect miracles, but I did have a look at your spec on the armory and I think I can help you out.

    It’s coming, I promise. 😀

    @ Kazador

    I think I’m finally done f**king with my UI. I also had to reconfigure some Power Auras after the talent change.

    I had made a short video, but then later decided it wasn’t comprehensive enough. I’ll probably frontload things with a post or two, then reattempt a video. the screenshots and addons list can offer a brief overview, but videos are just really nice to show how everything comes together.

    Since I’ve lagged on this so long, I’m starting to feel some pressure. Hopefully expectations aren’t too high. 😐

  2. Hey Garwulf,

    I’m still hoping you’ll finish up your UI of Supreme Awesomeness! I’ve been in suspense for that, as have many members of my guild, and folks over at I hope you can get your complete thoughts on that posted sometime soon, even if it’s not yet up to your standards of perfection.

    Glad you’re getting some raiding and PVP time in, and gratz on the new Shiny!

  3. No worries Gar….I only sat up the whole night refreshing the page waiting to see the post that would help me change my outcome with the SV PvP play no worries….I like sitting here staring at the same screen over and over waiting…I guess that’s what I get beleiving you when you say “today” I actually thought you meant you would do it….glad you got to have fun PvP’n I don’t remember what the feels like…but cool that you had fun though…

    P.S I am kidding I am anxiously awaiting any notes or suggestions though.


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